I’m Rockin’ The Baby With Things I Can’t Say

Remember last month when one of my BFF’s Shell from Things I Can’t Say hosted a meme called Rockin’ The Bump? Well, I rocked it! I showed y’all pictures of me very pregnant with the twins. And now, Shell has decided to host a Rockin’ The Baby link up and it’s all about those post-pregnancy pics!

So of course, I’m participating…because a chance to show off my beautiful babies and my favorite pics? How could I turn it down?! If you want to join in on the fun, link up over at the Rockin’ The Baby post…it’s so much fun to see everybody’s pictures!

And on to my favorite pics!


Birth of Baby Here’s a picture of Ethan right out of the belly (I love how angry he is!):

2 month old baby and mom Ethan at 2 months…I ADORE this picture

Lila and Mia

And then there’s the twins…oh, how can I pick just a couple of pictures of my girls?! Here are some birth shots:

twins at birth Right after I got back to the room after my C-Section

Twins together at birth My FAVORITE shot of the twins of all time…Mia is sucking on Lila’s forehead, and Lila is sucking on Mia’s hand. I only got the picture because I heard all kinds of sucking coming from their little bed in the hospital!

And if you want to see even more pictures of the twins, you can check out my post on the twins. And even now, when they sit by each other (on the couch, in the car…), they are always touching. It’s incredibly beautiful!

Now head over to Shell’s place and link up your Rockin’ The Baby pictures!


  1. LOVE these pictures!!! All this rockin' baby stuff has me longing to get knocked up again!!
  2. Ahhh...so sweet! I love the last pic of the twins. How amazingly cool. What specialness!
  3. They are all three so super cute as babies! I love that they are sucking on each other :) And I clicked the link to see the other pics of the girls... o man... just such unbelievable cuties!!! I actually squealed... and I am NOT a squealer. I love these link-ups and have done them both myself... they are such great ideas!
  4. Oh I love love love the pictures!!! I love how twins cuddle up with each other. At the hospital where I had my son, I was in the nursery once, and there were twin girls in a heat incubator (they were slightly premature) and they were HOLDING HANDS. I just melted in a puddle on the floor.
  5. The first picture reminds me of the baby in "Look Whos Talking" screaming "PUT ME BACK IN!!!" lol The pics of the girls are adorable!
  6. Your sucking twins are so adorable and the angry Ethan made me smile and remember how 'Timan' was in his first minutes. But no, no, no, I have to stay focused, no more babies for me. Sigh.
  7. Oh those pictures are so sweet! And the girls sucking on each other? Adorable!
  8. So dang sweet.
  9. Love them all! And the pic of the twins...that is just so sweet, really shows the twin connection!
  10. Love the photos!
  11. oh my goodness, I love all the pictures, every one of them. And of course as the mom of twins, I love seeing the connection too. I love knowing that they "have each other" forever. This *Might* have made me weep just a little. xo
  12. Oh my goodness...I can not even handle the cuteness of the twins. Plus I just clicked over to "the twins" link and just about died. How sweet are they? Only I read your series on the "bidness" so I know looks can be deceiving! Also, love the picture of you and Ethan:)
  13. Beautiful pictures. The twins look so precious -- pre the 'bidness' and no signs of it, yet. Little did you know. Treasure these days. They are gold. Come visit when you can.
  14. I love the pictures! I think if someone took me out of a warm and comfy place, I'd be pissed too! I love seeing bonds between twins. It is incredible!
  15. These pics are so adorable! I hope you have that one of you and Ethan framed!
  16. I'm dying. That picture of your girls sucking on each other....how cute! They are all gorgeous babies.
  17. BEST BABY PICS EVER! Oh Natalie, I love ALL of these! Seriously...like more than I like my own!
  18. Gosh! The cuteness is out of control. I need to do this one....
  19. Those are so cute I want to cry! I LOVE the pic of you with Ethan. How content is that baby!?!? And the girls sucking on each other? LOVE, LOVE!!! So glad you linked up!
  20. Oh, they are adorable!! Send them on over...
  21. They are all adorable pictures, but I died over the twins and their sucking/loving on each other. Died.
  22. Such great pics! And boy is he telling the world off in that first picture!! I have one of Miss K in the scale like that. She was just as mad :P the picture of the twins sucking on each other is just awesome :)
  23. Ethan with his hand under his little chin - adorable.
  24. Precious!!! That is one of the best twin shots I've seen.
  25. So cute!! All these rockin the baby pictures are making me so excited to finally be done with my pregnancy and have my little girl here....:) Only three more weeks of waiting!
  26. They are so cute. My triplets used to try and suck on each other, eat each other all the time.
  27. Awwww, your babies are all adorable. Of course I love the twin pics! I have a lot of pictures of my twins sleeping together when they were tiny.
  28. First of all? You look AMAZING. Second, I love Ethan's camo onesie. SO CUTE. And the twins sucking on one another??? PRICELESS!! Such great shots, Natalie! Your post definitely gives me baby fever, so I suppose it's a lucky thing I've got a bun in the oven. LOL
  29. Such sweet, sweet pictures! Them sucking on each other melts my heart. It sounds wrong, but it is so beyond sweet! I've been so behind reading blogs lately! I'm missing out on the good stuff! That one of you and E is so sweet!
  30. Beautiful babies... all three of them.


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