The PERFECT Summer Cocktail

This past week, we spent our family vacation with friends at a resort in Palm Desert…more on that coming later in the week. During our vacation, my husband concocted what we are now calling the PERFECT summer cocktail.

So let me start from the beginning…years ago friends of ours used to make a drink that we called The Sandbar because we always drank them at the sandbar in Lake Havasu. I’m sure that it’s got a fancy cocktail name, but that’s what we call it. It’s a mixture of vodka and Squirt. It’s yummy give it a shot! And I’m not much of a hard alcohol drinker so for me to say a cocktail is yummy, it can’t taste like alcohol.

Anyways we didn’t want to pay $8 a beer at the restaurant by the pool, so we decided to make our old favorite drink, The Sandbar. While digging around in the fridge for all the fixin’s, my husband saw the Simply Orange with Mango juice and decided to add some of that to his drink. It was so good! The sweetness of the juice with the citrus-y, grapefruit flavor of the Squirt made for a great combo! And that is how the PERFECT summer cocktail was created.

Looking for an refreshing summer cocktail? We have it right here...and it only takes three ingredients to make it: vodka, OJ, and a surprising twist!

How To Make The PERFECT Summer Cocktail

It’s simple to make. Get a large glass and fill it up with ice. Throw in a shot or two of your favorite vodka. Then fill the glass half up with Squirt, and the rest of the way up with Simply Orange with Mango.

Want to make a big batch of it? Just pour out about half of the Simply Orange from the jug. Put it in a cup for the kids or in a larger container for your second batch later. Then pour a can of Squirt and vodka to taste into the jug. Cheers!

You can play with the flavors until you get your own version of the PERFECT summer cocktail. I bet citrus flavored vodka would taste great too! Or maybe pink lemonade? The possibilities are endless!

If you are looking for other refreshing summer drinks to sip by the pool, try my Peach and Orange Sangria or my One-Glass White Sangria recipe. Want more yummy beverages for adults? Try my Cocktails & Beverages for Adults board on Pinterest.

Have a favorite refreshing cocktail to share? Leave a link so I can pin it!


  1. Vodka and Squirt is yummy! Or Fresca, in a pinch. I never thought to add juice to it, though. Andrea recently posted..Don't Say ItMy Profile