Do Your Kids Love Peppa Pig As Much As Mine Do? Gift Ideas For the Upcoming Holidays

Disclaimer: Thanks to Fisher Price and Candlewick Press for sending these Peppa Pig toys and the book to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


The girls love watching Nick Jr., and one of their favorite cartoons (and has been for a very long time) is Peppa Pig. Her and her brother George make them laugh, copy what they’re doing, and are now always looking for muddy puddles to jump in. The girls love Daddy Pig too. They think he is just hilarious. I actually don’t mind watching Peppa Pig myself!

Last year around this time, I reviewed some new Peppa Pig toysThe girls still play with them regularly. This year, we received more new Peppa Pig toys and a book to check out. Let’s just say that I pretty much made their year when I gave them these toys!


peppa-pig Here’s Mia holding old Peppa Pig (on the right) and new Bedtime Peppa. She loves them both, but carries Bedtime Peppa everywhere!

What makes this Peppa Pig so special is that she has her own blankie, like Mia does, she sings lullaby songs, oinks and even plays a counting sheep game.



I mentioned the girls liked watching Peppa Pig and her family play in muddy puddles. It’s their favorite part of the show. So of course the Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa gets fought over!

You can make Peppa Pig’s muddy spots disappear in warm water. The set’s storage container adheres to the tub wall with suction cups for easy storage. Don’t tell Ethan I told you, but he’ll even play with this when he’s in the bath.


And we’re a big family of readers here, so of course Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School book was a big hit here. In the story, Peppa Pig learns her numbers, letters and more. The girls can relate, because they are learning the same things at school too. They like for me to read it to them, but they also like looking at the pictures and making up their own story.

Would I recommend these Peppa Pig toys and the book as gifts this upcoming holiday season? Absolutely. In fact, we plan to get the book for my niece. And as I mentioned, the girls still play with the Peppa Pig toys that we got last year. I’d recommend those toys as gifts too!