Good Parenting Advice: How To Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Remember a few weeks back when I told you about when my lovely four year old daughters decided that ripping the paint off of the walls in their bedroom sounded like a good idea? I am probably lucky that I didn’t have a heart attack when I discovered it.

I am also lucky that I didn’t have a heart attack last night when I discovered that they found some paint in our home office (a room that they are not allowed into), and proceeded to paint the walls, bed frame, sheets, and pillow covers on Lila’s bed with dark blue puffy paint.

And if we are being honest, it’s also really amazing that I didn’t lose my voice from all the yelling I did. After yelling and yelling and yelling, trying to clean up puffy paint with no success and then sending them to bed, I felt guilty for my flip out.

And that got me thinking. I knew I had a post from the past that my wonderful friend Dr. G had guest posted for me with advice on how to stop yelling at your kids. So I dug through my posts and found it: How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids: Tips To Help You Maintain Your Sanity.


If this is a problem in your house too, head over and read Dr. G’s tips…I PROMISE you they will help. Remember, being a mom is a learning process and making mistakes is part of the deal. Don’t beat yourself up over the mistakes you have made, will make, or continue to make. Just work on improving your parenting skills daily. We are all rocking at this mom gig!


  1. What a scene! I wish I could see pictures of it. I've missed visiting your blog - it's been way too long! Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..Say What? The Adventures of Quotable KidsMy Profile
  2. NO THEY DID NOT DO THAT. So sorry you have to deal with it. I could use some advice on how not to yell, too. Andrea recently posted..DIY Caramel BrowniesMy Profile