Out of 9,562 Pictures Taken, This is the Only One We Ended Up With

The girls will be explaining why they wouldn’t cooperate…and by ‘girls’ I mean Mia…on Friday, so make sure you come to read the first post for The Bidness!

The girl seriously took at least 50 or 60 shots. Mia cried the whole time. She’s not even really smiling in this picture – it was a lucky capture.

Kids Easter Picture

The only thing I can say about this picture? I was shocked they actually a) FINALLY had enough hair to put in a little clip and b) they left the clips in!

This is for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday!


  1. Oh girl! I hear ya on the photo shoots! NIGHTMARE!
  2. so cute!
  3. Aww.. But it's a very very very cute picture! So adorable! :)
  4. Very cute! You are lucky you got one good shot.
  5. Oh this is so funny, we just did Easter pics too and one of mine isn't even in any of the shots. For some reason she freaked out after the first picture so we have one pic of her almost crying sitting with the boys and then the rest are just the boys. My Wordless Wednesday pic totally reminds me of what both of our kids are capable of...
  6. Very cute! At least there's one good one. Digital cameras are amazing things. Can you imagine when people had to pay to develop the billion bad ones to get a good one?
  7. Glad you did get at least one! So cute! Happy Wednesday!
  8. The only way to get good pics is when I take it without the little one aware of it. Works with one monster/monkey, might work with two, but with three?? Very difficult. Glad you got one good shot and all three still have their balloon.
  9. For what sounds to be a very frustrating day, you did end up with a single, great, precious picture.
  10. With 4 kids I gave up on the "perfect" shot. It rarely happens but, just try to remember, life is not posed and it's those moments that make the memories. :)
  11. seriously Nat, I feel your pain. I can't even get them to sit TOGETHER and give me one good shot. UGH! but honestly, how CUTE are your kiddos????? Oh my ,SOOOOO CUTE!
  12. They're adorable! Even if you did only get one good shot...!
  13. Cute cute cute
  14. At least you got one cute one! That age is HARD for pictures!
  15. Oh, those photo shoots were hard with only TWO kiddos! Can't even imagine your three busy ones...but it's adorable, of course!
  16. I gave up on professional sittings a long, long time ago. Now, I carry my Canon with me everywhere like the paparazzi and shoot on the sly. I manage to come up with a couple each year that are suitable for framing. Love this pic!
  17. Super cute. So yay! But next time? Take the one with Mia crying. Then put it in her wedding video. (is it wrong to think in terms of revenge with it comes to your offspring?) I swear I'm not evil. I just like to laugh. At my kids.
  18. So cute! I'm about to take all three of mine for a group shot. We haven't done that in almost 2 years. We'll see how it goes!
  19. The first picture I got of my twins and older daughter they are all crying. My oldest was crying the hardest. I went every month for 3 months before I finally got one without crying. No one is looking, but somehow it's the cutest picture I have of all three of them. I like your picture, it's a classic! Do you ever wonder why we torture ourselves by getting professinal pictures taken?
  20. All those shots were worth it!!!!! So cute!
  21. Oh but its darling!!! Getting photos done is the worst, mostly I just say hold down that damn button until I tell you to stop!
  22. My DH is WAY worse at photos, taking or being taken...but I feel you. This will NOT make you feel better: my bro sent me a professional photo a while ago. Not only did it capture quite lovely expressions on all 4 family members, but the THREE dogs in the photo: ALSO looking at the camera. It was a little disturbing.
  23. I hate group pictures of my children. My children are the worst picture takers of all time. Even now at 11. 9, and 5 as I schedule a Spring photography session I know it is going to end badly. When I say end badly I mean me screaming, my Tween bitter, my son feeling like he disappointed us, and my youngest crying. *sigh* By the way - they sure are cute even if they didn't coooperate.
    • mommyofamonster says:
      Ah, thanks...we think they're cute too ;) I was hoping that it would get easier as they get older...but the general consensus is that it doesn't. Great one more "fun" thing to look forward to!
  24. Melinda says:
    Lol! Pictures stress me out. It's impossible for three kids to pay attention and smile at the same time. My Christmas photo is always the best of 60 tries and it's never good. They are adorable!
    • mommyofamonster says:
      So what you're saying is get used to it, huh?! Sigh. I guess if 2 out of 3 of the kids look good in the pic, I shouldn't complain!
      • Melinda says:
        Yes. You didn't have any strange faces being made so that's a great pic! It's hard to believe they get worse as they get older but they do. You lose control over hairdos and outfits and attitudes are worse.
  25. At least you got a great picture out of the experience! Little pinch clip hairclips are best for thin hair--though they're also easier for the kids to pull out.
  26. Happens. Every. Time. and I only have one!