One Big Weed

One day, while retrieving a ball thrown behind our palapa,

I discovered a big weed that had been hiding for God only knows how long.

And while the size in the pictures is rather impressive, let me show you my foot next to the monster so you get the full gist of how big this thing really is…

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And so it goes…


  1. Geesh!! That is one hell of a huge weed! It looks kinda pokey too...
  2. Holy cow, that's huge! Be careful it doesn't bite!
  3. Although we stay warmer here than most of the country, I need to say that I'm a bit jealous of your ability to wear flip flops right now.
  4. Is that pot?
  5. Colleen (Shibley Smiles) says:
    LOL what a weed!
  6. That is an impressive weed and yet easily missed.
  7. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    JDaniel is a member of the weed police. I will send him over right away.
  8. I think it's a beautiful weed! It's so symmetrical and everything. I'd keep that mother.
  9. now THAT is a big weed!
  10. Wow!! That is a huge weed!!
  11. It just makes your foot look really, really tiny! :)
  12. It looks pre-historic. Do you think its been around since then?
  13. That is huge!
  14. Allyson & Jere says:
    Wow! That is rather impressive in SIZE! At least it layed down all nice and flat, so as to not besmirch your view.
  15. OMG that is a big weed. We had some huge ones hiding amongst our cucumbers this year.
  16. I fully expect to have nightmares involving weeds tonight. That's just spooky looking.
  17. the mombshell says:
    I want a palapa!
  18. Belle's Butterfly says:
    Wow. Did you leave it or dig it out? That looks like it will be a pain to dig out. And I can't believe you are wearing flip flops. Belle has been wearing a hat and mittens for a couple weeks now. So sad.
  19. Making It Work Mom says:
    I have to admit I am very jealous of the Palapa. I really couldn't get past that to look at the weed! In the 40's here tomorrow!
  20. Ahh, a palapa. I love that you have a palapa!! We are going to Cancun in February and your palapa makes me even more excited to go.

    Oh, and yeah, what a HUGE weed.
  21. Your sandals are so cute! I hate not being able to wear sandals to work.
  22. Bethany @ Organic Enchilada says:
    It's almost a tree! You would die in my yard. I totally gave up on it, and now I have oak trees growing up through the weird bushes that were here when we moved in.
  23. Does that thing come with its own zip code?
  24. Julie {Angry Julie Monday} says:
    That is a HUGE weed, but not actual "weed". I love the other responses.
  25. It all makes sense now. You stay so calm, cool and collected with three tots because you are growing pot in your backyard, aren't you?!
  26. OMG. That's really huge!