Oh Reading, How I Miss Thee

So many books, so little time – Frank Zappa

I love blogging and freelancing, I really do. But it takes a lot of time to do them both. And with the time that it takes me to blog, play work on Twitter, facebook and Pinterest, I don’t have a whole lot of time to do the things I used to do. And I really, really miss reading.

I wrote a post titled I Heart Reading waaaaayyy back in April 2010 shortly after I first started blogging. Not only did I declare my love for reading, but I shared some of my favorite sites where I find books to read, purchase books for cheap, or even get books for free.

The post starts like this: If you know anything at all about me, then you know this: I LOVE TO READ.Couldn’t imagine life without it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to read. Even as a little girl, other kids would be out playing, and I’d be in my room reading. 

"The Bookworm", 1850, by Carl Spitzweg

I had forgotten how many books there are out there just waiting to be read. I look at my list of “To Read” books on goodreads.com, and I want to devour them all right now. Just shut down the computer and cozy up with a book. I love being able to to step out of my life and into somebody else’s; to put away my worries and cares and build a picture in my mind of somebody else’s life…what they look like, where they live, who they are. To experience somebody else’s sadness, love, or truth, if only just for just a few moments.

I really miss reading. I have three books I’m *trying* to read right now, but it’s hard to find the time. And when I do find the time, I can’t get my brain to slow down and relax. It continues to think about everything else that I should be or need to be doing, and won’t shut up! So even though I’m *trying* to read, my brain won’t let me do it.

Are you a bookworm too? Have you ever experienced a time when you couldn’t read? What did you do to fix it? Help me please!!!


  1. I know how you feel. I never get a chance to read anymore. It is always the last thing on my list so when I get everything else done (which is never) then I let myself pick up a book. Wish I had suggestions, I'm in the same boat. Jessica recently posted..With HeartMy Profile
  2. I've been there. In those times when my brain won't focus on the words, I find that sometimes it is just waiting for the very perfectly right book. If you are a re-reader, try going back to an old favorite you haven't read in a long time. Tracie recently posted..Understanding Depression Led to Facing Sexual AbuseMy Profile
  3. I am so with you! I can only find time if I do not take my computer and only myself and my book to bed. But then I start reading and I go for too many hours. Lovely then, not so much the next day. Let me know if you find a secret! Brittany recently posted..How Some Shit Turns to SunshineMy Profile
  4. I can't remember when my nose wasn't in a book. YES, blogging, Pinterest, etc. takes up scads of time. But, I do have a Kindle that is synched to my computer and phone so I can catch up, whenever, and manage to get some reading done. Now, I can't imagine how I survived without it. I'm known as the lady with the book at bowling and in local restaurants. lol. If I use my laptop for reading, I can be crafting with my hands. Thank God, I'm a woman and can multi-task! Come visit when you can.
  5. Instead of bringing the laptop out I leave it in the living room and climb into bed with a great book. I also love to re-read ol favorites. I posted about them today. Check out my list: http://fracturedfamilytales.blogspot.com/2012/02/books-i-love.html Robbie recently posted..Books I LoveMy Profile
  6. I feel your pain! I love reading too and have since I was little, but it's hard to find the time. I miss climbing into a bubble bath with a good book. Cass recently posted..NewMy Profile
  7. Part of the reason I'm doing the BlogHer Book Club is to force myself into the habit of reading again. I wish it didn't get pushed to the bottom of my list, but it does :(
  8. I'm a total book worm myself! In fact, I just wrote a topic today about mourning a fictional character...LOL!! Usually I save my reading for when I'm eating a meal like lunch or breakfast. At dinner, we sit down as a family so I can't do it then. Or when the kids are in bed. Maybe you could plan to read for about 30-60 minutes right before bedtime so you can begin to wind down after a long day?? Helene recently posted..Don't mind me...I'm just mourning a fictional characterMy Profile
  9. I'm a bookworm to the core, but have definitely struggled to get my reading in over the last few years. I don't have one single trick, but I'm slowly getting my groove back by: reading for just 10-20 minutes while I eat lunch, reading for a few minutes before bed (or while I'm blow drying my hair, or the like), and by forcing myself to put away the laptop and turn off the tv if I find I'm just in "the loop" and not engaged. Better to pick up a book for a chapter or so, even if it's not my marathon reading sessions of previous years. Ginger recently posted..How to View Blogs (and even comment!) Directly in Google ReaderMy Profile
  10. I would consider myself a bookworm too - big time. I read fast (as my family constantly reminds me) and so there are times when I go into book "slumps"....that's when I hit the review pages, the blogs, etc and find some new books that really excite me. And there I go again. I head up to bed early-ish every night and try and read for at least half an hour(although more and more, my hubby has to slip the Kindle out of my sleeping hands and turn off the light every night - sigh. But then again, he isn't the one waking the teen at 6am to get her to high school every morning,now is he?) Ann Domeck (The Winey Mom) recently posted..Winey..No Wait, Beery Tasting Notes: The Winey Mom's Beery NightMy Profile
  11. Ahh... someone just like me. I love reading and try to find any spare time that I can to read. Lately, I've been forgoing Twitter & the like in the evenings just so I can read a little! Jackie recently posted..Monday Menu ~ Arborio Rice PuddingMy Profile
  12. I was here pretty much all of 2011. So for 2012 I gave myself a goal (no resolutions for me just goals) - the goal was to read one book a month. Just one. I picked a short easy read that had been on my night stand for a looong time. And now? I've read three. I gave myself a bed-time and a laptop time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I don't put so much pressure on myself to read evertyhing on my reader. During nap times sometimes I actually pick up my book!
  13. I have always loved to read, and I read a lot until my girlies were 3 or 4 months old, at which point I stopped pumping. Once I learned to balance things (ahem), I got a lot of reading done filling bottles. ;) When the girls were just over a year old, I realized I hadn't read anything in months...and I missed it! I bought a really easy read, and committed to finding the time to read it. I did a fair amount of reading in the tub after the girls were in bed, and - I CANNOT BELIEVE I'M ABOUT TO TYPE THIS - I left the book in the bathroom and read a page or two when I could. :) For me, it was about re-establishing the habit. I definitely don't read as much as I once did, but I've always got a book going in some form or fashion. [Wow...lots of personal information in that comment! Pardon...it's getting late, and I probably should be upstairs reading! HA!] MandyE recently posted..Ungated GoodnessMy Profile
  14. I truly love to read . . . and it's been quite some time since I've managed to sit down to read. Me + sitting don't always see eye to eye. I'm working my way through Ruins of Us, because I <3 the Flying Chalupa (and, therefore, her sister has to be something truly special) . . . but, I have a hard time thinking of when I'll be able to read for enjoyments sake again . . . I think it will be once the kids are of an age where they can read to themselves quietly. That's impossibly far away . . . yet right around the corner, too. John recently posted..Where I ponder the things that I’m ponderingMy Profile
  15. I read a lot more now that I have my e-reader and I can take it with me everywhere. Now I try to read whenever I have a free moment. It's not the love affair it used to be where I could curl up on the couch for hours, but it's a nice compromise to never reading again! ;) Barbara recently posted..Dear Nathan...My Profile
  16. I hear ya girl. I have written similar posts. Sigh. It's so hard to focus when there all sorts of shit happening on the Internet. :) Tonya recently posted..February 9, 2002My Profile


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