Oh, How They Change…The Christmas Edition

Remember for Halloween I wrote a post titled Oh, How They Change? Well, I decided to do the same thing for Christmas. Here are our family photos from 2007 (when we first started taking them) to present. It’s amazing how we all change.

2007 – Tater 11 weeks old
This picture is lovingly referred to by my family as the “Merry Tits-mas” photo. One of my cousins dubbed it that because he said my boob looks bigger than Tater’s head! I was nursing, people! My boobs were huge!
2008 – Tater 15 months old
2009 – Tater 2 years old, Ms. L and Ms. M 14 weeks old
2010 – Tater 3 years old, Ms. L and Ms. M 15 months old
This is a bad picture of all the kids. This was the best of the worst. Sigh.
You know what strikes me most about these pictures? No, not how much our family has changed or how much the kids have grown, though those things are true and worth mentioning. Nope, what really strikes me is my hair. Notice that in all four pictures my hair is a different color. The 2007 is probably as close to my natural color as I’ll ever get. Jason hates the 2009 hair color and made me swear I’d never try to go dark again.

Why don’t my kids smile? I would’ve rather them all be screaming and crying than just looking blankly at the camera. At least that would’ve made for a funny picture!

Something more like this:

Ms. L is not a fan of the Man in Red
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And so it goes…


  1. Dysfunctional Mom says:
    They're all cute! I'm cracking up at Merry Titsmas.
  2. I have been reminiscing a bit tonight too. So fun to see them in a timeline. And they do change too fast. My Pokey wasn't a fan of the big red guy either.
  3. Merry Titsmas made me snort.
    Thank you for that.

    And I plan on making a coffee table book of all the Santa/Easter Bunny Photos I take of my kids. It will be EPIC.
  4. These are great - I love the retrospective. I think this year's despite not having smiling faces is my favorite. :) Although I love your hair in 2008 and Lucas has that same shirt, in fact he wore it yesterday. Too cute.
  5. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    Hilarious...Merry Titsmas! <3 it!

    Loved seeing all the pics of your cute family!
  6. JustMom420zaks says:
    I don't like the dark hair either. Blonde is so much better with your skin tone.
    I don't know why I like pictures of Santa Claus making kids cry, but I do. Maybe because it makes you see things from their perspective. Santa is sorta scary.
    He's big and brightly colored and is paying close attention to you, and asking you pointed inquiries about your naughtiness, when maybe at this moment you'd rather be peering curiously at him from the sidelines.
    I love Tater's serious face though, it makes him look as distinguished as a toddler/preschooler can be. :)
  7. Allyson & Jere says:
    You know what strikes me is the fact that you looked like you were 15 in that first picture. No seriously....what were you, knocked up in HIGHSCHOOL. hahahhahahaha Oh, AND the fact that your boob WAS bigger than your babies head. "Titsmas" that is aWESOME! I'm not mocking, because T-RUST me, my bubbies are FAR bigger than my babies heads. Hell, they're bigger than my toddlers head, it's a curse.

    Fun to see your pictures through the years and the growth. I like your hair in the 2008 picture the best...color wise. Just sayin.

    And finally...I too wish that my kids would either scream uncontrollably or smile with Santa, instead of half cry, or just wierd stare or smirk. C'mon....I have a blog to write here. hahahahaha
  8. you pretty people and your cute babies. it should be illegal to produce that much cute. and now I'm dying of too much cute. my ovaries are bursting. and it's all your fault. if I die, I think it should count as womanslaughter.

  9. What a beautiful family -- except, of course, for the humongous mammary spotlight! But, alas, that too returns to normal and it's back to stuffing our bras! What a great memory collection. I hope you continue to do so because they're priceless... Merry Christmas to all of you... Come visit when you get a moment and don't forget to check out my other blog!
  10. Merry Titsmas. Amazing. My hair color changes all the time, too - light brown to reddish brown to dark dark brown to dark blonde...I don't remember the exact shade of natural color since I'm so gray!

    Your family is too goshdarned good looking. And it's so sweet to be able to look back and see the changes in your little guy - he looks so big now!
  11. I love the girls dresses in the 2009 picture!
  12. love these natalie! i have a frame (and need another) of all our annual Christmas pics...it's amazing to see the changes through the years and how it seems like yesterday that my 12yr old was a baby! hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
  13. They don't smile cuz they are just like their Dad...I call it the "Hoage Pose"! See the 2007 pic...
  14. Losing Brownies says:
    LOL, the first thing I noticed in that first picture what your boob. It obvious that it's from nursing though!
  15. You guys are the cutest family ever. Like I want to squeeze the crap out of all of you ;)
    Merry Christmas my friend ;)
  16. Man, you look fantastic post partum every time! You need to teach me your secrets!!!
  17. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    Love all of your pics! What a beautiful family! I remember those boobs with the 1st baby- HUGE!!! Mine were also bigger than Sadie's head! LOL!
  18. Karen Mortensen says:
    Very nice pictures. By the way, I liked your hair dark.
  19. Paul and Kerry says:
    you are quite the hair changer! very fun to see all your pictures! I have to admit that the last one with her screaming at Santa is my fave!

    Merry Christmas!
  20. Booyah's Momma says:
    Your kids are adorable, smiling or not. Although the Merry Titsmas picture is the best.

    Please, Santa, please... can you bring me a pair of those under my tree? I've been a very, very good girl.
  21. Coffee Break Mama says:
    I love seeing time progression photos - so cool. My hair has not been may different colors, but lots of different lengths and styles since having my first. And my daughter is for sure scared of Santa, haha!
  22. Belle's Butterfly says:
    Beautiful pictures. I noticed your hair immediately looking at the pictures. Maybe it's because my hair has pretty much been the same for 6 years now. Going short once in that time right before Belle was born.

    Some how we managed to get Belle to smile for the mall Santa photo. But she screamed at a Christmas party with him. I fear my child will hate Santa.
  23. So funny...as I was looking at your photos all I kept thinking about was how different you looked in every single one! Frankly I think you look fabulous in every single one as well!

    Try dealing with my hair for a minute and you'll thank your lucky stars. :)

    Happy Holidays!!
  24. My daughter hates Santa too! Lots of pics with her crying when she was little....

    Merry Titsmas cracks me up, but you have to admit that one is right out there, larger than the baby Tater's head! I remember those days....almost.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nat! Loved seeing the family transition...
  25. I loved this post.

    Merry Christmas, sweetie.
  26. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    I'm laughing because WOW, girl...that is one massive boob!

    From the woman of the mondo boobage that's saying a lot.
  27. Tim@sogeshirts says:
    Merry Christmas Natalie. Beautiful family! Lmao at Merry Titsmas
  28. I noticed your hair change too! All the pix are just fine. You have a fab family :) Don't worry, soon they'll be total hams for the camera and you'll have your share of photos to choose from!

    merriest of christmases to you!
  29. The Empress says:
    Yes, yes, while I love the twins and Tater and all...I love the evolution of the hairstyle...

    Merry Xmas, sweet lady.
  30. moveovermarypoppins.com says:
    Okay, so "Merry Tits-mas?" Funny 'cause it's true!


    Also? Just before I read the bit about how Jason didn't love the 2009 color? I was thinking, "she's a foxy brunette!"

    I think as a brunette you look like whatshername from Drew Carey, Scrubs, & Cougar Town .... Christa Miller (thank you, imdb.com...). Love her!
  31. MommaKiss says:
    I was going to say I love the changing hair.

    Tits. Not to mention your husband is copping a feel.


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