Odds and Ends

Well, I have a few things I wanted to tell you about, but not a one of them alone make up a whole post. So I’m putting them all in one – it will be short and sweet, promise!

First off…a question…do you like reading product reviews and giveaways? I’ve been doing a lot of them recently, and while I enjoy giving you all the opportunity to win free things, it’s gotten to the point where I need to either stop doing so many of them, or I need to start another site! So take a look at this poll and take a minute to respond, please! And thank you in advance.

Next up, I’ve become part of the Blog Frog’s Savvy Living Community! It’s an awesome place to go to find all kinds of informaton about savvy ways to save, travel, shop, parent and more. It’s a lot of fun, and you should check it out!

The Blog Frog Savvy Living Launch Party

Be sure to join our new team for our Kick Off Live Chat, happening on the Blog Frog on Thursday May 5th from 8-9pm EST. We’ll be giving away $1500 in prizes, including door prizes to those who R.S.V.P. See you there!

Next, I had a post syndicated at BlogHer, and I’d love if you could swing by and read it…it’s sharing a very personal part of my past life, and I hope that by sharing my words it might help somebody in a similar situation.

Lastly, is there anything on my blog that I’m doing, or not doing, that you want to tell me about? I started this blog for myself, and I still love writing about my day-to-day life, but is there something else you want to hear about (or hear less of?) Let me know!

PS – Tomorrow will be Lila and Mia’s first ‘The Bidness’ post, so make sure to drop by!


  1. I've actually taken a little break from product reviews and giveaways the last few months. It can be overwhelming!! Off to go read your syndicated post...congrats!
    • mommyofamonster says:
      Thanks for the congrats! And as for the reviews/giveaways, you're right...it does get overwhelming!
  2. I love the "where to take my blog" questions, because I have zero idea, myself. I re-launched to try to be less organized and then my posts started going all over the place. So, the "what do we want to see here?" I wish I could give you an answer. Of course, the more Bidness that we get, the better ;-)
    • mommyofamonster says:
      Oh yeah, definitely more Bidness coming your way by popular demand!
  3. yay to you for getting syndicated! I am so proud of you! I am all proud of you anyway...look at all your accomplishments! ::beaming::
  4. I clicked don't care because if it's something I'm interested in, love reading and having the opportunity to learn more or even win - if not? i drive by. you have enough other (great) content that keeps people here. good job being over at blogher. awesome!
  5. You know I read you no matter what! Besides, if I don't read your reviews, who will read mine? :)
  6. Congrats on the syndicated post, Nat...very touching. Honestly, I miss seeing more of your writing, but you are SO busy I don't know when you would find the time! Stories about the craziness with your kiddos are my favorites, but you have that crazy-fiction part in there that's fun too! Mostly? I just adore YOU, whatever you're doing.
    • mommyofamonster says:
      And I adore you!! I miss writing too, but have really, REALLY been trying to do more of it!
  7. None of the options worked for me. The closest would be KINDA. I do like an occasional giveaway but I do not like too many. You do NOT have too many. My personal limit for any blog I read before I start getting annoyed is 1 every week or two. More than that and while I may not stop reading I will start reading less :)
    • mommyofamonster says:
      Thank you for the feedback...I feel like I've been doing too many, and that everybody will end up not reading anymore ;)
  8. Congratulations on your syndicated post! I am going over to check it out :)
  9. Conrgratulations on your post being syndicated! I opted for other, once a week. I don't comment much lately, but I try to read. Loves you, Renee
    • mommyofamonster says:
      Thanks for the congrats, Renee! And don't worry about commenting...I've been comment MIA lately. But I do read via my reader daily, so I understand! :)
  10. How cool to be syndicated! I like how you are asking your readers what they want to see. Good to always take that into account! :)
  11. Wow, congratulations on your post and the blogfrog community. I would read you either way but I really like your posts about daily life and am looking forward to "The Bidness" tomorrow... you always make me feel like I'm not alone in the craziness!
  12. Great Article Kudos for Standing up its always a hard decision to make
  13. Congrats on the Syndication!!! I love your crazy mommy stories! Probably b/c that is what I write about too and I like to know that I am not alone! LOL!!
  14. Congrats on **another** BlogHer syndication! That is so cool. :) I have never done a product review or giveaway on my blog... that may change someday, but for now, I'm not interested in them for L4L. They seem like an awful lot of work. I don't know how you can do so many and keep up with them all. "The Bidness" is great!
  15. congrats on the syndication - you're awesome. i love reading your personal stories the best, but i do check out the reviews if it's something interesting to me. if not, no biggie!


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