Now That They Climb Out of Their Cribs, Do They Need Their Own Bedrooms?

Now that Lila and Mia have figured out how to climb out of their cribs, the question of whether we separate them and put them in their own rooms or keep them together in one room is looming in our heads.

To move them is a lot of work…cleaning out closets that are packed full with stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in years (I’m a pack rat, though not a Hoarder), moving our “office” from upstairs to the downstairs guest bedroom, and buying more furniture.


Here’s the thing: when we bought bedroom furniture for the twins, we bought 2 convertible cribs (you know, the kind that go from a crib to toddler bed to full-size bed), one chest of drawers, and an armoire. We figured they would just share a room and that we wouldn’t need two bedroom sets of furniture. How wrong we were!

Turns out that even though they are still in their cribs, it’s like a slumber party in there all the time! We put them to bed and they laugh and giggle and talk for usually a half hour before one of them dozes off. Mia stays awake longer than Lila, Lila wakes up earlier than Mia and then wakes Mia up. And if they were in big girl beds? I’m sure they’d be climbing in and out of bed AND climbing in and out of each others’ beds.

Since I really don’t want to spend a ton of money, all I need to do is find a chest of drawers for sale and we’d be set. Or, I guess we could give one of them the armoire and the other can use the chest of drawers that we already bought. That will work…and then I don’t have to spend a penny!

But I still have to clean out those closets…



  1. Thats a tough one. I had my girls in the same room (18 months apart). They would talk and giggle but didn't really get out of their beds much. I think it was a fluke though. Good luck :)
  2. sounds like a lot of work, I'd keep them in the same room until they are old enough to move the stuff themselves :)
  3. Could you just turn the crib over ... and get them ready for future confinement?.... 8-) heehee That's always a tough decision. Do they both really need a dresser, right now? This should give you time to un-packrat. (BTW, me, too. I am NOT a hoarder, but I have lots of seasonal stuff. ahem...)
  4. I'd say to try it one way and if it doesn't work... try the other! My kids go through phases of wanting to sleep in the same rooms and at different times that works. Sometimes it doesn't. Flexibility is key :) Best of luck!
  5. I have both my boys still in the same room eldest being 3.5yrs and youngest being 1.5yrs.
  6. Ugh, just the THOUGHT of cleaning a thanks! haha
  7. I have both my boys in the same room and have for a couple of years now - one is 6, the other 3. Yes, they stay awake about an hour after we put them to bed and talk and play. And yes, one tends to wake up a lot earlier than the other, and after 5 minutes of being patient, used to wake the other one up (sigh!!!). But, they are so close and the bond between them is so special and they have gotten used to each other's sleeping habits. The night owl accepts the quick-to-sleep one and continues playing alone until he gets sleepy and the early bird knows to not disturb his sleeping brother in the mornings. Re: being in each other's beds - we have a rule about that and have conditioned them to stay in their own beds. Every once and awhile they'll break it, but for the most part, they adhere to it. Plus, one shared dresser and no extra closet to clean out. Hee...:-))
  8. My girls have a slumber party every night. They are still in their cribs (yep even my 3 year old) and I dread the day they can climb out. Good luck!
  9. That is a toughy! And who wants to clean out closets? Ugh!