Santa’s North Pole: What It Looks Like

“Mom! I know Santa lives at the North Pole, what does it look like?” Are there houses for the elves like your North Pole village? Are there big buildings where they make all the toys? How does Santa keep track of when we’re bad?”

So many questions! I told Mia that yes, it looks like my Dept. 56 village and that yes, there’s a whole section of the North Pole away from the houses that is full of big buildings where Santa and the elves work.

Of course her next questions were “But what does it look like? Can you Google it?” And so we did! After looking around at some photos, I came across this photo and I think it might be helpful to other parents who get asked what the North Pole looks like.

The North Pole: What It Looks Like

I explained what went on in each building, and how Santa ran the North Pole like a business…that he has to be very organized if he wants to make sure the toys are made in time to be delivered all over the world! She totally bought it.

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  1. I love that you included how to make candy cane vodka. #onlywaytosurvive