No New Year’s Resolutions, But I Do Have A New Outlook

Today I’m over at Chiquita Moms sharing my outlook for 2013. I mentioned yesterday that 13 is my favorite number and so I’m hoping that 2013 is MY year.

I’m not one for making resolutions because I know I’ll never keep them. Instead, I want to focus on happiness this year. At Chiquita Moms, I’m sharing the things that I want to focus on that will make me happy.

And this is going to go up on my fridge today.


What are you focusing on in 2013?

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  1. Less alcohol, more tea! I'm in - at least this month :) Poppy recently posted..Why The Last Chance 2012 Work-Out at Get Bold Training was Like My First MarriageMy Profile
  2. Best of luck with your new outlook! Happy New Year!


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