My Next Tattoo: And I Am Happy

Tattoos. You either love them (like I do) or hate them (like my husband does.) I have written about tattoos before, and back in 2010 when I got my last tattoo I shared a picture of it. I’m a fan, and I’ve been considering getting another one.

For me, tattoos should have meaning. They should represent something important to you. Maybe it was a situation you went through, a stage of your life, or words that mean something to you. Whatever it is, if it’s going on your body forever, you want to make sure you won’t regret it (like one of the ones I have.)

The tattoo I’m thinking about getting – maybe along the side of my foot? – is just four simple words: And I am happy.

Now I’m not always happy and sometimes I’m miserable. But overall, my life is so blessed and when I eventually get to those pearly white gates I will be able to say that I lived a happy and good life.

Where do the words come from? My nana. My nana was a pretty amazing woman. She passed away shortly before I started writing this blog. In fact, My Nana was the second blog post that I ever posted! It’s still one of my favorite posts, and I hope that you’ll read it.

If you don’t have time/want to, I’ll give you the short version. My nana raised 9 children, which I cannot even imagine trying to do. I’m sure she had little time (read: no time) to herself, but I found out after she passed away that she loved to write. She wrote journals and poetry. After discovering my own love of writing, I would do anything to be able to talk to her about it. To find out what made her want to write, how she found her love for writing, how long she had loved doing it, what she wanted to write about. Did she ever try her hand at fiction?

Anyways, back in March 1980, she sat down one day and wrote a poem. It was a poem that she never shared with anybody. It was a poem that my mom and her siblings didn’t find until after she passed away in March 2010.


Those four words mean so much. They express love and light, they hold memories, they show the importance of family, they give a glimpse into my nana’s life, and they remind me about what’s really, REALLY important in life.

So I know what I want to get tattooed and where I want it. Now I just need to find the perfect script to have it written in. I’m going to ask my mom where that poem is. Maybe I’ll have it tattooed in my nana’s own handwriting.


  1. I love the idea, and can't wait to see it in action. I have my next tattoo all planned out . . . if only good work were cheap & didn't take time, I'd have it now. Alas, maybe next year. John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I contemplate this “fitness game”My Profile
    • It's really hard to find good, inexpensive work...definitely don't want to go cheap on tattoos! I've been waiting and thinking about this for about 2 years now. I think now's the time to do it. Natalie recently posted..My Next Tattoo: And I Am HappyMy Profile
      • My rule, for myself, is that I need to want the tattoo for 6 months, without wanting to change it, before I'll even think about trying to figure out how to pay for it. I'm going on 3 years now -- design is still the exact same, but funding has been difficult. You're right, you do NOT want to go cheap when getting a tattoo. John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where I contemplate this “fitness game”My Profile
  2. What a beautiful poem. It perfectly sums up a life well-lived. I love the new script tattoos. "And I Am Happy" is a wonderful tribute to your nana. Andrea recently posted..Ten Things I Love About Mad MenMy Profile

The New Tattoo: Tattoos With Kids Names

I wrote a post back in May titled Do You Tattoo? Some people do, some don’t. Some have and swear they’ll never get another one, some want to but haven’t, some never will. But if you have kids, you might be open to considering tattoos with kids names.

I happen to like tattoos and have three (one was covered up, so I only have two that you can see). I’m sure I’ll continue to get them. One thing is for sure and anybody with a tattoo will tell you the same thing: If you are going to get a tattoo, make sure it means something to you and that you won’t regret what you put on your body and where you put it!

In honor of Poppy’s guest post on Tuesday, Tatted and Toothless (if you haven’t read it, go read it now, it’s HILARIOUS!), I have decided it’s time to unveil my new tattoo:

An idea for tattoos with kids names.

I wanted something bold, but simple. Something that would always remain true and constant throughout the rest of my life. Something that, no matter what, would never change.

It is an infinity symbol with my three children’s names. Infinity means “to continue with no end”. And they are my forever. They will continue to be the most important thing in my world forever. My love for them will never end, no matter what may come in the future.

The various shades of green represent the color of their birthstone (they were all born in August)…and their birthstone is Peridot, which is green.

My other tattoo is, to put it simply, boldly stupid. It is on the inside of my left ankle. It’s the Chinese symbol for love (yes, it has been verified by a friend of mine who is Chinese), along with some other stuff around it…flames and a lotus flower. I love the symbol, and hate the tattoo. How it came to be is a long story for another time…let me just give you all a word of advice: NEVER get a tattoo while drunk. NEVER.

So… you tattoo?


  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:
    I love it. Very meaningful. I am still wanting to get a tattoo of my son's initials.
  2. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    I love your new back tat!! I have a simple small daisy flower on my bikini line. It is fine because no one can see it except me and my husband but I have to say, I would never get another one. I got mine when I was 16 and even though I don't regret it, kind of wish I didn't have it.
  3. I like the new is very pretty. I do not have any...I thought about it when I was young, but did not do it. My brother got one - it is so lame...a Dennis the Menace on his girly!

    I am not even decorating this year...Jules carries around the nutcrackers like baby dolls and rearrange the tree daily...I quit! My son never did this!

    Cannot wait to hear the story of the other you need to be drunk to blog about it?
  4. Love the idea of your new tattoo! I love, love, love tattoos. I have cherry blossoms starting at my shoulder falling all the way down my back, a lyric from my fave song on my wrist/forearm, one on my lower hip area and one on my toe (that one is a funny story!). If I hd it my way I would probably have a half sleeve, but my husband would most likely kill me, lol.
  5. Booyah's Momma says:
    You are the queen of cliffhangers, lady. We want bombshells! We want drunken tattoo stories! Now!

    I do love how symbolic you got with the back tattoo, though. I could never get a tattoo. Because I'm a big weenie.
  6. The Pilot's Wife says:
    Love your blog!
    Found you through the December Blog Hop! Happy to be following you!

    Anna, The Pilot's Wife
  7. JustMom420zaks says:
    Tattoos are cool.
    Mine however are not cool. In fact, they are rather uncool.
    Do not get homemade tattoos. Not cool.
    Your new one, however, so cool.
  8. It's great! I have 3 tattoos and plan to get one for my Son, but I was waiting until I know his personality so it's perfect. I also am wanting a Hummingbird tattoo in honor of my husband Grandmother who passed away in May.
  9. The December/January time of the year was a busy one for you and your husband, no? Well, I guess only twice since you have three kids but two are twins. You did realize that about them, right? Sorry. I'm making pointless points here because I need to go to sleep. But, before I do, let me say...I love both of your tattoos!
  10. says:
    Nice ink!

    I so want one. I know what I want, but I still don't know where to get it.

    My back's just not as pretty as yours!
  11. Love the Tat!!! I've always wanted one...but never got the never up to do it - I'm so delicate, you know! ;) This one is beautiful.

    I always joked (with myself, of course...and now with you) that it would be a good idea to get a "short stem" rose on my boob ... then as I aged (and had kids), it would turn into a long stem rose. SO TACKY, isn't it?? Ah, well.

    (Oh, and LOVE the Christmas village, too!) Have a great day!
  12. The Mommyologist says:
    VERY cute! I have gone back and forth with getting one over the years, but have always chickened out!
  13. I love the infinity symbol with your kids names - beautiful! I was born in August, too!
  14. So, 2 of your 3, eh? No info on what/where #3 is? :)
  15. I love it! Everything about it. :) I have one tattoo (on my lower back), it's an Egyptian Ankh. I'm planning a 2nd one on my left leg/ankle, but I'm not 100% sure what I want yet. I do know I want it to incorporate my kids.
  16. I wanted a tattoo. But then I thought "Can I live with something FOREVER??" especially something that at 18 might seem cool but at 80? Not so much :)

    I like the infinity symbol. I'm an August baby too :)

    Visiting From Mama Kat's
  17. I love your new tattoo! However your ankle one makes me shudder. I have 1 on my ankle and it was the most painful thing. Ever! But it's the most meaningful of my 4 so I guess it was worth it.

    I love your Christmas village!
  18. Mom of the Perpetually Grounded says:
    I like that you chose something that represents something important to you. I have never "got" just getting them for fun but I think it's a lovely way to honor your motherhood. My husband and I don't do tat's but we have considered doing our wedding ring fingers.
  19. I love the infinity symbol. You obviously put a ton of time into thinking about what you wanted!! :)
  20. Very cool tattoo! I have 4 right now and am in plans for the 5th. I love reading your stories! Thanks!
  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tattoo. I'm so freaking jealous of how gorgeous it is. I almost can't stand it.

    I have to start designing a new tattoo now...which is difficult since I don't know how many kids I'll have, their genders or their names.
  22. Great tattoos, and I always say "friends don't let friends bid on Ebay drunk.", lol
  23. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud says:
    Love the new tattoo, Natalie. It's beautiful and jam-packed with symbolism and meaning. :)
  24. I have 2 tattoos. One I like and the other I'm not sure why I chose. Oh well. I really like your tattoo on your back ~ the way you had your the names of your children included in the design. Very nice.

    Stopping by via Mama Kat's! I'll be back again:)
  25. Turned out so pretty! Great design and love the placement. How was the pain? Not too bad, I hope.

    Well, since you met me, you know I'm an 'art collector'. Would love to be fully sleeved but probably not possible in my line of work. I'll probably just finish up to my elbows.

    I want my boys names on me, also. But can't decide where and what....
  26. Sluiter Nation says:
    hooray for another tatted up momma! I also have a tattoo and I want another one. It takes me FOREVER to decide on design, though. I have a few locations staked out, but I ponder and second guess and grapple about design forEVER. The one I have is on my neck and it is the Aries symbol (I am a typical Aries), but it is also the egyptian hieroglyphic for "woman". I got it after my first miscarriage. I love my tattoo. A lot.

    and yours? is quite beautiful!
  27. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:
    I have one on the small of my back (a celtic knot) and am seriously considering a second one.

    But I want Himself to get one too.

    He's still pondering.
  28. love the tat, woman!! super unique and special to you. :D

    I want a new one so badly. and I want to change one I have. *sigh* money.
  29. Glad you shared your new tat with everyone now! I love that it symbolizes your kids, your "forever". Nicely put.

    I am in the "won't ever get one" category because I'm indecisive, wimpy, and probably much too old! I did confess on Twitter that I had considered a belly-button piercing, but apparently that's the gateway drug to tats.
  30. Belle's Butterfly says:
    For a long time I wanted a tattoo. I'm glad I never got it because at this point in my life I don't think I would like it anymore. Not sure if I will ever get one. But if I did it would be about Belle in some way.
  31. That's a great, meaningful tattoo. Though, I hope you guys don't accidentally make another one :-P

    I'm not tatted b/c I know I'll end up saggy. I did however, don a henna tramp stamp at the beach in college. My friends and I found that wildly hilarious.

    We were also drunk. Thank God it was henna.
  32. SharleneT says:
    Are you telling me that your little tykes haven't figured out how to bypass the jail?! Humph... piece of cake... Just give me a few minutes with the little darlins' and I'll explain how.... Love the TAT and the Christmas display...
  33. I love the most recent tatt!! And I'm wearing the chinese symbol for love on a necklace that I've worn since the beginning of our 18 month wait to adopt our daughter. So I love that one too! So...any info on the third??? :)
  34. I love your new tattoo and I am not generally fond of them. It's perfect and it suits you. If I were to ever get one (it would only be when I was drunk despite your warning) I hope I remember to copy your idea.
  35. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    I love that you have all 3 kids symbolized in one spot! I decided not to put up my Christmas Village this year - too many fingers and not enough cages. :)
  36. I've almost tatto'd a couple times, but couldn't decide on something I would want permanently and where I would permanently want it.

    I love your infinity tattoo though!
  37. By Word of Mouth says:
    Too funny on the decorating, we have always done ok here - its the cats that like to bat the decorations! Everytime I have thought tattoo, I remind myself when my stylist years ago teased her assistant who had the doormouse from Alice on her shoulder - that in years too come it be a droopy old rat ... put me off a little :)
  38. The Empress says:
    so...that's 2 I see....
  39. I really do like both of your tats. I have two. One on my wrist that's the symbol of chi (balance of mind body and spirit/breath of life) I got it to symbolize my journey with chronic pain and how far I've come to adapt my life to it. The second one was my first tat. I was 18 and stupid and me and my friends decided on a whim to get them. It wasn't a well thought out plan. I had it put on my stomach by my hip. Hello pregnant belly stretching it all to shit. Sigh.
    I hope to get a third on the top of my foot!
  40. Minivan Mama says:
    I think once your 30 a tattoo can be a good thing!
  41. Suniverse says:
    I have one tattoo that I got the year after I graduated from undergrad. I designed it and I still love it - it's around my bicep. I particularly love it because I'm in such a conservative field for work. It keeps me sane!

    Love your kids' tattoo. It's great!
  42. Laura {A(n) (un)Common Family} says:
    I love your infinity tattoo. I agree about meaning! I have tattoos of each of my children's original names (my son's Vietnamese name and my daughter's Ethiopian name). I was anti-tattoo until I hit about 25, then I *had* to have one. But I didn't know what meant that much to me. And then along came my kids.

    I got each in Vegas (at separate times) and may have been drunk. ;) But they were planned, so it was okay.

    I know I said it, but I really, really like your back tat!
  43. says:
    You must be the most organized woman on the planet to have all your children born in the same month. I'm impressed.
  44. The mad woman behind the blog says:
    LOVE IT! And so thoughtful! I've always wanted songbirds on my feet but the husband is anti-ink. Will have to wait until my daughter is old enough...husband won't be looking at this old body anymore and won't notice.
  45. I've always wanted to get a tattoo but I knew my parents would murder me! Now I just don't think I can handle the pain.

    I love the one on your back - I think incorporating your kids names is brilliant!

    PS - I love your straight, perfect hair!!
  46. Megan "the" Bug Creator says:
    I too Tattoo!
  47. I tat. I wish I could find a way to get my kid's names on my body somewhere. The 3 I do have are on my feet, and tiny. I'm kinda a chicken to go bigger. Your back? It's HOT.
  48. says:
    I have to confess a pet peeve - when someone goes to a tatoo parlor and starts flipping through a book, picks an image and gets it permanently inked on their body. You said it, make sure it means something.

    I love the one of your kids - so awesome!
  49. I have two. Which always sends people into shock.

    The Ace on my hip is the result of a drunken bachelorette party in Vegas that ended with all of swearing that "I love you" and "we're going to be best friends forever and ever." We weren't. But the tat's forever and ever.

    The second is a claddaugh on my back representing my marriage. I still love that one.
  50. Did I comment on this already?

    I know I did...


    Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

    It's absolutely beautiful. I am also a huge advocate for the meaningful sort of tattoos. Did you see mine on my back? It's got the three kids' initials woven into the design much like the names on yours.

    Did I tell you I LOVE IT?!?! I love it. Nice ink, Natalie.
  51. I do tattoo - but only have one! Visiting from the red dress club link up!
  52. I have one tatoo but won't ever get another. I'm going to stick to a necklace with my kids' names on it.
  53. I have a stupid tattoo that I'd like to change into something more meaningful like you did....I have a dumb small flower. Just b/c I wanted to prove I was ballsy enough to do something bad-girlish. Now? Would like to turn it into a fleur de lis.

    Love yours!!!!
  54. I am a tattoo-er wannabe I suppose. I have always thought it would be so cool to do, but have never followed through. I have a really hard time committing to one perfect, great thing to put on my body. Now that I have my son, if I ever got a tattoo it would have something to do with him. I always have a hard time thinking of where I would put it too. I don't think it will ever happen, but I think they are cool and I respect people who believe in it as art and expression.
  55. The Drama Mama says:
    I love your infinity!! What a great idea! I have 3 tats. One on my back where your infinity is, one my outer calf, just above my ankle, and one on the opposite calf.
  56. Beautiful new addition! I heart my tattoos too. I need to design something with Lucas' initials or name.
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