My One Year Blog-o-versary!

Yep, Wednesday, March 16th was my one year blogoversary, and I missed it. One year ago today, I wrote my first blog entry. I had no idea what I was doing or what to say, so I wrote about my kids. I just re-read it, and can’t believe how much my writing/style has changed, and remained the same, since then. And the coolest part of re-reading the entire thing? My first comment ever came from Tonya at Letters for Lucas…my in-real-life friend, and the person that inspired me to start a blog. Big love to you Tonya!

Because I’m so on top of things lately, for some reason I had it in my head that my big day was on Thursday…which is not the 16th but the 17th. Sigh. So I thought it would quietly slip by and that all of the giveaways I’m doing this week (see the top of my sidebar for links to them all) would make up for my missing my own big day.

Turns out though, that my husband remembered. Last month, I told him that it was almost my blog’s one year anniversary, and I asked him if he’d like to write a post about what blogging has done for me/to me/to the kids/to us…you get the idea. And he said “Well what would I say?” and so I thought that meant no. But today he got home from work, and after we got the girls to bed, he tiptoed upstairs and got on the computer, and wrote a post for me. I read it and I cried.

I cried because he is not a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve or shares his feelings openly. For him to write a post to his children about me…it’s one of the sweetest things he’s ever done.

So without further adieu, I give you my husband Jason….


Today is a very special day. Today is yet another milestone for your mother. Happy one year blog-o-versary to you, my love! When your mom told me what she wanted to do, I was a little surprised but very excited. See, the thing about your mother is that she is an exceptional individual, sometimes underestimating herself. But as the years go on she gains more and more confidence. I guess raising you three will do that.

One year ago today she set out to tell the story of your childhoods in a way that only she could, so that when you grow up you can look back and answer those questions our parents could not answer for us. Most children, if they are lucky will have photos and some videos, but you will hear the sound of your mother’s voice in her own words and her emotions within them. Make no mistake that this is a gift; something you should cherish and be thankful for. She loves you so much that she wants to tell your stories to the world.

I am so proud of your mom. As of today she has 788 followers, 788 people whom she has won over with her uninhibited and honest style of writing. She has found her voice and we are all listening. She has made a lot of new friends – most of whom she has never met, though you would not know that by the way she talks about them. She has helped people through emotionally tough times, she has steered people towards financial opportunities that they needed and deserved, she has turned people on to things that make their lives easier, she has helped give multiple gifts away, but most of all she makes people laugh. She does all of this and still takes care of us.

For me personally it has been a blessing, a way to let me experience so many things that a father misses out on. I don’t think that this was even considered when the idea was born but what a great bonus. Your mother has a gift and if we are lucky, she will keep on using it for years to come.

Please kids, always tell your mother how much you love and appreciate her, it’s the least we can do!


This? Is absolutely my favorite post of the entire year! Thank you Jason, for doing this for me…you know that this means more to me than any other thing you could’ve done for me today. I love you, and our beautiful kids, more than I can ever express through words.

Also? He said he has more to say, and that he might write another post for me…swoon!!!

I want to give a super special shout out to one of my best Twitter friends, Tim (@sogeshirts)…I was supposed to publish a review/giveaway for him today, and because of my husband’s words, I’m not publishing it until Friday. Thank you Tim, for your friendship and support.

And one last thing, my beautiful friend Momma Kiss has been so busy at work that her blog has been lonely. She mentioned it, and I mentioned I’d love to write a guest post for her about something that I’ve been wanting to write for weeks. She let me put my words in her world! Yay! I adore her more than she knows (well, I think she does know)…so go visit me over at Momma Kiss!

Okay…one more last thing…don’t forget to check out all my cool giveaways! They are my way of saying thank you to you for all of your ongoing support and friendship!

And so it goes…


  1. Now I'm gonna cry!! This is so incredibly sweet...and isn't the support of your husband just the icing on the cake?

    Happy Blogoversary, Natalie, and I can't wait to toast you in August!
  2. This is so, so lovely, Natalie! I am so glad your husband appreciates all you have given us. Because WE appreciate you. I feel so lucky to know you in person - and you are truly that genuinely wonderful person about whom your husband writes.

    Much love to you, and happy blogaversary!
  3. That is incredibly sweet. *Sniff*
  4. AWWW!! Love this! I think it's fantastic to hear his perspective of your blogging and how he considers it a blessing and a gift for your family.

    I agree with J that you underestimate yourself and the treasure you are to bloggyland...but I, too, see your growing confidence and it makes my heart happy!
  5. danceswithchaos says:
    Somehow I have a feeling if my husband wrote about what a blog has done for my family it would read like:

    "Keeps her up too late, doesn't spend enough time with me because she lost nap time to write, and always seems to be tweeting."

    That being said, he finally did his first guest post on my blog just this week. :-)

    Happy blogoversary!
  6. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    Awwwww!! How cute!! What a wonderful husband you have!!!
  7. By Word of Mouth Musings says:
    Aww, so sweet ...
    he's a keeper, but you knew that ;)
    Can't wait to meet you IRL sweet friend, you have been a gift on my blogging journey, and I thank you for that and wish you a VERY happy Blogversary xxx
  8. Happy Blog-o-versary!!!
    WHat wonderful words your husband writes to your children about their mother! So sweet!

    Can't wait to read his next post!
  9. First of all, your dates are all screwed up. Tuesday was the 15th. Today, Wednesday is the 16th and tomorrow is the 17th.

    Second of all, thank you for once again attributing me as your inspiration to start this journey. I honestly didn't do a thing, but start my own humble little blog. I'm glad that you enjoyed it enough to do it yourself.

    Lastly, Jason's post is beautiful and heartfelt and he's right, we are all listening!

    You should be VERY proud of all that you have accomplished with Mommy of a Monster in just one short year.

    Thank you for sharing your writing, your family and your world with us!

    Here's to continued success, my dear friend. xoxo
  10. SharleneT says:
    Happy Blogoversary! Indeed, you have done a remarkable job and I look forward to many years of following your world. BTW, are you printing out your blog? Wouldn't hurt to have a hard copy.
  11. Awww..So special! Congrats and a very Happy Blogoversary to you. I am so looking forward to many more 'monster' stories!
  12. gingerbreadmama says:
    What an amazing way to celebrate your blogging milestone. I can't express how cool I think it is that your husband wrote something for you. So very sweet.
  13. Dysfunctional Mom says:
    I love that your husband wrote a post for you! What a great guy.
    Happy Blog-oversary!
  14. MOMmetime says:
    Aww...What a great tribute to you and your blog...not to mention super duper sweet. This is so special ~thanks for sharing!

    Happy blogoversary!
  15. How sweet is this post of his! I love it, it's absolutely perfect for your blog's anniversary!
  16. The Empress says:

    Coolest blogoversary post Ev-Er.

    Happy Blogoversary, Nat.

    I am so happy to know you, and have met you, and have gotten to be the virtual mama of those baby girls.

    Glad you're in the blogosphere with me.

  17. Funky Mama Bird says:
    That is so sweet!

    Also, apparently my Blogversary is just the day after yours! I knew they were close, but not that close!

    I am celebrating my blogoversary today with a giveaway as well!
  18. MommaKiss says:
    So is Jason available for other gigs? That is incredible.
    P.s. I know.
  19. You have a great husband! This was such a nice thing to do and it really does bring tears to your eyes!

    Congratulations on your blogoversary!!
  20. Oh my gosh, the best blogoversary present a blogger could ever get.. recognition from your husband for a job amazingly well done. Love this!
  21. This is so sweet. I love that your husband did that for you!!
  22. @Tonya

    No! My dates are right! My blogoversary is on the 16th, not the 15th! After reading your comment, I went back and checked. So I'm not as far off as we thought I was ;)
  23. @Natalie

    I think Tonya means that Wed was the 16th and Thursday is the 17th. I thought the same thing when I read that part of your post. :)
  24. I think it's cute that Jason wrote a post! And I like that he did it with the angle of writing to the kids.
  25. @Liz

    So I am as screwed up with dates as I originally thought ;)
  26. Belle's Butterfly says:
    What a sweet letter! You have a great husband. Congrats on your blog-o-versary
  27. Wait, what? Isn't today Thursday? And the 17th? Oh God, I'm so out of it. I don't even know anymore.

    In any event, happy blogoversary to you and your lovely little family.
  28. love this, how awesome that jason would write such a loving post to you :) you deserve it! congrats on one great year!
  29. That is an amazing post. Congrats of your one year of blogging. Look at all you've accomplished in that year. It took me years to get where you are.

    I am so glad you started blogging. I have enjoyed getting to know you and can't wait to meet you in real life.
  30. That's so sweet of Jason.

    I love my blog. Although I lost all my readers when I had to switch e-mails and blog URLs. It's sad. I miss them. I tried to add many of them back but they have yet to follow me again. I blame it on the divorce. I had to move everything due to my ex husband (just the legal work not done but I am done, ya know) trying to hack into my account all the time made it hard to protect my own little world.
  31. Minivan Mama says:
  32. Happy Blogoversary! Happy Birthday (a bit early).
    This post by your husband and the post you did over at Momma Kiss - both moved me. His for his love of you and yours for your love of motherhood.
  33. Lady Estrogen says:
    OMG - so sweet; I got a tear ;)
  34. The Flying Chalupa says:
    Happy 1-year Nat! I love reading what the husband has to say - and he did so eloquently and so sweetly. It's evident that your family has so much love. Can't wait to see what the next year will bring for you!
  35. Happy blogaversary, what a wonderful post from your hubby!!!
  36. Gosh, I'm jealous. My husband doesn't even, and has never, read my blog. Happy Blogoversary!
  37. This is so sweet! And he is so right, this is such a special gift for your family. Lovely Natalie!
    Happy blogoversary to you!
  38. This is so incredibly romantic and sweet! What a wonderful tribute to you..and keepsake for your children!! Happy happy blogoversary to you!!!
  39. the mombshell says:
    swoon indeed. i just punched my husband (who is sitting next to me oblivious) in the arm and he's all like, "what, what". les sigh.
  40. blueviolet says:
    Happy Blogiversary, you sweet, sweet girl! (And I can't wait to meet you in person)

    PS. Your husband rocks!
  41. Hello! I'm Kate. says:
    Okay...I cried...I'm literally wiping away tears!

    Jason sounds amazing!

    Congrats on 1 year!
  42. Happy Blogoversary! The 16th is my parents anniversary (37 years) so it is a good date! I found your blog via your recent blogging post on BlogHer. Call me crazy but I can't seem to locate how to subscribe. Am I missing it or is it hidden some place. Good ol' Blogger! Please let me know as I'd like to...
  43. Congrats!
  44. Rhiannon Fieri says:
    You've got all KINDS of wonderful, meaningful things to celebrate together. :-D
  45. Heather H says:
    That is such a sweet post! Happy anniversary! And thank you for sharing your family with us! I am a new follower but I love reading your stories.
  46. Soge shirts says:
    Great post by Jason and his words were right on the money. I'm sure your kids will appreciate this fantastic blog when they are older. Happy blogoversary.
  47. Mom Went Crazy says:
    Oh, what a sweet guy. That is a super nice thing to do for you! Happy blogoversary!!
  48. Sluiter Nation says:
    This is an absolutely beautiful way to celebrate a year of your wonderful self being in the blogosphere!

    Jason is are an amazing mom and wife and FRIEND! I am so glad you are here! :)
  49. Allyson & Jere says:
    Awwww, I love this, so much! What a sweet and wonderful post written by your man! It was nice to hear his point of view on it as well.
    Happy Blogoversary. Glad I got in around the beginning, before you got all super popular and stuff.
  50. Awwwww, so sweet! Happy Blog-o-versary! :)
  51. Booyah's Momma says:
    I think *I* swooned a little bit when I read this. What a sweet letter he wrote... and what an awesome blogoversary gift. You have a keeper there, indeed!