My New Favorite Jeans: dENiZen Jeans

It is no secret to anybody who reads my blog that I am IN LOVE with Target. And if you know me, you know that I’m a jeans-and-t-shirt kinda girl. So, a few months back when I was approached to try out a new line of jeans from Levi’s called dENiZEN, I immediately knew that it would be a perfect fit (pun intended).

Levi’s is marketing dENiZen jeans exclusively at Target. They’re being offered for women, men, boys and girls. I was lucky enough to get a pair for myself…because I can always use another pair of jeans!


I received a pair of dENiZEN Totally Shaping At Waist Boot Cut jeans. To say I love these jeans would be an understatement. I swear when I wear them I feel like I’ve got sweats on! They are stretchy and comfy, and they fit perfectly. They do not fit tight in the waist and loose in the butt like some jeans do, and they do not give me a muffin top as some jeans do.


I will be honest and tell you the jeans are a bit high-waisted, yes like mom jeans. So no, these are not the kind of jeans that I would wear for a night out with the girls. These to me are more casual, everyday jeans. They are definitely cute enough to wear and look stylish. They are so comfortable that I could sleep in them!


Did I mention you can pick a pair up at Target for around $25?

So the next time you are at Target, make sure to check out the Levi’s new dENiZen jeans. And don’t forget to go check out dENiZEN jeans on their Facebook page as well!

I was provided a complimentary pair of dENiZen jeans to complete this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. my very first pair of Levi's were the darkest blue, stiffest denim 517 bootcut jeans you'd ever come across... they were mens, in a 22 30... I think I was a freshman in high school. they were Christmas present, a pair of jeans just like my Daddy's - except slightly smaller in the waist & length. ah, good memories. I love Levi's, although I haven't bought a new pair of them in several years, since the Mervyn's went out of business in our area... I will definitely be checking these out at Target :)
  2. You look so cute! Is it wrong that I'm beginning to embrace the higher waisted stuff? It keeps my muffin top under control.
  3. Those jeans look great!
  4. ooh I won a GC from Target from a blog a few months ago and I am going to use it to buy these jeans. They look so good on you sweetie, I like the wash to. Gorgeous girl!
  5. Wow! Impressed a company is coming out with jeans that actually rise above the butt crack and thong? What a novel concept. LoL Cute photo Natalie. One hot Momma. :)
  6. You. Are. Adorable. And I like those jeans! I'm definitely trying some on next itme I'm at Target. Keep on rocking the high-waist, momma!
  7. I must admit that sometimes when I was in college I slept in my jeans. And by sometimes I mean probably once a week. And it wasn't even when I came home from having a few too many cocktails, although I will admit it did happen then too sometimes. They were so warm and comfy and I was just so exhausted after I finally got home from studying that I would collapse in my bed with them on. Everyone else I know thinks this is so weird.
  8. They're cute! I am in the market for some mom-event jeans (not exactly mom jeans, but park jeans LOL) These might be perfect.
  9. hi natalie! i haven't visited your blog in a while, but glad i did today - i can always use a good pair of jeans! i am at Target frequently and plan to try these - thanks :)