My Name Is Natalie, And I Live With A Nudist

Tater LOVES to be naked. Obviously, a picture of him naked would be totally inappropriate to post, and probably illegal in all states, but he sure looks really dang cute running around in nothing but his birthday suit and green rain boots! If left up to him, I don’t think he would never wear another shred of clothing or a diaper ever again.

Before the girls were born, Tater was about 24 months old and we had started potty training. He was doing pretty good. He didn’t want to aim at Cheerios or pee standing up like daddy…he just wanted to go on his little chair (actually it looks like a little throne and plays music after he does the deed) and then get his money. Yes, our special ‘prize’ for going like a big boy is a handful of change from the change jar. Maybe he’ll grow up to be Donald Trump. Anyways, after the girls were born, what do you think happened? We dropped potty training like a hot rock. Not enough time in the day, not enough energy in Mommy, and Tater was feeling a little out of place with his new rivals sisters taking up all of my attention. Since then, it’s been hit and miss getting him to go. Until recently.

My sister H told us the way she got her son potty trained was by letting him run around naked outside so he could pee all over the place. We are in So Cal, and the weather has been nice enough for us to try it out. And of course, Tater loves it! He’s doing good with the pee part of it (number 2 is a no-go anywhere but in the diaper), but the problem now is that he wants to be naked. All.The.Time. He’s naked right now watching Yo Gabba Gabba. He won’t even let me get near him with his pj’s or a diaper. In the morning it’s a fight to get clothes on him.

So I’ll keep you posted on our progress. Potty training sucks. Apparentely, being naked all the time doesn’t.

And so it goes…


  1. too funny! you amaze me that you have time to be a mom, read, and blog :) you'll always remember this phase, lol.
  2. Since he likes to be naked so much, maybe you could just build him a pen to run around in outside all day, and then you wouldn't even have to worry about potty training at all. During the winter months though you might have to get one of those doggie fake grass pee mats for him. :)
  3. This made me chuckle. I'm not sure what I'd do actually. It's been so long since my daughter was that age. I'm very curious how this Tater adventure will unfold. Keep us posted!

  4. Christie says:
    This is EXACTLY what worked for my daughter. I even blogged about it, with pictures!

    Hey I tagged you on my blog too for the One Word Meme! I couldn't help it! I love your blog!
    I hope you'll play along!
  5. Thanks Christie for sending the link of your daughter's potty training adventures! I loved it! And thank you for tagging me - of course I'll play along!!
  6. I am having the same prob with my lil guy. He runs when I try to put clothes on him. He also wont go No. 2. My guy will hold it for days. Everybody has told me that it may take months of going pee pee in the potty b4 he goes no. 2. I love your blog and I am also a new blogger as well. Check out my