My Mommy Is A Blogger: Does Your Child Understand What You Do?

My Mommy Is A Blogger

So here’s another thing I learned at Evo a few weeks back: meeting bloggers that you like/admire/stalk is pretty cool. And when I sat down next to Sommer at the now infamous Aveda brand talk, I was excited when she introduced herself. Because I have enjoyed her blog Green and Clean Mom (stalker style…reading, not commenting) for quite some time…and I’ll admit I know her better via Twitter where she’s known as @greenmom.

And that’s when I realized that my Twitter friend Sommer Poquette was the same Sommer who wrote the book My Mommy is a Blogger that I had been hearing about! Sommer has taken what we all do all day long (also known to our children and spouses as spending too much time on the computer) and explains it to children. It’s a funny look into the world of blogging that we all know and love. It touches on important issues like the words we choose (I’m a blogger people, not a booger), online privacy and ways mom bloggers make money and help companies.

When Sommer handed me a copy of the book (which I should have had her autograph because it will be a best seller for sure!), I was super excited to take it home and share it with Ethan because he thinks I just “answer emails” all day..which on some days, is probably true. After reading it to him the first time, he recognized many of the words and actions that he sees me do on a daily basis…and he asked me to read it again!

Here’s Sommer talking to Gigi and I at Evo and explaining what My Mommy is a Blogger is all about.

Now go support a mommy blogger in a really fun way! My Mommy is a Blogger is kid tested (by Ethan) and mother approved (by many mommy bloggers). I highly recommend you check the book out! Buy My Mommy is a Blogger for yourself, buy it as a gift for a mommy blogger that you know and love or for a friend or family member that has NO idea what the heck it is that you are doing on the computer all day!

Click here to visit Green and Clean Mom LLC.

I received a copy of My Mommy is a Blogger but was not asked to host a review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source. I was not compensated to provide an opinion of Sommer’s book, but I loved it enough that I wanted to share it with each of you!


  1. "Blogger not booger" hahaha! Sounds like a totally cool and apt book for my little one when he's a little older!
  2. Oh those are words even my husband could understand, I think that would be a good book for him.
  3. Oh it was great to meet you too! Boy, I look tired in that video! Ha! Ha! The altitude! Thanks for the great review and I'm so glad you love the book and enjoy reading it to your child! That makes me happy! I hope others enjoy it as much as you do!
  4. you know this will never enter our home, right? #anon
  5. oooooh, I am soooo buying this book. Thanks for sharing it with us, I like this sooo much.
  6. LoL! Been called LOTS of things in my life and, as a Mother but never a blogger. LoL
  7. That's an awesome idea, I'll have to check it out! My daughter kinda sorta gets it. She tells everyone that I write on the computer all day...which I guess could mean all sorts of things!
  8. Love it! Totally want to get this one. Thanks for sharing, Natalie!
  9. Way overdue and could kick myself in the arse for not thinking of it. So glad you got away, and how did hubs do???