My Life In Drafts

I’m sure many of you save ideas for blog posts somewhere, somehow. I happen to save mine as a Draft in WordPress. It works for me…or so I thought until I started looking through them. Turns out, I may be a borderline idiot because for many of these saved Drafts, I have NO IDEA what they mean! Let me give you some examples…

While going through my Drafts, and seeing what I have wanted to write about but just haven’t written about yet, I’ve had some really awesome things I have wanted to share with you. My very organized way of keeping track of post ideas (said as sarcastically as possible) is to title a post with my idea and then save it as Draft…I just need to find time to share these post topics, some good ones if I do say so myself. Things like:

  • Why I Got Fake Boobs
  • How Jason Proposed
  • 10 Smells From Childhood (via a Seven Clown Circus prompt)
  • You Know You’re Addicted To Blogging When…
  • Understanding Twitter
  • 10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say Till I Had A Kid (via The Mommyologist’s post)
  • Time In Lake Havasu When I Walked Into a Restaurant With A Bunch Of Girlfriends And Found Our Picture Posted On Their Wall
  • Time I Thought Tater Was Kidnapped
  • Things Mom Was Right About
  • Jason Says I Couldn’t Talk If I Sat On My Hands (I Talk With My Hands)
  • When Jason Deleted Our Vacation Pics in Fiji
  • Kisses (from 10/2010 – Tater kissed Lila when he had cupcake frosting all over his face and left it all over her sweet little sleeping face)
  • Going To A Friend’s House That Doesn’t Have Kids (why it sucks)
And then there’s some real gems in there, too. Some of which I have NO IDEA what they mean. Like these Draft Beauties…
  • From 01/16/2012 – Title: My Bruise – Like you guys want to hear about how I ate shit walking down our wooden stairs, landed on my ass, and almost knocked myself out. There’s pictures, and the bruise ain’t pretty…it’s disgusting. Just ask @MommaKiss, @tsharp12, or @MrsWonder.
  • From 01/18/2012 – No Title – The body of the Draft says: “dafafadFASDAS”  I got nothin’ people. No clue. And this was just last week.
  • From 12/01/2011 – Title: Monday Post – That’s all it said. WTF?
  • From 06/15/2011 – Title: Lila Says No – Maybe the first time? Because she says it daily now…
  • From 03/25/2011 – Title: Reviewing Your Analytics – What do I know about analytics and why in God’s name did I think I could write about them?!
  • From 03/25/2011 – Title: The Business Shakes Her Money Maker – Sure Lila loves to dance, but do I have a video or picture of it somewhere? I’d love to see it!
  • From 03/23/2011 – Title: My Mole Experience – Yep, my hot (in a super geeky kind of way) male dermatologist had to check out a mole I had in my nether-regions. I think I did blog about that eventually?
  • From 11/09/2010 – Title: Cleaning Up After The Kids – Really? This is something to blog about? Like it never happens?
I never keep those titles, it’s just a *reminder* to me of what I wanted to write about. Note to Self: You might want to be a bit more specific in the future, just sayin…

So what’s in your Drafts? Got any funny things in there to share  (especially ones that you have no idea what they mean?)

Did you see my big announcement yesterday? I’m a Charter Chiquita Mom and you can be a Chiquita Mom too!


  1. Most of my ideas are in my drafts and i am sure if I really looked at them there are quite a few who make no sense at all. If I am out and about I jot the idea on a scrap of paper, receipt, envelope, whatever the hell I can find. It then goes into the important drawer in my nightstand where it will remain for years to come. Robbie recently posted..CrankyMy Profile
  2. This is hilarious. I have and I am not kidding, 77 drafts... some flushed out ideas, some just a sentence or two and some, like you I have no clue what I was thinking. Tonya recently posted..Dancing In My HeartMy Profile
  3. I've only had one title for a draft but haven't used it yet. (LoL) Kind of flying by the seat of my pants. Maybe that's why I still only have 28 followers. LoL. Cindi recently posted..Psalm 100; Happy Birthday Boo!My Profile
  4. I don't have anything really funny in my drafts . . . though I have a whole lot of posts that are, mostly, deeper than most of the stuff that I post -- like finding inspiration and my thoughts on religion. Because they're not the typical "here's what I'm thinking, and boobs" posts that I put up, I barely ever work on them . . . so they taunt me. John recently posted..Where the topics I write about range from bacon to zombies to Strawberry Shortcake.My Profile
  5. These are hysterical. I need to go out and clean out my drafts. I think my son's birth story from two years ago is still in draft form. I think that opportunity has come and gone. Barbara recently posted..Noah One MonthMy Profile
  6. Blog the motherfuckin' bruise. Please.
  7. I have a notes plug-in that puts a text box on the main page of my dashboard, and that's where I save my ideas so I don't have to clutter my drafts. But yeah, it has about the same kind of wtf things going on. C @ Kid Things recently posted..Breakfast for DragonsMy Profile
  8. Will there be pictures in the "Why I Got Fake Boobs" post? ;) Andrea @ The Penny-Roach's recently posted..Man Of The HouseMy Profile
  9. If by drafts you mean briefs, why yes, I have something funny in there but I'm only showing your hot dermatologist. You think I'm joking.
  10. I always start my drafts as things are happening... and then by the time I get back to them I either have no interest in finishing the post, or it's so outdated I just give up on it anyway... I SUCK at drafting posts in advance, unless it's for a "series" or something... which I've only done one of, and it died a few months back when I got bored with that actual post... which I delayed... then delayed... then delayed s'more... then just quit. *sigh*
  11. way too funny!!! probably cuz it hits way too close to home! ;) tracie @ {tsj} photography recently posted..and then i remember …My Profile
  12. This is classic!! And who knew you could make an entire blog post just listing out all the drafts you have saved. I do the same thing in my drafts. I'll come up with an idea and I'll write a post title for it and jot a few notes down. But then I'll go back and it either won't make any sense at all or I'm like, "Why the hell did I think that would make a great blog post?" I have some that date back to 2008!!! Not sure why I haven't deleted them but maybe I'll do something similar with them. At least they'll be useful somehow! Helene recently posted..No more "bored" games for us....My Profile
  13. Hahaha! This is hilarious. Especially dafafadFASDAS. What the hell? I do have a lot of drafts that are either irrelevant now or I just lost the mojo. But I did find a gem in there once when I desperately needed a guest post for someone. And it was practically finished! Score! Leigh Ann recently posted..The Ultimate House Cleaning ChecklistMy Profile
  14. Lol! I keep notes in the notepad on my phone and yea, half of them I have no idea what they are. I try and write a few more detailed notes now so I can hopefully remember. Emmy recently posted..What To Wear On the 100th Day of SchoolMy Profile
  15. I used to save them all in drafts then I stopped. I need to start doing it again. kept all my thoughts in one place. I would usually post a random title then in the body post a brief sentence or two what the title is supposed to mean to remind me what the post would be about. Nolie recently posted..Facebook Funnies for January 22My Profile
  16. I do have a few drafts from way back when but none are even long enough to be considered amusing. Some are just blank pages. I'm so interesting... ;) Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Wellness Wednesday: Starting SlowlyMy Profile


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