My Life In A List!

My lovely friend Nicole over at moments that define life launched a new meme last week called Listable Life.

Each week, Nicole will give us three topic starters to choose from; two of them will be focused on 10 things, while one will be focused on listing 5 things – for those weeks when time is short. And all you’ve gotta do is write a list!

So here is my Listable Life…the topic starter I chose was this one: Option #3: 5 Blog Posts I’m Proud Of.

In no particular order, here are my 5 blog posts that I’m proud of…

1. My guest post over at Blogger Body 2012 titled The Signs Were There. Some women are in abusive relationships and don’t even know it.

2. My recent post What I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom (The Things That Suck). Anytime I’m open and honest and lay it out there for all to see, I feel so good about doing it and people respond to it, big time!

3. After a particularly bad experience I had with someone I asked to guest post here, I wrote Guest Posting Etiquette — What You Need To Know and the response I got from people thanking me for writing it was overwhelming! Anytime I can help other bloggers, I try to…I just didn’t realize that this would be such a hot topic post!

4. Both my posts on our struggles with infertility We Just Don’t Do It Right – Part 1 and Part II. This is when I realized the power of blogging and the importance of sharing our struggles.

5. My recipe for Kitty Litter Cake…actually, all of my recipe posts! I love cooking and being able to share my passion with others is so much fun! Not to mention the traffic all of these posts get 😉

Now it’s your turn! Make your list and link up over at moments that define life. Don’t want to share blog posts? Still head over there to see what other topics might interest you!

And I’ve never thought to ask before, but what is your favorite post that I’ve written here at Mommy of a Monster and Twins?


  1. Fabulous list! I remember your Guest Posting etiquette post - it was definitely a great one! I want to come back and I LOVE that "Things that Suck" - It really is so exhausting being a mother and frustrating that nothing stays nice. And I am SO guilty of hiding treats...hahaha! Thanks SO much for linking up! I shortened the list prompts for next week and made it a 5,5,5 option allowing people to make their list longer from there. When I did my 10 songs, it took FOREVER. LOL. But, perhaps I was just excited about picking the right ones. :-) I hope you'll link up again!! Nicole @MTDLBlog recently posted..10 Songs From My Youth {Listable Life}My Profile
  2. The one I remember most is the one you wrote about Ethan and a day of ice cream mainly because that is how I think and process being a Mom. You know that. I also love all of your honest heart felt posts. This sounds like a great meme. I'm going to check it out. I'm a list person.
  3. I love posts that give us an opportunity to share our best moments..and without a whole lot of extra writing. So YEAH for great prompts! And now I'd like to smack you for sharing that kitty litter cake. I'm seriously wracking my brain to figure out who I'm make it for. Darn you! Thanks for doing this link up and leading me to Nicole. And for giving me more reading b/c I don't think I've read all of these. MWAH! Mad Woman behind the Blog recently posted..I’d rather be fishingMy Profile
  4. That Kitty Litter cake? Im heading to the store ASAP for all the ingredients. I dont even care that I have no one to make it for, Ill eat it by myself. Thats a lie, Ill probably have to share with my family. Whatevs. It sounds delish!! Jessica recently posted..Listable LifeMy Profile
  5. All great posts! The tater tot casseroles stick out in my mind as well as the guest posting etiquette! It's those tips that I keep in mind every time I ask someone to post or when I post elsewhere. Jackie recently posted..Listable Life – 10 thingsMy Profile
  6. What a great idea for a meme! The posts of yours which I particularly like are the ones where you talk about motherhood and your experiences. I don't know if it's because we both have twins or just very similar parenting styles but I can always relate to what you've written!