My Life In A List: All Time Pet Peeves

My lovely friend Nicole over at moments that define life launched a new meme called Listable Life.

Each week, Nicole will give us three topic starters to choose from, then all you’ve gotta do is write a list of 5 things!

So here is my Listable Life…the topic starter I chose was this one: Option #2: 5 All Time Pet Peeves

When My Husband and Kids Take Their Clothes Off Inside Out

This one really pisses me off! And I refuse to turn them right-side-out after I finish washing and drying them. Jason can fend for himself. I figure I will just turn the kids the right way when I put their clothes on them.

People Who Wait Until After The Checker Is Done Scanning Their Groceries To Run Their ATM Cards

Seriously? You wait to get your wallet out of your purse/pocket until after the checker is done? Not that it takes a whole lot of time or anything, but let’s be productive while we wait, people! You can always hit the “No” key if you think the total is wrong.

Even Worse, People Who Wait To Write A Check

Really? You still write checks? Why not use your ATM card? And why do you wait until after the checker is done to whip out your checkbook and start writing your check? I’ve got places to be, people!

People Who Wait Until The Very Last Car Length To Merge Into The Next Lane

WHY DO YOU WAIT? THAT’S WHY THERE’S SO MUCH TRAFFIC! YOU are slowing us all down! A-holes.

People Who Drive The Speed Limit In The Fast Lane On The Freeway

That’s why there’s a slow lane. Seriously, get the hell over idiot.

What are your biggest pet peeves? I could go on and on, but these are the ones that bother me on a daily basis. Write about yours and link up at Nicole’s place!

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  1. Oh the driving shit. Makes me rage. My peeves involve fake people. I'm pretty good at sniffing them out. And can't stand it. Also banana lollipops. There's no reason! MommaKiss recently posted..Things I learned this weekMy Profile
  2. I am always SO annoyed when I see people break out the checkbook - who has those anymore? I mean...I do, but only for Girl Scout cookies when I don't have cash or something. :-) Not for Target! And, it sounds like you and I would be ragers in traffic together. It could be bad combination - you wouldn't like Hawaii - the truckers drive the speedlimit in the left lane all. the. damn. time. Nicole @MTDLBlog recently posted..A Few People I Treasure Most {Listable Life}My Profile
  3. Haha, #1 is something I just discussed with my husband! I told him I really don't mind doing laundry but I HATE turning his dirty shirts inside out constantly. Oh, and socks too! Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Outside Looking InMy Profile
  4. Late mergers drive me crazy. I just don't understand them. JDaniel4's Mom recently posted..Pause Life for a Moment- Good Girl Gone Redneck!My Profile
  5. Love your blog header!! So cute. I write checks so rarely anymore that the other day when I did, I wrote the wrong year!!! My hair stylist was wanting to go for cash or checks because the credit card fees were getting expensive. I bet she wished I had just used the damn thing after I had to bring her another check because her bank refused to take the one with the wrong year!!! Deana recently posted..Water and HealthMy Profile
  6. It always comes back to the laundry doesn't it? My pet peeve is scrolling back to the top of a blog post to leave a comment. Ahem. Poppy recently posted..How To Make Yogurt: A TutorialMy Profile
  7. I am right there with you 2-5! These things drive me batty! Natalie recently posted..Oh Weekend, Where Did You Go?My Profile
  8. Yikes, you would hate me when I go to the office supply store for my company...I write a check! But, I do have it all written out (minus the amount) beforehand. My pet peeve: People who are driving ahead of me and spray their windshield cleaner. Oh my gets my car/window wet so then I have to wash mine and the dude behinds me has to, etc. It's a horrible domino effect. Just wait until a stoplight or when no one is behind you. Tracy recently posted..Time Travel Tuesday - Shampoo, Rinse, RepeatMy Profile
  9. Everything to do with laundry is a pain to me. Janine Fitzpatrick recently posted..5 Pet PeevesMy Profile
  10. HA! As I was reading these I was nodding my head at each one. But the inside out clothes? That gets me the angriest. Jessica recently posted..Blissdom Changed MeMy Profile
  11. Last week I was behind a woman who wrote a check. She looked at me and said that she just didn't trust debit cards. (really????) I guess my impaitance was not hidden on my face. And here I thought I had a poker face. Twingle Mommy recently posted..Toy Story Birthday Party IdeasMy Profile
  12. Can I just say I had some serious mami rage yesterday on the whole driving thing. And, how about the people who have their cards OUT and just don't swipe it until the end? I have to fight the urge to grab it out of their hands and scan it then I can say: was it so damn hard?! I have problems, what can I say? And just looking at this list has pissed me Excuse me while I go for a drive so I can yell at some people. Sili recently posted..Bertolli, Occupy My KitchenMy Profile
  13. I admit I sometimes, not always, wait to run my card but I've got it out ready to go. Everything else drives me nuts too. SarahB @ Not Just a Baker recently posted..Join the Crock-Pot Challenge!My Profile
  14. I have the opposite pet peeve to people who wait till the last possible moment to merge...people who come to a dead stop to merge (and hence cause everyone one behind them to stop, so traffic piles up) when they have a whole merge/acceleration lane ahead of them (this mostly happens coming on/off of entrance ramps).
  15. We share a lot of the same pet peeves! Just one more reason to love you:) Truthful Mommy recently posted..Virginia Ultrasound Law~ The Government Mandated Rape of America’s WomenMy Profile
  16. People that right checks period drive me nuts, especially at the grocery store! Barbara recently posted..Self-Righteous MotherMy Profile
  17. Yay! I won? Happy. Happy. Joy! Joy. (LoL) Actually feel like I've won twice this morning because I feel like I won/win with your grocery store pet peeves. Yay! Love you woman! (LoL) Believe me! As a checker, it is very annoying when people wait until the end to write their checks, swipe their ATM cards or whatever. Adding more frustration is when customers wait until their transaction is done (and receipt in hand!) and says 'oh wait, I have a coupon'. Ugh! (LoL) Cindi recently posted..Seeing is believingMy Profile
  18. Good post, what's funny is that I actually posted on my biggest pet peeve in my last post as well. I can relate to many of these as well. Thanks for sharing! Eric Koch recently posted..Old Friends and Some Good Laughs!My Profile
  19. twinplusonemomma says:
    I hate checkbooks too....the only time I use them is for the babysitter and for church. I don't think the checkbook itself has left my house in YEARS. BUT...I do have to disagree on the waiting for the checkout lady to swipe your card. I have on MANY occassions had the checker "forget" to scan my coupons, and once she hits finish that card gets charged faster than belief! And then I have to go stand in another line to get my money back. I now wait until I see the coupons getting scaned, and then run the card.....but I doubt you will ever find yourself in a line behind me, so all is good! Thanks for sharing!
  20. Um, you can swipe your card before they are done scanning the groceries? You might be behind me flaring your nostrils then cuz I so didn't even realize you could do that. Traffic? Agreed #idiotassholes Tayarra recently posted..Our Sunday in picsMy Profile
  21. You and I are so alike it's scary!! Love your list. Needless to say... :) Who the F writes checks anymore? So stupid. Tonya recently posted..If I Had Known…My Profile
  22. I agree with the driving peeves but I will not swipe my card until I have a total because I generally know how much it should be and have been multiple charged on many things, too many times. Happens a lot when the checker is flying things through and I'm still getting items out of the cart. If the total doesn't jibe with my thinking, I'm checking that list, period. I work hard for my money and, if you're behind me, you can just alphabetize your coupons while I'm recalculating! lol It takes just a second to run the card, so the wait really isn't that long. (I wish I was talking pennies, but I'm not. Been double-billed on high items, too.) SharleneT recently posted..Solar Potatoes and Onions au GratinMy Profile