My Life In A List: 5 Things I Wish I Had The Guts To Do

My lovely friend Nicole over at moments that define life launched a new meme called Listable Life.

Each week, Nicole will give us a couple of topic starters to choose from, then all you’ve gotta do is write a list of 5 things!

So here is my Listable Life…the topic starter I chose was this one: 5 Things I Wish I Had The Guts To Do

Go To Cooking School In Italy

Even if the kids were old enough, I don’t think I could move to Europe to accomplish this dream. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to live in another country away from my family. And what if Jason didn’t want to go? Would I go without him and live apart for months? I wouldn’t want to become a chef or anything, it’s just one of those things I always wanted to do. Would it be worth it?

Stand Up For Myself/Speak My Mind

If you have a Type A or dominant personality, you will probably never know what I really think about you. Because you intimidate me. And because it’s easier to bite my tongue than it is to make waves. I wish I could actually tell certain people what I think about them…but sometimes it’s just not worth it in the long run. That being said, I wish I had the guts to do it!

Be Able To Make Fun Of Myself

One of the things I admire most about my husband is that he can make a total ass of himself and laugh about it. Sometimes, he even does it on purpose. I would never in a million years do something that would make people laugh at me. Well, maybe except that one time at BlogHer (Poppy from Funny or Snot knows what I’m talking about! Thanks for letting me be me, my friend.)

Be More Self Confident

If I walk into a room full of people I’ve never met, you will find me on the wall, so just look there for me. I am an introvert, I’m shy, and I don’t put myself out there. I wish I could be more confident. To tell the truth, the older I get, the easier it gets. But for now, you’ll find me on the wall.

Be Okay With My Body

I’ve had 3 kids, and the twin pregnancy kicked my ass! I’m getting older. That body that I took for granted in my 20’s and early 30’s? I’ll probably never see again. But I can’t let it go. Which is why I promised myself I would try to get some of my sexy back. Stay tuned tomorrow for more on that!

What five moments would you relive? Write about them and link up at Nicole’s place!


  1. Awww, love you Nat! Thanks for letting me laugh with you :) Cooking school in Italy sounds fabulous. One to put on the bucket list for sure. I'd like to go back someday when I wasn't living on $1.00 a day with or without Craig! Poppy recently posted..Smells Like Soccer MomsMy Profile
  2. Living in another country is almost always a fantastic life experience. As long as there is no jail-time involved. And the ability to speak your mind isan overrated virtue. Self-control is much harder and much....lovelier.
  3. I also love doing things that can make other people laugh at me or make fun with me.. Sometimes it makes me think that i am really open to them but of course, there are limits too.. Mhikai recently posted..Jay Robb Whey Protein PowderMy Profile
  4. I read your post & there is no reason why you have to move to Italy to visit a cooking school in Italy! My husband & I are American expats that moved to Italy 5 years ago to open a cooking school in Le Marche - come down for a visit for a week & take a handful of classes. Then if its something you really want to continue, enroll in a full course one summer. It's totally do-able to make your dream come true!! - Seriously, come & cook with us!
  5. I am totally with you. I think I'd give my left breast to be able to do #1. When I win the lottery, that's where I'm going, back to Italy to cook and writer. And #2 is totally me as well, a part of me I can't stand, a part I wish I could change. Great list! Vinobaby recently posted..When School Shootings Hit Too Close To HomeMy Profile
  6. I would love to go to cooking school in Italy as well as many other wonderful, yummy countries. (LoL) Cindi recently posted..Madness turns MagicalMy Profile
  7. I love your list! Every single one of them could have been written by me. Although the cooking school would greatly affect my self image... I may gain even more weight! Jackie recently posted..Wordful Wednesday ~ Bit by the theatre bug!My Profile
  8. And here I thought you were playing it cool and reserved ...that is when you weren't shaking your butt off. Do they make a pill for the confidence thing? And no, I'm not talking about tequila. to write my own.
  9. Love your list! I'm also a tad on the shy side, and walking into a room full of people I don't know kind of makes me want to melt into the wall. I also would rather keep my opinions to myself & not rock the boat...which is both a good thing & a bad thing. Such a great list~ and I especially love your cooking school in Italy idea! That would be 100% wonderful. :) Amy @ Counting My Kisses recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: lost in thoughtMy Profile
  10. I am with you. I like your list hope you'll achieve your self esteem. Carmen recently posted..Best Time To ConceiveMy Profile
  11. I want to go to Italy and learn to cook too! They have these great little places you can stay for a week, they're like B&B's and they teach you how to cook while you're staying there! SO, you don't have to move there at all - just go stay for 7-10 days, traipse around the sites and then head back in time for dinner cooking lessons! Done! I'll come with you and we'll drink the wine! And...can't wait to read about how you will be getting your sexy back Mama!! You are fantastic in so many ways and MUCH too hard on yourself. XO. Nicole @MTDLBlog recently posted..She’s My Hero {Wordful Wednesday}My Profile
  12. Oh I love this! What an inspirational list. Julia recently posted..A Whole New WorldMy Profile
  13. With the exception of Italy my list is very very similar to you. I feel like they all go hand in hand together. If you have the self confidence you will feel better about your body and be able to stand up for your self because you have that confidence. Marta recently posted..Nerves.My Profile
  14. Great list... we are all works in process. My MIL went to cooking school in Italy and talks about it often and very fondly. Tonya recently posted..HeavenMy Profile
  15. I consider myself a Type A and even I have a hard time telling people what I think of them. I really agree that usually it's not worth it! Great list you! Jamie recently posted..dear sixtyMy Profile
  16. I have no problem making fun of myself...actually, I think I've turned that into a fine art by now. But I hear ya on the 'speaking up' thing. I so wish I could learn to speak my mind. Everyone says it gets easier with age...well, there's something to look forward to I guess. PS: I never would have had you pegged for an introvert. You certainly come across as confident and outgoint here. Sandra recently posted..Vagina is getting oldMy Profile


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