My Life In A List: 5 Moments I Would Live Over Again

My lovely friend Nicole over at moments that define life launched a new meme called Listable Life.

Each week, Nicole will give us three topic starters to choose from, then all you’ve gotta do is write a list of 5 things!

So here is my Listable Life…the topic starter I chose was this one: Option #1: 5 Moments You Would Live Over Again.

Finding Out I Was Pregnant

After years of struggling with infertility, the moment I heard “You’re Pregnant” was incredible and left me being able to do nothing but cry. Jason thought something was wrong as I told him through sobs that I was FINALLY pregnant. And then seeing Ethan for the first time (via ultrasound) was also something I will never forget. He was our miracle baby.

Our First Kiss

You remember those fireworks and indescribable butterflies the first time you kissed your husband? I would love to feel that again!

Holding the Twins For the First Time

I remember not knowing how to hold them both together! Instead of holding just one baby, they placed two babies in my arms. I don’t even have words to describe that feeling.

Our Wedding Day

I know it’s not just one moment, but I’d love to relive our entire wedding day. Feeling like a princess, being so happy and feeling so in love…yeah, I’d love to have a repeat of that day.

Being Serenaded In Fiji

We were lucky enough to score a free trip to Fiji, and every night when it was time to head to the main cabana for dinner and drinks, the local musicians would gather in front of our bure and serenade us with a Fijian love song we had both fallen in love with. I can still hear it in my head, and I would love to hear it again.

What five moments would you relive? Write about them and link up at Nicole’s place!


  1. Awe, such sweet and meaningful choices. Cindi recently posted..Happy Valentines DayMy Profile
  2. Being serenaded in Fiji sounds awesome! My list would include some of the same moments :) Samantha recently posted..{Listable Life} 5 Photos Reflecting the Essence of MeMy Profile
  3. I can so relate to trying to manage holding twins for the first time! But, it was such a magical moments. The first kiss thing....oh how I miss those first kiss moments. They were always butterflies and you don't really appreciate it until you never have a first kiss again!, for free? Awesome! :-) Nicole @MTDLBlog recently posted..5 Moments I Would Live Over Again {Listable Life}My Profile
  4. Those are amazing moments. I would love to relive my wedding day again. It was such a blurr. JDaniel4's Mom recently posted..Pause Life for a Moment- My Front Porch SwingMy Profile
  5. Love your moments! And hello, Fiji sounds amazing! So does holding two sweet little babies at once. :) Amy @ Counting My Kisses recently posted..5 Amazing Moments {Listable Life}My Profile
  6. Your list looks similar to what mine would be too. Same exact moments I'd love to relive over again...well, except the one in Fiji. Never been there but it's definitely on my bucket list! Helene recently posted..Things you never knew about Big Foot, according to my kids....My Profile
  7. A free trip to Fiji??!?!! How do you win a trip like that? I figured that those of us who selected the 5 moments prompt would all write about similar things but I still love reading them because they're still different and personal to each person. Jackie recently posted..Listable Life ~ 5 MomentsMy Profile
  8. Those are some great moments!! And I love love love me some lists so I'll be checking it out for sure! Jamie recently posted..all you need is loveMy Profile
  9. Those are some amazing moments! I can see why you would want to relive them all! Barbara recently posted..That was the day....My Profile