My First Blissdom Experience: Blissdom 2012

Back from Blissdom and yes, it was just as blissful as I had hoped!

So what can I say about Blissdom that you haven’t heard about already? The parties were amazing (and fun).

There were amazing performers there just for us and it was like being at a private concert.

I got to meet lots of my east coast friends that I didn’t get to meet at BlogHer. We had so many big belly laughs that days later my stomach is still hurting! We had heart-to-hearts, drinks together, pictures together, and now some fantastic inside jokes.

I let loose and let myself be a goofball (I’m not someone that usually lets people laugh at her, but ask the girls I hung out with on Saturday night and they’d tell you that I did a pretty good job of it!)


@HollyHamann, @ErinMargolin, Me, @KludgyMom, @DutchBeingMe, @Frelle, @ByWordMusings, @MyMamihood

I went to sessions. Made new connections. Got a few new opportunities. And some great swag.

In short, Blissdom was fantastic and I highly recommend it if you haven’t been before. I am already looking forward to next year!

However some of the most important takeaways from Blissdom I might not be able to describe.

By far, my epiphany moment was in Aimee Giese‘s (AKA @greeblemonkey) session: Capturing The Moment: No Matter What Subjects You Like To Shoot. Those of you that know me or have read my blog for any length of time know that photography is not my strong suit! I went into the session wondering if I wouldn’t get anything out of it because I don’t have a fancy “big girl” camera or because I wouldn’t understand the lingo. I was SO wrong!

Not only did I come to realize that you don’t need a big girl camera to take a great picture, I also realized that sometimes the pictures that don’t even show people’s faces or expressions represent a moment more than any posed photo ever could. That if the kids aren’t all looking at me or if Lila is cyring or Mia is picking her nose, that sometimes those pictures represent the moment better than any “cheese” picture ever could!

Patience, practice, and luck…that’s really what a great picture boils down to. The skill comes after practice of course, but I’m willing to take the time to see if I can get the hang of taking great pictures.

This picture is exactly what I learned about. No, it’s not a technically great photo at all, but it captures a moment. There are no faces, no explanation of what is going on or why it’s so important to me. But it means a lot…it will FOREVER remind me of Blissdom 2012 and the friends that were already my friends, but now mean even more to me.

I’ll leave you with this video, taken by @KludgyMom. It does and probably will always make me smile every time I watch it! It kind of bounces around, but it catches the feeling of the last night at Blissdom perfectly. And watch until the very end because @ErinMargolin cracks me up!

Thank you to @KludgyMom, @MyMamihood (Boo-jah-jah), @HollyHamann, @ByWordMusings, @MyCrazyBusyLife (To The Window, To The Wall), @AngelaAmman, @CarriBrown (You’re So Tall!), @MyTimeAsMom (Dirty Martinis), @DutchBeingMe (That Was Seven!), @ErinMargolin (High Knees and What You Do When You’re Nervous), @KimberlyMuro (head over to Mama’s Monologues to see our planking adventures!), and @Frelle (Did you guys know she can sing?)…for not making me feel like an idiot even when I was acting like an idiot! I had more fun with all of you then I’ve had in a very long time. I will always, ALWAYS remember that Saturday night, high knees, fat balls, planking, and laughing until I could barely breathe! And my sore stomach muscles are still a happy reminder of that night.


  1. I am beyond words happy! :))) thank you so much!
  2. I'm so glad you had such a good time and I love that video too! As far as photos, some of the enlarged and framed photos on the walls in our home I took with my phone! Practice does make perfect and for every 19 photos I take, one comes out. Good luck with what sounds like it will be a new hobby for you. Tonya recently posted..Dear MomMy Profile
  3. I'm SO glad I met you, even just for a quick 'hug your neck & promise to get together later' even though later never came! How long were people dancing on Saturday?! I left pretty late and it looked like there were still half the people there when I left haha but obviously I missed you! Kristi @ Creative Kristi recently posted..LIVE From Blissdom!My Profile
  4. So glad you had such a good time! Cindi recently posted..Seeing is believingMy Profile
  5. The shoe photos made me smile because I'm wearing mine today, too. I didn't get to meet you at Blissdom, but I'm glad you had a good time. I did, too. Misty @ The Family Math recently posted..I scared the shit out of myself at Blissdom (and it brought the life back to me)My Profile
  6. Sounds like such a great time! Looking forward to attending my first blogging conference later this month! Amanda recently posted..Is it worth it?My Profile
  7. It sounds like you had amazing time. I love your take away on picture taking. My pictures aren't great but, they still convey a message. JDaniel4's Mom recently posted..Odds Are JDaniel Will Have Another Lion BirthdayMy Profile
  8. Love this video! Me Ra Koh said something in her photography sessions which struck me. Basically she's against "say cheese" because it says nothing about the moment and the story behind the moment. Of course I generally take pictures of food so it doesn't REALLY apply, but... ;) Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Using My Gunpowder EffectivelyMy Profile
  9. I had such a fun time being silly with you :) And it's a good thing there was so much laughter involved because I definitely didn't make it to the gym in the morning :) angela recently posted..A Few Steps BehindMy Profile
  10. omgosh, I forgot about fat balls ;) How much fun was all of that, you girls made for a fabulous weekend and when virtual friends and real friends collide - the planets are aligned! Much love to each and everyone of of you for making my weekend so very special xxxx I BIG puffy heart y'all xxxx By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Bliss!My Profile
  11. I love how you combined what you learned in Aimee's session with that photo. You nailed it!!!!! I'm sad I didn't wear my shoes that night :) gigi recently posted..I’ll Admit It, Life Got In The WayMy Profile
  12. I will never forget planking (or dancing) on stage. Was such a great night. And...we finally got to have dirty martinis together! Jessica recently posted..Hey Girl…The #Blissdom 2012 ExperienceMy Profile
  13. I am so glad I was able to meet you in person! Saturday night was so much fun! Exhausting, but fun! Like you said, I'm already looking forward to next year! Kimberly recently posted..My Journey HomeMy Profile
  14. I loved meeting you and getting to know you better. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog in your recap!! I enjoyed being on the periphery and watching everyone do crazy things with you :) Frelle recently posted..Leap Day Leap Around The BlogosphereMy Profile
  15. Love this. but it makes me sad b/c i miss you ALL so much. I'm so very glad I got to meet you in real life---and this post makes me wish I could rewind to Saturday night! ;-( xoxoxo erin margolin recently posted..Road, Roots and GrowthMy Profile
  16. Looks (and sounds) like you had a FABulous time. Love the pictures, and it's fun to hear about all the wonderful connections you made. I'm hoping to hit BBC this year, and Blissdom for the first time in 2013! Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} recently posted..Take A Leap Around The Blogosphere {Ten Facts About Me}My Profile
  17. Oh stinky! I didn't stay Saturday night! I missed all this goodness and fun! What a complete blast!!!!! Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Messy Face – WWMy Profile
  18. How fun!! I absolutely love the video! I'm saving my pennies for next year right now! Jackie recently posted..I am One of Millions ~ Improving the lives of kidsMy Profile
  19. I absolutely LOVED Blissdom. I was kind of weirded out on Friday, but by Saturday, I was back to myself and ready to party and have fun. Yeah, we did learn some things, but the bonds and friendships made were what made it for me. Vegas, baby!! Carri recently posted..Top 5 Things I Learned at #Blissdom 2012My Profile


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