My Dream House

This is a picture (from far away, I know) of my dream house. A house that hubby and I saw sitting all by itself on its own private island in the Bahamas. I would love to live on an island, in a house that looked like it belonged there…like a house built specifically for Mr. and Mrs. Howell if they actually moved to Gilligan’s Island instead of getting stranded there.
The entire house would be surrounded by palm trees. Every room downstairs would have french doors that opened right on to the beach. There would be huge picture windows in every room, and every night I’d fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and wake up to the same sound every morning. We’d have a huge deck for entertaining and an infinity pool that overlooked the ocean. We’d have our own private dock for our boat. Or boats. Or yacht. Everything would be all tropically and islandy. I just made those words up, but you know what I mean. Lots of dark wood and white, gauzy like materials. Fresh flowers like plumeria and orchids would be all over the place.
And the more I write about this dream house, the more relaxed I become. Because daydreaming and fantasizing about things that will probably never happen is a good, healthy way to make yourself happy.
In real life, I’m not sure if I’d actually want this house. Why? Well, first of all…it’s in the Bahamas and my family is all here in So Cal. And also, if that were actually my house, I’d probably end up taking it for granted. Or I’d end up wanting something bigger and grander. Because that is what sometimes happens when you get things that you want.
A year or so after hubby and I got together, we moved down to the beach and rented a place two blocks away from the ocean. Remember me telling you about this place before? It’s the place that we had a run in with a ghost. Anyways, from our patio, you could see Catalina Island. If you walked to the end of our street, you could see the Queen Mary and the Long Beach Aquarium. It was an awesome place to live.
Everyday, on my way to work, I had to drive over a bridge that went right over the ocean. When we first moved there, the sight of the ocean took my breath away and I fell instantly in love. But after living there for several months, I started to take it for granted…I’d drive over that bridge and not even notice the ocean. I stopped smelling the salt in the air. I quit sitting on our patio and admiring the sun setting on the ocean.
And when we moved back inland, it was only then that I realized I had taken all that beauty for granted. That I was living practically on the beach and didn’t even take advantage of it most of the time. And I miss it now so much.
So although I’d love to have a big, beautiful bazillion dollar house on a private island in the Bahamas, or Hawaii, or the Florida Keys, or where ever, I’d rather just dream about it in my head. There I appreciate it always and never take it for granted.
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And so it goes…
Mama's Losin' It

I wrote this post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to Prompt #4: Describe your dream home…house, location, and grounds. (inspired by


  1. When we lived a couple of miles from the beach, it got to the point where we never went. Now that we live over 400 miles from the beach, I can't wait for vacation time so we can go back!!!
  2. Good point! That is a beautiful house (even if it is teeny-tiny, I could so see it in my mind's eye clearly!)
  3. I love that house! And I love the beach sooooo much. My mom, sister, & bf friends are heading to mexico a week form tomorrow. I can't wait for the sound of waves on the beach...
    I also miss San diego so much. I lived inland from there for 8 years in my former life and loved it.
  4. That is my fear that I'll move to the ocean and take it for granted. It's my favorite place on planet earth. So, maybe I should just keep fantasizing about it instead?
  5. Such a good point. Whenever my mom would visit her brother they would go to museums and things around town that her bother had never done even though he lived there a long time. The grass is always greener on the other side, to be very cliche.
  6. Laurie Wallin says:
    Great point! It really is so easy to take things for granted. With anything (and anyone) (and any pet). I am that way with our cats. Loved them for the first few months, and now can go days (weeks) without petting them once. They thank you for your reminder to me tonight... :)
  7. I did the same thing. My best friend and I lived in our beach house in college. And though, we loved living there, by the end of school, we hardly ever went on the beach. It was the weirdest thing.
    It's made me much more aware of taking advantage of the moment though. It was a good lesson. Because when we moved home, we missed it so much!
  8. moveovermarypoppins says:
    All of that sounds lovely. The dream home, the little place by the beach. Southern California in general.

    It's chilly up here this morning.

    I'm going relax on your island for a while!
  9. I really love this post, Nat! I think living in So. Cal is the life! I'm not sure I'm an island girl, though. But would you have islandy music piped in to your dream house?
  10. The hubs and I were in San Diego in late June/early July for a conference I had to go to, which we made into a mini vacation. It was FABULOUS. So right now, my dream house would be in San Diego!!
  11. This is a timely post.

    As you know, we may have a move back to CA on the horizon. In our minds, we worry that we've now built up our memories of CA, the ocean, the innumerable things to do - into something that could never be lived up to in real life.

    We say all the time: "if we were in CA right now, we wouldn't be this bored. We'd be at the beach! or at disney!" But will we?

    i guess time will tell. This is good food for thought :)
  12. I don't know if I'd want the house in the bahamas - but that house on the beach in So Cal sounds nice! Would love that!! :)
  13. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:

    I would love that house.

    I would appreciate it! Every day! Yes I would!

    I wouldn't be able to afford food, but I'd appreciate it!
  14. Ooohhh sign me up for that dream home.
  15. I dream of French doors with a quiet breeze blowing through them. Anywhere.

    But I hear you on taking it for granted. It's so easy to do. With everything.
  16. You're probably right about eventually taking it for granted but I still want to visit you in that house! ;)
  17. Sharlene T. says:
    There's an old song by Jane Russell, "After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It!"... yep, we're creatures of desire and the chase, regardless of prize... the biggest problem is that, when you live at an ideal vacation spot, YOU have to earn a living, so the beauty fades because you understand the cost... your family and friends, however, realize you're the perfect place to visit and will actually schedule their vacations so that everyone gets a chance to stay with you!... I know, lived in Florida for years and folks kept a'comin'... hardly see anyone here in Willow Spring... So, buy the house, and just let us know your schedule and we'll make sure you visit the local attractions and stop to see the ocean, at least once a day... say thank you... come visit when you can...
  18. It is funny how we take things for granted. We live very close to the beach but it's funny how some people never go.

    When we lived right on it, I never took it for granted, but I also knew that it was only for 6 months, so I guess I couldnt' really take it for granted.
  19. From now on, whenever I get stressed, I am going to come back here and reread this post. You painted the most peaceful picture! Heaven.
  20. theworkinghousewife says:
    I think it's human nature to take things for granted.. But, I agree, it would be hard to live in the Bahamas when all your family isn't there. I'd go nuts.. :)

    Stopped in from Mama Kat's. Love your dream home!
  21. Don't mind me, just sitting here in the hammock, sipping a cocktail while I listen to the waves...
    Sigh, that felt good!!!
  22. Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds says:
    I think it would be nice to visit for a week or even a month, but I'd still be glad to come home.
  23. I'm living in my dream house. Strangely it's the house where I grew up. It has memories and family. And most importantly, it has character. Ice been back a year now, but for the 20 years or so, this is where I dreamed of being. Now my dreams are of putting my "signature" on it. That will be the project for the rest of my life.
  24. Holy Crap...can you imagine the taxes on that baby!! ;)

    We live in a spot with a gorgeous view. I really try not to take it for granted but when you see it every day...I just do!!

    I would love to live on the beach.
  25. It is so true. I lived in Santa Monica once upon a time. And got to jog by the ocean when ever I wanted. Now going to the beach is a monumental effort! Those were the days.
  26. blueviolet says:
    I need to live in a city or suburb, but that is exactly the kind of place I would love to rent for a vacation!
  27. The Sweetest says:
    I know exactly what you mean. When we first moved to LA, everyday was like heaven because of the weather. Seven years later, I hardly notice. But I sure miss it when we visit other places with less fortunate temperatures :)
  28. It's always funny to me how we can really just take things for granted. I can be at the beach in only an hour, yet we rarely go. When people come to visit? The first thing they want to do is see the beach!

    Can I be your friend IRL when you move to that dream home? I'll bring wine...
  29. Aging Mommy says:
    Lovely post. I once lived on the beach road in Dublin and could open my curtains in the morning and see the sunrise over the sea. I never did get tired of that view I have to say, although the sound of the fog horns on a cold autumn morning from the Dublin docks was not so pleasant :-)
  30. MommyNeedsCake says:
    I saw you posted at MamaKat's so I had to make sure I read this one! Beautiful home idea, but in all honesty all I could think of was "OMG - all the sand that people would be dragging through the house!" One person's dream home is another's nightmare! ;-) I'd be totally with you though if the sand stayed outside. Great post!
  31. That reminds me of Richard Branson's home in the British Virgin Islands. We were on vacation once and saw it. Must be nice to have that kinda money, huh?!
  32. mommylebron says:
    In theory, it is such a beautiful house! In reality? My fear of the ocean (can you believe I live in Florida, how lame am I?) would totally keep me far, far away...
  33. I lived in WV my whole life until my husband a I moved to north central Florida about 3 years ago. I was obsessed with the beach. I loved everything about it...sun, sand, the sound of the ocean. The first year we went to the beach all the time. Second year, a handful of times. This year? Well, I've been too hot and pregnant to enjoy it, but we've only spent about 3 days at the beach. So I think no matter what, you do take things like this for granted!
  34. You wrote a great post on your dream house with a unique perspective. Maybe for retirement as your vacation home?