Mother of the Year…Not

Since last Friday, I have had a week from hell. And I’ve complained about it in great detail. But this isn’t about more complaining; this is an apology to Ms. L.

Day One: A week or so back, I wrote a post called Teething Babies Suck. Talking about Ms. L. On a good day, she’s a cling on…on a bad day, well she’s even worse. Because I am a wonderful mom, I assumed (and yes, I know what happens when one assumes) one of two things: (a) that she was teething because she recently cut 2 teeth and I could see the little white bump that means another one is on the way or (b) I gave birth to the spawn of Satan.

Day Two: Friday, Ms. L, Ms. M, and Tater were all being turds. Apparently snot and bad attitude does not automatically equal teething. In some cases it also means that baby might be getting sick. It was not a fun day. I am not complaining anymore, so never mind why it sucked. But there was construction involved and three sick kids. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Day Three: Saturday. All kids are still miserable and there are boogers everywhere. I’ve never seen so much snot. Thank God for Boogie Wipes. I love those things. If you ever have to wipe a little baby nose 500 times in the span of an hour, check them out…they are worth it. But I digress. Guess who else isn’t feeling good? Hubby. Now I have four sick kids.

Day Four: Mother’s Day. I won’t complain because I told hubby I wouldn’t. But all I asked for was to sleep all night Saturday night, and sleep in on Sunday. Let’s just say that that didn’t happen. I’m not complaining; I’m stating the facts.

Day Five: Monday. Another day in paradise. Hubby stays home from work. Sick as a dog. I still feel just fine physically, but am ready to call it quits emotionally!

Day Six: Get up and decide to take the kids to the doctor. Decide I don’t want to spend $45 in copays. One more day in paradise.

Day Seven: Take the kids to the doctor. I’m on the brink of insanity, knocking on its door. Final diagnosis: Ms. L has two ear infections and is all congested. Ms. M is all congested. Tater is okay….now. The twins get put on antibiotics.

Day Eight: A relatively kinda-sorta-but-not-really good day! It was bearable! I didn’t want to run down the street never to return! The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!

So I owe an apology to Ms. L. The poor girl was sick and was trying to tell me! I was SO MAD at her for being such a rotten little thing and for needing to be held the entire time she was awake. If she wasn’t being held, she was crying…sometimes screaming. I feel horrible for thinking that I may have given birth to the spawn of Satan and for all the other horrible things I was thinking. My sweet Ms. L, please forgive me. I love you too much, Little Mama!

I want each and everyone of you that reads this to know how much I appreciate your time! If it’s your first time here, thank you and please come back! Leave a comment so that I can visit you as well. And if you like what you see, please follow me! If you are a friend (aka a “follower” or regular reader), thank you so much for not only your time, but your support…and even more importantly, your understanding. It is so nice to post something and have you all tell me that you understand/can relate/have been there. And just to brighten up your day, here’s a rose petal I found in the yard the other day…I adore it and hope you’ll appreciate its beauty, too!

And so it goes…


  1. I'm sorry for your suck week. And I think it's sweet that you are aplogizing for thinking of her as the spawn of satan, in an ironic kinda way. Anyhow, we are all human and can only take so much. I think it's impressive that you are still sane after that week.

    And that petal is a "tender mercy"; a sweet ending to your wretched, can't take another minute kind of week.

    Yah!! You did it! Bravo.

    Oh, and I added you to my blogroll.
  2. I know that every mom has been through exactly what you described...if they say they haven't..they lie!! Seriously, the month of March was like that for me. I really was on the brink of insanity. Luckily, sick kids get better. I am thankful every day for that!
    I'm sure the "DRUGS" are going to do wonders in your house!! I'm sure you need some at this point too!! I hear they are going to legalize "Mary jane"?!! ha ha
  3. You poor thing! I would probably be a drunk if I were in your shoes, and your not. So that means you are doing an awesome job.
  4. Funky Mama Bird says:
    Oh, I've been there. Chalked up a warm and screaming baby to teething, only to wind up at the pediatrician's later. And in between, I may or may not have described my child as a raging asshole.

    Hang in there!
  5. If SHE can figure it out.......... says:
    I don't know about you, but when hubby is sick around here, it's actually WORSE than having a sick child.....he whines, he cries, he wants soup, he wants his neck rubbed, he wants some gingerale. Oh. My. GOD. The last time he was sick I was truly hoping he would pass it on to me just so I could get a BREAK! Hang in there!
  6. I CAN relate.

    But really, I love being here. And you're a great mom!
  7. Courtney says:
    Bless your heart. I have been exactly where you are. I think we all have at one time or another. Hang in there!
  8. The petal is TOO perfect! And having lived through a whole-house reno, I can attest that the construction is ENOUGH to rattle the nerves!
  9. WhisperingWriter says:
    I love that petal!

    Sorry about your crappy week though.
  10. Those darn ear infections are the worse!

    Wishing Ms.L a quick healing and wishing you a more relaxed week to come.
  11. Sick kiddos are the worst...but it sounds like there is in an end in sight. Might I are totally hilarious!
  12. Teething does bite. I wish it was one day- just get it all over with at once.
  13. Lula Lola says:
    I hate it when they're really sick. Makes you feel like a dog, doesn't it? The positive is they'll never remember it!
  14. Oh man! Sounds like you've definitely had a miserable week. I'm sorry everyone has been sick and clingy. Hopefully it's headed on out and brighter days are ahead.

    LOVE that rose petal. How awesome! =)

  15. The Boob Nazi says:
    I've had the week from hell too. UGGGGH
  16. ~SHANNON~ says:
    Oh Lord! You had it ROUGH mama! I'm so in awe of you dealing with a toddler and twin babies on a good day- never mind a crazy week! You are doing something so many women couldn't- keep your chin up. So sorry you went through that though...ugh!

    I am glad you put your link up at Mom Loop Friday Follow- I have been enjoying your posts there! I am your newest follower- hope you'll visit my blog someday too (but I know you are busy!)

  17. Mama Hen says:
    I just saw your blog on MBC! I am your newest follower! Great post! Hang in there! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen
  18. One Love Mama says:
    Poor babies!! I'm so sorry you had such a lousy week. You certainly have your hands full and you're doing an awesome job!
    I love reading your blog :)
  19. Hiya, I do sympathise as I remember those days !! I must say you have a v.g. sense of humour! Blessings Nicky
  20. JDaniel4's Mom says:
    Sometimes it is hard to know when to go to the doctor. Stopping from Mom Loop and now following.
  21. Lala's Pequenos says:
    Oh there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just like that, your babes will be 10! Yikes - where did the time go!!

    Found you on mom loop :)
  22. Allyson & Jere says:
    Hey there, my first time here, stopping by from SITS.

    First of all, you have a toddler and TWIN babies, that in and of itself is amazing and hard. You're a rockstar just for getting through each day in one piece when they're healthy. Add sick, well then all bets are off. Good for you for making it through.

    I totally get the "guilty" feeling for being frustrated or angry or tired or whatever at the kids, and then finding out they're legitimately sick. But hey, we're just humans with our own emotions to deal with.

    Anyway, enjoyed the read, i think I'll follow you around some more.

    Happy Saturday.
  23. Lisa says:
    Wow what a week! Iam now following from Mom Loop Friday follow
  24. Joann Mannix says:
    I am feeling your pain right through this computer screen. I hated it when my girls were little and couldn't tell me what was wrong. There is nothing worse. Time stops but the misery just wears you down while you're in it.

    And I'm sorry about the Mother's Day. Know that it gets better because the kids get older and get it. I'm not sure the husbands ever get it and I'm not complaining either, just stating a fact.

    I hope your week turns brighter. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  25. Poor kiddies and poor you!! Weeks like that suck, I know. My 5 month old daughter is teething and she is so clingy it's unreal. She's normally clingy anyway but this...whole new level. Husband had a cold and now I have it too but no sick days for Mummy!! Hope it gets easier this week.

    Found you through Theta Mom and love your blog, I'm your newest follower!
  26. Christy says:
    We've suffered through 2 ear infections. WORSE DAYS EVER. You have my sympathy.
  27. I've done the same exact thing. My sweet boy Dell was so clingy and cranky and out of control and I was so irritated... only to find out a day or 2 later that he was sick!! Poor kid =( And boy was he sick, because I now have it too. Not fun. So I understand. Try not to beat yourself up. And you're right. No sick days for Mommy's! Boo!
  28. we've all been's so hard to figure out what is wrong sometimes...glad everyone is feeling better now.
    ps - love the rose petal!