Monster Mommy Moment – Sherri Style

Do you have a handful of favorite bloggers that have blossomed into awesome friends? Me too. And Sherri is one of my absolute favorites! You know Sherri from Old Tweener…and if you don’t know her, you should!

Sherri is one of those bloggers that I wish was actually a friend next door – somebody I know I could go over and knock on her door, and say “I need a break” and she would get me a cup of tea and/or wine and then head over to my house to take care of the kids. I heart her, honestly. She’s genuine, and that’s not easy to come by these days! So please help me welcome Sherri to share a Monster Mommy Moment with us!

No idea what a Monster Mommy Moment is? You can read all about how my weekly feature came to be here.

Sherri is my friend, and I want to write like her when I grow up – she’s seriously amazing with words!

So grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy Sherri’s Monster Mommy Moment!

Monster Mommy Moment

When Natalie asked me if I would write a post for her Monster Mommy Moments series, I was so excited! But my excitement quickly vanished as I realized that I have a secret about my inner Monster Mommy.

I tend to gloss over her, pretend she doesn’t exist.

So writing about her, digging into the trenches to find a moment I’m ashamed of? Well, that kind of makes her real. But she exists in all of us moms, so here is just one of my Monster Mommy Moments.

My daughter is an avid reader, and has been from a very young age. We bring books home from the library in large bags, usually two at a time. We’ve spent countless hours at our local library reading, checking out books, and listening to story time when she was younger.

When she was in third grade, she decided to enter the children’s book writing contest sponsored by the local library. She wrote a cute story about a dog named Max (just like our dog) and his trip to the Mississippi River.

She loved drawing and artwork, so when her story was finished she spent hours on the drawings. They were adorable but then, I am biased.

The contest deadline approached and we prepared her adorable little book, even having it properly bound in a spiral notebook at the copy place.

And I immediately forgot all about it.

A few months passed, and our summer was in full swing. Play dates, swimming lessons, and lazy evenings with late dinners out on the patio.

So when the phone call came from the children’s librarian to remind us about the book contest awards ceremony that night, my mind was elsewhere. I really didn’t want to go.

I was pretty sure she hadn’t won anything anyway.

So I kind of forgot about the phone call and continued with my summer day.

As I was cleaning up the dinner dishes, something in my mind reminded me about the ceremony. I hadn’t even mentioned it to my daughter yet.

And it started in fifteen minutes.

There’s a few seconds of delay here as I wrestle with my inner selfish girl.

Do I tell my daughter, then rush her over there to sit in the boring ceremony for no reason? Or do I innocently forget to tell her, and she’ll never know the difference?

Well, my conscience got the best of me. We hurried to the library, arriving as the ceremony was already in full swing. The room usually reserved for puppet performances and story times was jam-packed with parents and children. We had to stand up against the back wall, with barely enough room to breathe.

So when they announced the winner of the prize for 3rd grade?

My poor daughter had to squeeze between parents and climb over kids sitting on the floor to get all the way up to the podium and accept her prize.

Since it took her so long, all eyes were on her as she tried not to step on anyone. She was mortified.

So the next time there’s a ceremony?

We’ll be in the front row.


This is one of the times when little things really do matter, because it might be a small thing to us, but to our children? It’s HUGE! Thanks Sherri, for sharing your Monster Mommy Moment with us…and for the reminder to listen to our gut. Knowing that we aren’t alone or the only moms to ever do something like this is exactly why we share them.

Thank you my friend, for reminding us that we are all sharing the same experiences, that we’re all in this together and that we can learn from each other’s mistakes experiences.

Now go swing by Old Tweener and say hello to Sherri, and if you’re new there make sure to tell her that I sent you. I know you’ll really enjoy her blog!


  1. Thanks for having me over here today, Natalie!!
  2. At least you got her there in time for the award.
  3. Love Sherri! Impressed you got your daughter there in time. I probably would have "forgotten" b/c I'm selfish like that.
    • Shell, I have to admit that I really did just want to be selfish...but was so proud when her name was called. Mixed feelings are just part of being a mom!
  4. I want to write like you when I grow up too! At least you went. Summer nights equal lazy evenings on the patio at my house. ;) And how amazing that you had it bound for her. I'll bet it's still around somewhere? Love this post, my beautiful friend.
    • Oh, the book is so stinkin' adorable Nichole! I love that she did it, whether she won or not. And even cooler? They catalogue them in the library, so people can check it out! She's right there in their database, with the real authors.
  5. Taking notes for when my brilliant children are older... kidding - it's true, wasn't a big deal to you - but your kiddo, GO HER!! She should have been proud, not mortified :)
  6. Glad she made it in time. Heading over to check out your blog now!
  7. But you brought her, and that's what counts. Sherri, if THIS is the worst you could do, I think you are THE GREATEST mom in the history of the world!!
  8. So true...what isn't always at the top of OUR priority list (or sometimes not even on it at all) can mean the world to our kiddos. I find that I do that to....glaze over something as if it is no big deal. When in fact, it's super important to my child. Good reminder!
  9. Great Read! We all have those moment! ALL OF US!
  10. I am so glad you went and she was able to get her award.
  11. Melody~ says:
    Wow, how wonderful for your sweet girl, congratulations! It sounds like an ADHD moment or two or three that I might have around here. Thank you for sharing this with us. It's good to know we re not alone.
  12. So happy you made it to the ceremony and she got to accept her prize! Selfishness is my biggest mom fail too.
  13. That's hilarious! We all have our moments when a lazy and relaxing Summer day gets the best of us. We're human.
  14. I'm w/ Liz. If this is your worse, I TOTALLY want to grow up to be just like you...and just as skinny, your gorgeous thing! Natalie, this woman is seriously smokin' hot, and a frickin great writer, as you know!
  15. What a great story! I love how you are so honest with us. The fact that you got her there at the last minute just shows how great you are on in the inside. You could have TOTALLY blown it off, but since you aren't selfish, you did all you could do to get there as soon as possible. You inspire us all!
  16. that is exactly the way I feel about being a mom, that some things I want to be front and center for and others I would rather watch Law & Order...thanks for reminding me that it's selfish to do things like that, that even the little things to little people are PRETTY BIG THINGS..and seeing them win or lose is not the issue, it's seeing them at all. what a great post, what a great mommmy!
  17. Finally getting over!! Sherri, I loved this! I bet the book is adorable! And if this is your inner Mommy must be the nicest Mom evah!
  18. I KNEW you would take her! That is just you...wonderful even when you don't feel like being wonderful.
  19. Okay - I'm feeling like the WORST mom because I probably wouldn't have let my kid enter the contest in the first place. Having a story bound in a spiral notebook at a copy store? Sounds like a lot of work... But I LOVE that you are so supportive and that you ended up at the ceremony. Luckily, kids can't read our minds. Good job, Mama!
  20. You made her there that day and just in the nick of time.... that's what counts, Sherri! Thank you for sharing your daughter's special moment. Does she or do you still have the book she wrote?
  21. I have to admit, I don't know if I would have made the same choice...I think the selfish part of me may have won on this one. Good for you for putting your daughter first, and what a learning experience!