Monster Mommy Moment – Heather Style

I am SO excited to have Heather from Life as We Know It With Two Twinkies and a Tater Tot here today! She’s a mom of twin girls and a little boy…just like me! And all of our kids are just about the same age, so we can really relate to each other‘s day-to-day pain.

Heather is funny, witty, and very honest. And she has an Etsy shop called Momma’s Itch to Stitch (don’t you love that name?!) where she makes the cutest blankets (and other stuff) EVER!

So please help me welcome Heather so she can share a Monster Mommy Moment with us! No idea what a Monster Mommy Moment is? You can read all about how my weekly feature came to be here.

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!


Ya’ll, tonight I lost it.

I mean, screaming & yelling in his face, throwing things into the bathtub & making his bare bottom sit on the tile floor while I cleaned the mess up.

It was like the scene from Daddy Daycare. You know the one & if you don’t, here it is.

Yes. Tucker peed all over my bathroom floor. When I say all over, I mean ALL over. It was a puddle on the floor below him, dripping off his foot, and even pooled on the wooden stool & basket of toilet paper sitting directly across from his spot on the toilet.

And it was no accident. I know this because he’s been potty trained for quite sometime. Normally he stands up to pee, and will only sit when going number two. He knows to tuck it in when doing so and chose not to this time. He thought it was funny.

I, on the other hand, did not. & that’s when I lost it. Refer to sentence two above again for said scene that took place. He just stared at me while I turned into this monster of a momma. I stomped all around saying how disappointed in him I was and what a bad boy he was. If you’re wondering where hubs & the girls were while all this was going down, the girls were in bed and Mike was on a milk & gas for my van run. It’s probably good he wasn’t here to witness it because I think I would have been in more trouble by him than Tucker was by me for making such a big deal of it.

I held on to my grudge until after Tucker was in bed. He wanted me to lay with him (isn’t it amazing how forgiving children can be and how they love us despite our flaws?) but I told Mike I was still mad so he’d have to do it instead.

I took that time instead to go for a run and that’s when it hit me. Only a little over a day after this happened I was mad over some pee on the floor. How stupidly selfish of me? Hell, I’d let him pee on every single inch of floor in our house if it would bring Grace back or take away all the pain & suffering my friends have gone through. But it can’t & I now feel like the most horrible mother in the world.

I cried through my shower that night thinking about it all and how grateful I should be & when I was done I went to Tucker’s room and watched him sleeping so peacefully. I kissed his cheeks, almost wishing he’d wake up so I could apologize, and then promised myself to offer it up next time.

Because God & I both know that a little pee never caused as much pain to anyone as what happened with sweet Grace just the day before.


Thanks Heather, for sharing your Monster Mommy Moment with us…and for reminding us to keep things in perspective. Those little day-to-day messes may drive us crazy, but at least we still have our kids TO drive us crazy.

It’s so important for us all to share them with each other and learn and grow from other’s experiences. Thank you for sharing your moment of clarity with us.

Now go swing by Life as We Know It With Two Twinkies and a Tater Tot and say hello to Heather, and if you’re new there make sure to tell her that I sent you. I know you’ll really enjoy her blog!

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  1. Oh, how sad about Grace...stopped me in my tracks. And I hate those moments when you're SO MAD and the little indiscretion the kiddo committed seems huge and rude. And then? You regroup, realize what the big picture is, and you get past it. Kids are quite forgiving, thank God.
  2. Oh Heather. We all have those moments where we just lose it for teeny weeny things. And yes, it is beautiful how forgiving our children can be for our mommy monster moments. Thank goodness for that. They remind us daily not to sweat the small stuff. Heading over to your blog now! Natalie, thanks for having Heather here. Loved your Hot Seat answers by the way!
  3. Amazing perspective! I have a hard time remembering it in the moment, though.
  4. Your story touched me...I do that too; blow up about something totally insignificant in the grand scheme...and the guilt I feel afterwards is sometimes overwhelming. I try to hard as it may be....but I always feel a restoration in our relationship after. The heart of children is so amazing...the forgivness they offer is such a gift! Thanx for sharing. And I'm so sorry about the little girl Grace.
  5. We all have those moments and I so glad that you talked aobut yours. The women who don't talk about their own "Adult" Meltdowns are full of shit. They do it too!!
  6. We all have these happens. I have no idea how you both do it with twins. Wow!
  7. I would have flipped out too if I found pee all over my bathroom but as other people have already said we all have these moments where we overreact. Usually mine are in the mornings when all I want to do is go back to bed.
  8. Oh, I did this yesterday with one of my twins. She is turning 3 real soon and pushed all of my buttons and was yelling and crying all day. By nap time (12:30) I was done. She wouldn't sleep and I really needed a nap. Her sister was in bed with us already sleeping. She kept waking her up. I yelled. She cried. I felt so bad. That night I told my husband about it. I hugged her extra today before leaving for work. She's giving up naps and it's hard because she really does need them, just doesn't want them. Yesterday what she needed was extra hugs and I screamed. Way to go.
  9. Thank goodness children are so resilient and forgiving. Twins?! Wow.
  10. Thanks for the feature Natalie! I'm so glad I could share my "Monster Mommy Moment" with everyone & see that I'm not the only one with times like this!