Monster Mommy Moment – Cheryl Style

You know, one of my favorite things to do as a blogger is to welcome my friends over to guest post – and today, I have a real-life friend here to tell you about her Monster Mommy Moment…Cheryl from Mommmypants!

No idea what a Monster Mommy Moment is? You can read all about how my weekly feature came to be here.

Cheryl and I tweet, Skype, email…but not nearly often enough (life tends to get in the way!). I was honored to guest post at her place a few months back when I shared my struggles with post partum depression. I also had the chance to meet her in real life…and we immediately clicked like we’d been friends for years.

In short, Cheryl is my kind of people. And did I mention she’s an amazing writer? Like, I-can’t-think-of-anything-other-to-say-but-wow kind of writer? And because she rocks the writing, she is one of the hosts of my the red dress club…where I first got my feet wet in fiction and instantly fell in love with writing.

So grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy Cheryl’s Monster Mommy Moment!

Mommy Monster Moment
I could have killed my child.

Not in the, “If he doesn’t stop talking/bickering with his sister/whining” way.


My eldest son, Sawyer, was not quite two at the time. My daughter was an infant. We went to our next-door neighbor’s house for a holiday dessert party. There were tables set up in the garage, loaded with cookies and brownies and fudge.

Sawyer asked for a piece of fudge.

I wasn’t sure it was safe for him. We knew through allergy testing when he was 10 months old that he was allergic to peanuts.

And so I gave him a sugar cookie instead.

He was running up and down the short driveway, having a fantastic time.

Until he vomited. And the neighbors all thought it was from eating sweets and racing around.

They laughed.

But then he broke out in hives.

He became completely congested.

That’s when I realized I’d actually given him a peanut butter cookie.


His mother.

The one who read every single label on everything before he ate it. The one who asked mothers of kids at the park who were eating peanut butter sandwiches on the equipment to please stop.

The one who is supposed to always, always protect him.

We were incredibly lucky: my husband got him to the hospital and they kept him overnight just in case, but he responded to medication and he was fine.

Five years later, it is still the single worst Mommy Moment of my life.

If you know a peanut allergic child, if that child comes to your house or is invited to your own kid’s party, it might be an inconvenience to make sure it is safe for that child.

But do it.

Because believe me – you do NOT want to have a Mommy Moment like that – even if the child isn’t yours.


Cheryl, thank you for sharing this terrifying, heartbreaking moment with us. Knowing that we aren’t alone or the only moms to ever do something like this is exactly why we share our Monster Mommy Moments. So many of us don’t have to deal with our children having serious allergic reactions that we don’t even think about the effect our actions could have on another child.

And now you all see why I I’m such a fan of Cheryl’s. She’s honest, and not afraid to experiences that some parents are too embarrassed or ashamed to admit to. She’s not afraid to put herself out there in a less-than-perfect light – and that’s why I am so glad that she has shared one of her Monster Mommy Moments with us.

Thank you my friend, for reminding us that we are all sharing the same experiences, that we’re all in this together and that we can learn from each other’s mistakes experiences.

Now go swing by Mommmypants and say hello to Cheryl, and if you’re new there make sure to tell her that I sent you. I know you’ll really enjoy her blog!


  1. Oh Cheryl, how scary! And such an easy mistake to make for anyone, let alone a diligent mother. And we can all imagine how you must have felt.... Thanks for having Cheryl over here, Nat! I agree she's all sorts of awesome, and can't wait to meet her very soon!
  2. Yikes! I have a nephew with a horrific peanut allergy so I know how serious it can be. But thank God you figured it out pretty quickly!
  3. What a scary moment, Cheryl. You're right, all Mommies should be vigilant about allergies, in our own kids and others. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Every mommy wants her child to be healthy and causing him to get sick by your own hand, I feel with you, what a terrible experience. I'm glad nothing serious has happened and hopefully will not in the future. As a mom you always have to stay alert, anything can happen.
    • Yes, he's been hospitalized one other time (another family member gave him something from a bakery without thinking) and last month he broke out after a child who'd eaten peanut butter scratched his arm. It's an ongoing, terrifying thing.
  5. How scary to have that happen. Thank goodness he got to the hospital in time.
  6. How scary! I would have been shaking down to my toes.
  7. Oh my gosh, how scary. That story gave me chills. I'm so glad everything was okay. Thanks for the reminder to all of us that we need to be more conscious of other's food allergies.
  8. That is so scary! There is a kid in my sons Mom's Day Out program that is so allergic to peanuts he is alergic to peanut butter breath! If you eat anything with peanuts in it and touch him or breath on him he will have a reaction! I have stopped serving anything with peanuts in it anywhere in public, including picnics. It's just not worth the risk. Thank you for sharing this.
  9. I completely understand. My son has a ton of food allergies (more than his allergist has ever seen). Thankfully, none are too serious, at least, not yet. That could change at any time. It's terrifying.
  10. How scary. Thank goodness he was ok. I used to work with a boy who had a severe peanut allergy, among other things. We had to change how we did many things to keep him safe. I always saw it as something we did, but others saw it as an inconvenience. That drove me nuts!
  11. I can not even imagine. How incredibly frightening. My daughter's school has started using sun butter rather than peanut butter... Hopefully this will help more children that suffer with this allergy.
  12. oh wow Cheryl, how absolutely scary. thanks for sharing this moment, it shows that we as moms are HUMAN, we can and do make mistakes without even planning to...without even making it a conscious thing. I am so glad that Sawyer is ok, I am glad that you are ok....and that the moment ended well. Knowing your monster moments (for me) is the first step in having a lot fewer of them. xo
  13. Ohhh! Silly me - I thought KATIE was over here. If I'd known it was CHERYL..well... Yeah, yeah...I would have been here in either case. I know this story. I think about it A LOT. Cause things like this just stick in my head. Damned crowded head I have now, too.
  14. How frightening! Glad that everything turned out okay.
  15. Dear god, this scares me. Worse is that I'm not sure of any/all of my kids' allergies. I mean, if I'm told "don't give the kid 'this'," I'll likely not. But, when I'm in charge of feedings, I set up the trough & let them go. If something shiny passed by, well, it might be a little while before I noticed something amiss. So glad he was ok, momma.
  16. What a scary moment! I forget how blessed I am that my kids don't have allergies like that! I'm so glad the teachers at our school are so proactive and prohibit nuts and such even if there aren't any kids with those allergies! So glad everything turned out ok!
    • The elementary school here does not and will not ban nuts. My son has to sit at a peanut-free table at lunch and no peanut products are supposed to be brought into the classroom. And so I still worry, every day..
  17. So scary! Oh, and I am enjoying hot tea and a tangerine right now enjoying this treat of writing from Cheryl. Love her!
  18. I have heard people complain (usually older generations) that it's ridiculous that parents have to restrict what they send to school w/their kids w/o food allergies. I'm not sure sure how anyone could possibly object if they knew just how severe the reaction is in the child with the allergy. Though it must have been horrible to go through, I bet that one mistake keeps you hyper vigilant.
    • Hyper-vigilant doesn't begin to describe it. ;) And yes, the complaints are ridiculous, but I have to believe it's because of lack of education about the seriousness of the allergy.
  19. That must have been terrifying for all of you. Yikes. What a great reminder that it's not just our own kids we should watch out for.
  20. We had a little girl come over for a playdate one afternoon, her Mom had forewarned me that her daughter had many allergies and usually took her own food with her. That morning I stopped into Whole Foods and grabbed a fun pack of allergy resistant everything brand of cookies to put on a platter so all the kids could have the same thing. Her Mom literally burst into tears and hugged me ... she then told me so many of the mean things people had said to her in the past that I was horrified. I never realised such a small gesture would have such a huge impact, or that other people could be so dismissive. Food allergies are very real, and very scary ... I think that making more areas peanut free is definitely the way to go.
    • Believe me, your kindness meant the world to her. One of the boys in Sawyer's class has been asking his parents not to pack him peanut butter for lunch so he can eat lunch with Sawyer. I got teary that a child would think of this just so he could sit with my son.
  21. So scary!
  22. How scary. I am glad things turned out for the best.
  23. Oh, wow, Cheryl! I have an allergy to wheat - I have to carry epi-pens. Ever since I was diagnosed with this I have thought how thankful I am that it wasn't one of my kids - because it is just SO difficult to control what they eat. Especially at school or play dates. I'm so glad he is okay and that you shared this story - it helps us all to remember that we can make a difference for kiddos with allergies by paying attention ourselves.
  24. I can picture the moment your kiddo got sick, because that is exactly how we found out my little guy had the allergy. He was 9 or 10 mos old and grabbed a pb cookie at a party. We hadn't given him peanuts yet, but his brother was OK - so I figured we'd wait and see. Well it took about 5 minutes for him to puke and choke and cough. Off to the ER. He's severely allergic. We worry about airplanes, etc. It's always on your mind. You? had a a slip. Your kiddo is OK. He still loves ya ;)
  25. How completely frightening! An easy mistake to make but one I know you'll always carry with you. Thank God he was okay and responded to the treatment. Hugs.


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