Monster Likes #5

I’ve been MIA this week. You probably haven’t seen me around your blog, or tweeting much. Unlike me, I know. I started my new job this week and because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, it took up a lot more of my time than I thought it would. Hopefully, I’ll be back in action next week. Now on to the good stuff!

Every Saturday, it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past week.
If one of your posts is listed below and you want the badge, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll send you the badge to put on your post.  

So here are my favorite posts of the past week:

Gigi over at KludgyMom talks about why blogging friends are so great…and there are funny pictures, too! Gigi also wrote a fantastic post for Shell of Things I Can’t Say. Every week, Shell has a guest poster on Friday. Although I didn’t read Gigi’s post until the weekend, it was SO good. Go check that one out too.

Pauline at Aspiring Mama writes about being “that” mom. Is it worth it? You be the judge.

Rachel over at Mommy Needs A Vacation wrote about why Twitter ROCKS! You all know what a Twitterholic I am….if you are a fellow Twitterholic or if you don’t “get” Twitter, this is a must read!

Ever heard of the book or website Stuff That White People Like? Well Kelley over at Kelley’s Breakroom wrote a HILARIOUS post about stuff that other people like. Kelley cracks me up, and if you don’t know her run over there now and read her post!

The Flying Chalupa has a permanent spot on my Monster Likes posts. I love everything she writes, and I swear that every time I read a post I think “This is my new favorite Chalupa post”. So if you don’t know The Flying Chalupa, go now! You won’t be disappointed.

And my favorite comment of the week doesn’t come from a comment left on one of my posts! It was the comment Lori from In Pursuit of Martha Points left on that hilarious post that I told you about over at Kelley’s Breakroom. It might not be funny if you haven’t read the post, but it made me laugh out loud:

“I don’t like “Where the Wild Things Are,” Ray-Bans or ugly sweater parties.
What I’ve long suspect is true.
I am an albino Samoan.
I’m going to go search for my people now.”

Lori, I love you…that is all.

A special thank you and virtual hug to Bella at If This is Motherhood for honoring me with a blogging award!

And so it goes…


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Natalie!! I look forward to checking out these other posts. Big hugs!

    Congratulations on your new job!
  2. You always have great choices! And I'm not just saying that b/c I've been mentioned. ;)
  3. You always have the best likes!!! Kelley's post was hilarious this week!

    I was surprised you picked my blogging post...for some reason I thought it was gonna be for the one about my dad. But I"m honored to be here no matter what! :)
  4. Bella @ If This is Motherhood says:
    You deserve it! Great choice posts!
  5. Thanks. Just what I needed to catch up. Thanks for the list.
  6. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:
    Thanks for the shout out Mama! You always have great picks too and I can't wait to do some catch up reading this weekend! xoxo
  7. Congrats on the new job lovely lady and tell your amazingly strong friend not to ever give up because sometimes miracles present themselves in the most amazing ways even after loss.
  8. the mombshell says:
    I just had to go back and read about your new job(s) because its been all kinds of crazy over here. Yay for you!!!!! It sounds awesome!
  9. Sluiter Nation says:
    I agree! I love your "likes"! Always some good reads!!
  10. Cool favs, as always, and I also loved Lori's comment! She is the comment queen in my humble opinion.
  11. Well. I most definitely DON'T get Twitter. I've tried, really I have, and I haven't given up... maybe I'll read that post and be enlightented.
  12. Love these! Great choices this week, Natalie. :)
  13. P.S. I hope things smooth over for you this week. xoxo