Monster Likes #32


Every Saturday, it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past (two) weeks.

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And now on to the good stuff….

Jenny over at Karma (continued…) wrote about how social media Cuts Both Ways…it’s good and it’s bad.

Ilana at MommyShorts hosted a Glare-Off between Lila and Morgan from The Little Hen House’s daughter Annie! You decide who gives The Business in the scariest way!

Amanda at it’s BLOGWORTHY wrote a post that is so honest about motherhood called Motherhood fantasy vs reality that it will have you standing up and cheering her on!

Nichole of in these small moments has a way with words that I can’t even begin to describe. Her post Coloring Your Childhood left me speechless and wanting more.

I am a huge fan of the show Entourage, which is why I loved Gigi from KludgyMom’s  post about the angry comments she got when she wrote about how much she doesn’t like the show. People were ANGRY! It’s hilarious, read it now. And make sure you click the link about the First Fan Letter she received…that’s hilarous too!

Sweet Alicia over at Project Alicia wrote a post titled Back to School from the Perspective of a Mushy Mom, and it’s beautiful.

I want to include a couple of posts I wrote at and because I think the information is helpful and/or that the products are worth giving a shout out to!

My newest, most favorite Mommy Must Have is the Mix n’ Match Stack

5 Tips To Getting Your Kitchen Clean

Medibag First Aid Kit

What was your favorite post of the week? Leave a link in the comment section below!


  1. So touched to have made the cut, especially among this group. Wow! So glad you do this list. I don't always get the reading in I'd like to these days. So, thanks for narrowing it down! Hope you are having a fab weekend!
  2. Oh, Natalie...thank you so much for featuring me here. Your kind words mean so much to me. xoxo
  3. How I have some blogs posts to read in my spare time!
  4. I printed out and will hang the 5 tips to get your kitchen sparkly clean and hope that SOMEONE will do them. May I add a sixth tip? Eat out. Michelle
  5. you my dear are awesome! yes id love you to send me the badge,any spare time ill take you to a nice soothing lunch!