Monster Likes #31


Every Saturday, it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past (two) weeks.

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And now on to the good stuff….

You just have to go see this picture of the Best Baby Potato Ever over at MommyNaniBooBoo. I’ll wait.

See?! I told you that you had to go see it! Hilarious right?

After my post about Ethan turning four, I stumbled into Nichole’s post at in these small moments  about why having a preschooler rocks, and I love the simplicity of friendship at that age.

To say that I LOVE eggs benedict would be an understatement. So when I found a recipe for Baked Eggs Benedict at A Little Bite of Life, I immediately pinned it, stumbled it, and now can’t wait to try it this weekend!

My friend Rachel over at Mommy Needs a Vacation had an exciting announcement this week! She is writing a wine column over at Momtastic! Check out her first post Labor Day Wine Picks.

Speaking of Mommy Needs a Vacation, she wrote a post there called Lessons From My Children and it is hilariously all true!

Jenny over at KarmaContinued wrote a post at And Nobody Told me called …that my kid would know me so well. It’s one of the sweetest posts I have read in a long time!

While at BlogHer, I stopped by the Lowe’s booth and was asked what being creative meant to me….and I made it to Lowe’s Creative Ideas page on Facebook!

Melissa over at MomCommBlog was interviewed by ShePosts about her new eBook ‘DIY Blog Critique”…you don’t want to miss it!

Many of you know I write over at (and too!), and sometimes I find really cool products or tips worth sharing. When I find ones I think you HAVE TO check out, I will share them here.

Mouth Man Clothing…these shirts are super cool and I can’t wait to get one for Ethan!

Lunch on the run? You can still make Smart Choices For Lunch even if you are at a fast food joint.

And thanks to Mie over at Everyday Mie for awarding me with the Versatile blogger award!

What was your favorite post of the week? Leave a link in the comment section below!


  1. Thanks Natalie! Double whammy for me!!! You are the best! xo
  2. Thank you, beautiful friend! What a wonderful list to be a part of. :) xo
  3. Great list of posts...and I had the best Eggs Benedict of my life while in Cali for Blogher. A restaurant in La Jolla - DELISH!
  4. My fave post this week was from The Mean Girl Diaries ( Enjoy! - Jill
  5. I have never tried eggs clearly I need to click over there and check out the recipe. I need some wine suggestions, too. Congrats on making the Lowe's Facebook Page. That is awesome!
  6. Thank you for including my baked Eggs Benedict recipe in your weekly likes. It is yummy!