Monster Likes #29


Every Saturday, it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past week.

And since I was at BlogHer last weekend, I didn’t post a Monster Likes. So this week is a two-fer!

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And now on to the good stuff….

The Bloggess tweeted about the afternoon nap society’s post titled There’s Something Wrong With Us, But We’re OK With That. And we are. If you have ever dealt with any mental health issues, this is a must read. Hell, if you know anybody dealing with mental health issues, it’s still a must read! Understanding through the words of others helps us learn.

MommaKiss wrote about how she changed after doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk in Boston. It’s a beautiful post and worth the read. She walked with Poppy from Funny or Snot who wrote The 3 Day Made Me Cry. Read ’em both.

What kind of blogger are you? According to ProBlogger, there are 23 different blogger breeds. I think I’m probably #3!

Fancy Gourmet Jello Shots? Yes please! I don’t know how I ended up on girly wedding blog, but I’m glad I did. These jello shots are so pretty…and if you’re gonna do jello shots, they might as well look cool too, right?

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Scary Mommy, and her Mommy Manifesto post is exactly why!

Yuliya at She Suggests, whom I got to meet in person at BlogHer and I love even more than I did before, wrote the BEST review of BlogHer’11. It’s honest, to the point, and a no-holds-barred look at what happened this past weekend. It’s worth the read! And then the next day, she did it again! She wrote a post titled Are Bloggy Friends Real? and it was truly an amazing post. It is a must read.

And because I begged and pleaded for Lori at In Pursuit of It All to do a stick figure BlogHer’11 review but never thought she’d really do it, go check it out. There’s even a picture of me! Thanks Lori…your review was your best stick figure drawing to date!

If you haven’t heard me tweeting for my love of ThisLife, don’t worry…you’ll hear all about it soon! In the meantime, check out this funny post called Big Girls Don’t Cry…it’s all about kids’ one liners!

Need a quick and yummy meal? Natalie over at My Crazy Busy Life posted a recipe for a Buffalo Chicken Ring. I cannot wait to try this out!

Last but not least…if you want to read more BlogHer recaps, just check out all of them that linked up here!

What was your favorite post of the week? Leave a link in the comment section below!


  1. Thank you babycakes. I can't wait to click over to the posts I haven't read!
  2. Always love the Monster Likes!! Miss you!
  3. Yay!! My very first Monster Like mention!!!! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy the chicken recipe.
  4. Thank you, you hot thing...I hadn't seen many of these. BTW, I miss you already!
  5. Thanks so much - I'm heading over to check all of these great "likes" right now!
  6. Aww...thank you beautiful!! make one damned sexy glow-in-the-dark necklace!