Monster Likes #25

I’m guest posting over at Blogger Body Calendar 2012 today! Please swing over and check out a post that was very hard for me to share.

And yep, I’m a day early with my Monster Likes…but it’s a long weekend people! I don’t plan to be on the computer (except on Twitter of course) at all over the weekend. So don’t expect to see me around (except on Twitter of course) because I’m going to try to take the weekend off (except on Twitter of course).

Every Saturday (or in this case, Friday), it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past week.

If one of your posts is listed below and you want the badge, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll send you the badge to put on your post!

And now on to the good stuff….

Okay, I’ve been a huge fan of Stephanie of Where are my supermom boots? for a long time…but her first vlog? IS BRILLIANT!! I can’t even come close to pulling off that kind of sarcasm! I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! Stephanie, you are SO my new sarcasm idol! No really…she’s WAY too cute too pull off sarcasm like that!

Krista at Not Mommy of the Year is one of my favorites, and I’ve been reading her since I first started blogging. She wrote a post about how to wake up a sleeping baby and absolutely nailed it!

Nichole, who I am honored to call a friend, wrote a post over at Blogger Body Calendar 2012 about how her ex found her blog and spent 4 long hours reading all about her current life and how it made her feel…and about healing after an abusive relationship. You are an inspiration and such a strong woman, my friend.

You know I love Klout, and Staci over at Living My MOMent wrote about what having Klout means in the world of social media. Good stuff!

My friend Jessica at Four Plus an Angel is hosting a meme that you MUST check out if your kids ever make messes. If they don’t than you probably won’t be interested (which means every single one of you should check this out!). I’m one of the judges for this contest, and I qualify, believe me because of this and this.

Dana…one of the fantastic ladies over at 18 Years To Life is hosting a meme that I can’t wait to participate in! You know all those things that you parents said that you SWORE you’d never say? Or those things you say that right afterwards you cannot believe actually came out of your mouth? Yeah, all of those funny things have a place in this meme so check it out! PS…with a blog name like 18 Years To Life, I know you are gonna hop over and check it out 😉

Rachel over at Life With Baby Donut is doing a something that I’m SUPER excited about – she wants you to share the story of how you met your significant other! And if you want to be featured, just leave her a comment! And *hint, hint*…I might be introducing something shortly that will tie in perfectly to this feature!

And one more meme…Kirsten (who recently shared a Monster Mommy Moment with us here) is hosting a super fun meme at The Kir Corner! What do you keep on your feet during the summer? Flip flops? Sandals? Nothing? If you’re a summer girl, you will definitely want to head over and read about this meme.

Happy 4th of July and enjoy the long weekend!


  1. I love this! I tried to do a Weekly wrap for a while but it was hard to keep up!!
  2. All great posts Natalie, thanks so much for rounding it up! Have a great long weekend (not Twittering)!
  3. Aww.. thanks! I'm honored to be on your "likes" list.
  4. I think I was just on Krista's site last night! You're good - have a supah weekend, girlfriend.
  5. I am soooo excited to be on your list! Made my holiday weekend just that much better :) And I love all the memes you linked to, definitely going to enter one of my kids messy moments up at Jessica's.
  6. What a cool idea! Thanks for compiled a list of must-reads, and new blogs to follow!
  7. These are all great reads! Thanks, Natalie!
  8. I twitch when I can't get on Twitter! Too addicting! Thank you for the shout out! I'm so excited about it and about having you featured!
  9. I love the whole "except Twitter of course" LOL! Also, love the Monster likes every week. I find some great new blogs to read. Hope you have a great weekend! Happy 4th. Try to stay cool! LOL
  10. That vlog was so funny! I sih I was that girl with hot jeans and stilettos too, but it's usually jusy flip flops. Also loved the sleeping baby post, and the inspiring strength of Nichole. Great choices! :)
  11. Good thing you included the "except twitter of course" comment, cuz we all know you couldn't stay away from that :D Happy 4th!
  12. I need to watch Stephanie's vlog. And I totally plan on not doing much this long weekend, too.
  13. hi!!!!!! THANKS soooo much for mentioning our MEME, WOW, if you endorse it, it's got to be good!! Loved all of these, thanks for giving me some things to read this weekend while I was at the beach. xoxo