Monster Likes #22


Every Saturday, it’s Monster Likes time! I list my favorite selection of posts I found throughout bloggy land over the past week.

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And now on to the good stuff….

Jessica over at Four Plus an Angel wrote a post about Twitter twins…people on Twitter who like alike and confuse the heck out of everybody. I was lucky enough to be matched up with both Jessica and Nichole, making us a set of Twitter triplets! It ended up turning into  a TwitterTwins contest…and although voting is over, head over to see the twins next to each other and tell me who your fave pair is!

Kelley from Kelley ‘s Break Room is now writing for Nickelodeon’s site! Take a peak at her first post called Boozy Baby Names…need I say more?

Mom Spark had an awesome post about why bloggers really can’t have industry standard compensation, and the entire post makes a lot of sense.

Over at Our Mommyhood, there’s a post on natural insect remedies for the home.

Shell over at Things I Can’t Say is having a super cool link up next week called Rockin the Bump so dig out your maternity pictures and link up!

Alex at Late Enough wrote a post about when cheating becomes cheating, if it’s the same for every couple, or do couples have different levels of acceptability of flirting, etc. It’s a good read.

Yesterday, Lila stuck up a raisin up her nose and I couldn’t get it out. We tried blowing, pushing it downwards, and picking it out with my fingers. No luck. Finally had to get the tweezers out and got hold of a tiny piece and was able to pull it out. Whew! Then on Twitter, @Jax2000 gave me a fantastic tip so I thought Ishould share it:

My toddler had a button jammed up her nose – surgeon at hospital told me to do it when all else failed!! Worked perfectly.

Midwest Momments rapped her way (old school style) about how non-bloggers just don’t understand (can you guess the song?!)

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs! Not that I need more blogs to keep up with, but I just can't resist. Must ... subscribe ... and ... follow .... :) Happy weekend!
  2. Awesome I missed that last one - the vlog. Sounds like I should head right there now. Have a great weekend Natalie!
  3. I bet people confuse me with Lady Gaga on Twitter. It's really inevitable.
  4. Thanks so much for mentioning Rockin the bump! :) And I'm behind in blogworld this week, so checking out your links was a great way to catch up. :)
  5. I love that you put this together. It's like a little synopsis of what was good this week because I miss so much of it. Thanks. Checking it ALL out now.
  6. Woo hoo! Thanks! So excited to be featured on the Monster Likes list. I'd love to have a badge to include on my site. Great posts to be listed with. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for featuring my post in Monster likes and for reminding me about Shell's link up. Are you showing off your twin belly? I think I'm going to dig out pics of my triplet pregnancy.
  8. I read that as "natural INCEST rememdies for the home" and nearly choked on my pretzels. Glad I reread. Hope you are having a good weekend!
  9. Natalie, thanks so much for including me in your Monster Likes this week! I am honored! :)
  10. Great links! I didn't catch that rap but I should head there now to see!
  11. These are fabulous. And not just because I'm mentioned. Probably.