Mommy of a Monster’s Best of 2014: My Favorite Posts Of The Year

I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and this is one post I’ve done every year since 2010. It’s a wrap up of the year with a list of my favorite posts of the year. It gives me a chance to go back through all my posts and find not only favorites, but also gives me a chance to see what I like to blog about  and what I want to blog more (or less) about.

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And now on to my favorite posts of 2014!


Italian Sausage & White Bean Dip Yep, it’s a recipe, but it’s a good recipe that I get asked to make all the time. I get asked for the recipe all the time too!

Crazy Things I Did While Trying to Get Knocked Up I originally wrote this post for Scary Mommy, and then kept it here instead. I can’t believe I did some of these things!


Time Flies (It Really Does) I can’t believe how fast the girls grew up and that they are in kindergarten already.

One of My Favorite Sounds: Waves Listening to waves ranks right up there with listening to my kids laugh and hearing them say I love you.


Lila’s Lesson: How To Apologize the Right Way Our kids teach us things every day. And Lila taught me something very important.


My Next Tattoo: And I Am Happy Those 4 words have a very special meaning to me.


Why 4 Year Olds ROCK And so do 5, 6, a d 7 year olds.


Wordless Wednesday: What Happens When You Get Away Without The Kids The picture says it all.


Our Palm Desert Vacation It’s cold right now! This post makes me excited to go back to Palm Desert next summer.


Happy 5th Birthday Lila and Mia!

Happy 7th Birthday Ethan!

Because I love writing these posts on their birthdays every year!


Sorry Y’All Talking about depression and mental illness is very important. 

A Love Note to Ethan Like I said, the kids teach me something everyday.

The Last Time They grow up so, so fast.

Get Your Recipe Featured On Mommy of a Monster! I love sharing recipes, and I opened up my doors to let you all share yours here, too. The offer still stands!


Why We Love “Love You When You Whine”  It’s a great reminder after a rough day. Like today.

Big News! I’m Part of the 2014 Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project!  Me. In Scary Mommy’s book. Need I say more?


Guess what? I don’t have one for the month. It was a rough month, and I guess my writing showed it.


Freeze Frame Because being able to stop time would be so nice sometimes.

And that’s a wrap, people! 2014 was a much better year than 2013, and I’m hoping 2015 is even better.

What were your favorite posts for 2014?