Mommy Of A Monster Is Six Years Old!


Today, Mommy of a Monster and Twins turns six years old. Six.Years.Old.

Six years ago I wrote the words “My First Entry” where I introduce the kids (I used only their first initials at the time). Today, I have over 1,300 published posts and more than 40 drafts of works-in-progress.

Six years of parenting. From blogging about raising three under three to not blogging about them anymore because they now tell me “please don’t put that on your blog.”

Six years of being an open book. From blogging about unexplained infertility to depression and beyond, I’ve honestly laid myself out for the world to see (and judge) and I don’t regret a second of it.

Six years of recipes. Family favorites, kid-friendly, kid-approved, fast and easy to make. And I probably have at least 6 more years of recipes to waiting to be shared with you.

Six years of laughter, tears, love, fun, sadness, learning, and growth.

I’ve made friends.

I’ve started a new career.

I learned that I know how to “write” and was surprised myself to learn that I had a passion for it.

I’ve learned about myself as a woman and mother.

I’ve fell in love with this little piece of the internet.

All simply by typing honest – sometimes too honest – words onto a keyboard.

Thank you for being a part of it…for your support, your advice, your suggestions.

Here’s to another 6 years!

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