Mommy Moment – Sili Style

Welcome to another Mommy Moment! If you’re not sure what it is, head over and read all about how Mommy Moments at the Monster came to be.

Today, I’m so excited to welcome Sili from My Mamihood! Sili is mom to the frog princess and is my kind of people. She roomed with me at Blissdom, and we clicked immediately. She’s funny, sweet, sarcastic and a great friend. You’ll love her.

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!


Mommy Moments: The Last Nerve Chronicles

The minute the words left my mouth I knew I’d screwed up. What was I thinking?! Did I not realize how this works? I’m an adult for goodness’ sakes! I know all about “the jinx”.

Last week I made the mistake of uttering the following words out loud “I really haven’t had the experience of a lot of moms where I want to be away from my child.”

I got back from BlissDom around midnight and as soon as my girl kissed me on the nose to wake me on Monday morning, I felt a change in the atmospheric pressure in the room. She smiled sweetly but, something had changed.

Oh Em Gee! Where was my sweet natured frog princess? It appears that the jinx worked this way: as soon as I said the words, the ghosts of mamis past united and transformed my baby into a poster child for the terrible twos.  This past week I have had to say her name no less than 3,000 times (keeping count is the only thing that’s been calming my nerves).  The words “no” and “don’t you hear me calling?” have left my mouth more in this last week than in my entire 36 years of life combined.  And I’ve had to add “DO NOT snort the bath water!” and “why didn’t you tell me you had to go potty?” more times than I care to admit.

It certainly didn’t help that the cold I left her with attacked me as soon as I returned. So, not only did I have a child that seemed to not understand the words that were coming out of my mouth (in English OR Spanish) but a head full of snot, headaches, fevers and the inability to get any rest made the situation a perfect storm for the following: the chick LIVED on my last nerve this week.

And by lived I mean: everything she didn’t do annoyed me. And so did everything she did do.  Every time I turned around and she cried or whined (which is unlike her), every incident where she felt the need to stomp and cross her arms because she didn’t want to do something (excuse me? Do you know who I am?!?) and every. Single. Time. when I would call her name and was ignored. She would land, carefree, on my last nerve as a butterfly lands softly on a beautiful spring flower. To me it felt like a ton of bricks hit me on the back of the head.

After each landing I’d hear the ghosts of mamis past laughing at me and saying: HA! That’ll teach you! I wanted nothing but to jump in my 4Runner, book a hotel room and cry until I fell asleep (after eating room service and drinking a couple of glasses of wine).

But then, one night as I teared up while we were facing one another in bed from the sheer sickness and exhaustion, it happened. I saw her. My sweet frog princess. The girl that at 15 months hugged me and rubbed my back minutes after my mami took her last breath.  The child whose giggles and shrieks as she runs around naked on the bed after bathtime, refusing to get caught, make me break out with giggles of my own in spite of her having trampolined on my last nerve.

She looked at me sweetly and in her “I’ve been here befo’ ” voice said “awww, mama!” in the sing song voice that only a child with this much compassion can muster.  She followed it up by placing her hand on my head and rubbing it just as my mami used to. Then, she put both hands on my cheeks, smiled and said “There. Feel bedda.” It wasn’t a question.  And man, was she right.

When not pretending she’s a freelance writer to her family and friends (who have no idea what she does all day long on “her blog”, Facebook or Twitter) Sili is busy rearing and shaping her 2 year old frog princess into a natural born leader (read: she’s bossy and she gets it from her mami).  She is also preoccupied with trying to keep one Chico Albus Mendes (aka @TheDogDivo) away from peeing on her ridiculous collection of shoes and books. Sili wants world peace and a good glass of wine. And, whatever those two things might lead to. Read more of Sili’s writing on her blog My Mamihood.


Yep, I know all about the jinx! And the terrible twos. I know exactly what you mean. It’s funny how kids always happily surprise us when we need it most, isn’t it?

There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other.

Now head over to My Mamihood and say hello to Sili. If you are a Twitter addict, you can find @mymamihood there, and on facebook, too! And if you are a new follower, make sure to tell her that I sent you!

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  1. Motherhood, toddlers and a cold ... never should they mix ... ack, feel better and love those hugs and kisses from your special little one. Pleasure meeting you at Blissdom btw fellow Floridian xxx By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Erin Margolin, a Monday MuseMy Profile
    • Thanks, Nicole! Yesterday was the first day I didn't feel horrendous. I think the cold is behind me now, though with these changes in weather, one never knows when it will return. It was wonderful meeting and getting a chance to connect with you in person. I so enjoyed your company. Hope to see you soon! oxoxox Sili recently posted..Domingos En FamiliaMy Profile
  2. Yery Robinson says:
  3. Oh, how I remember those days . . . My granddaughter will be two in a few months. Should I warn my daughter ahead of time or just sit back and watch the show like so many mamis before me? :) Loved this post, Sili! Full of wit and wisdom as always! Martha Orlando recently posted.."You've Got a Friend in Me!"My Profile
    • Ha! Martha, that is just wrong! But I'm sure a part of you is doing it as payback so, I guess it's allowed. Thanks so much for visiting me over here. Natalie has been amazing to me and I feel humbled that she gave me the opportunity to share this on her site! oxoxox Sili recently posted..Domingos En FamiliaMy Profile