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So let’s welcome Gigi from Kludgy Mom! I have known Gigi since almost the beginning of my blogging life. In fact, she used to be my fairy blogmother! Now, she is a true friend, heck we like each other so much we went into business together AND started Have Wine, Will Drink together! She’s a fantastic writer, knows just about everything there is to know about blogging (especially all the techie stuff that goes over my head), and is funny as all get out.

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!


How Not To Be A Room Mom

I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Nat’s blog!

I used to be a pretty active parent at my kids’ school. I volunteered weekly in both classrooms on top of arranging class parties and being the overall Annoying Room Mom Asking For PTA Fundraiser Money Again.

In about January, I got a bunch of freelance writing jobs, and work, mommying and wifey-ing was bearing down on me.

Valentine’s Day was approaching quickly. I met with Boy Wonder’s teacher to get all of the prep work done for the class party.

Supplies for cookie decorating – check
A fun educational game/activity – check
A Valentine craft – check
Goodie bags – check

A week before the party, I put on my Wonder Woman cape. I hit Wal-Mart, party supply list in hand. I knocked out the list in no time at all. I organized the supplies at home, assembled goodie bags, packed everything in recyclable totes and had it all ready to go the day of the party.

Party day arrived. I took the kids to school. Put some makeup on. Cranked on a bunch of freelance work so I could be fully “present” for my kid’s party, for which setup began at 12:30. At noon, I had everything ready to go, bags near the door so I wouldn’t forget a thing.

Ahhh, I thought. I did it. I gave myself a mental pat on the back for being such an Awesome and Organized Mom. I ate some lunch and played on Twitter for a bit. My phone rang at 12:15.

It was one of my helper moms and friend, Julie.

“Is everything okay?” she said.

“Um, yeah. I’m getting ready to head up for the party setup.” I said.

“Okay, see you then,” she said.

What was that all about? I wondered. And I went up to the school.

As I walked down the hall carrying 3 giant tote bags of supplies, I noticed there was a flurry of activity in the 2nd grade wing. I entered the classroom.

Boy Wonder’s teacher and 3 other moms flew up to me.

“Is everything okay?” they said.

“Yeah, everything’s fine, why?” I asked as I started unloading the supplies.

God, these women are so uptight! I thought to myself.

“Well, we were started to getting worried that something happened when you didn’t show up at noon for the party setup.”

“Noon? The setup is right now, at 12:30,” I said confidently.

“No,” the teacher said. “Setup was at noon. The kids are coming back from recess right now.”

I turned and saw 20 amped-up kids filing into the classroom, awaiting The Party.

The Party That Was Not Set Up Because I Am Not Awesome and Organized Mom. I Am Old and Forgetful Mom Who Cannot Remember Any Event Without It Being Scheduled In Her iPhone.

That I had no iPhone back then was part of the problem.

Horror filled my heart, combined with equal helpings of anger, disappointment in myself, and the worst possible feeling a mommy can feel: shame in front of other moms.

Nooooooooo! A major party faux pas in front of other really organized moms! The shame!

I wanted to crawl into a ball and roll away.

I turned back to the teacher.

“Oh my God, I’m SO sorry. I’m never late for anything! I feel terrible, all these people waited 30 minutes and I had all the supplies. I’ve been working a bunch of jobs, and….”

“It’s okay, Gigi,” the teacher said, “We can get this set up quickly.”

We got it done. The party went on. I pulled myself together. The kids had a great time. All was not lost.

And that evening, as I related the story to my husband, he finally agreed. It was time to get an iPhone.


Thank you for sharing this Gigi, and for being honest about how how heartbreaking it is to realize that we’ve screwed up at being the “perfect mom”. If it makes you feel any better, Ethan’s only been in preschool 2 months and I’ve already done the same thing…I forgot he had a school carnival and he almost missed it!

There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other.

Now head over to Gigi’s place Kludgy Mom and if you are new there, make sure to tell her that I sent you!


  1. I am always terrified of forgetting things. I double check so many times I am sure it annoys people to no end. Unfortunately my husband does not think that justifies a smartphone :( Glad the party turned out well in the end!!
  2. Ugh those darn school events. See, here, someone probably would have told you the wring time on purpose. Its like the darn room mom Olympics. Thank goodness I have a younger child that renders me ineligible for most of these activities ;) I bet it was still the best party of the year!
  3. It sounds like it was a wonderful success.
  4. Ah, yes. I have these moments weekly. Even WITH a phone that schedules appointments, I somehow still manage to put things in the wrong time slot. At least, this is the explanation I give to people who ask why my son went to school in a skull and crossbones bathing suit and dirtbike jersey. On picture day.
  5. What a way to justify an iphone! LOL
  6. Glad the party turned out okay! It's good to know I'm not the only mom who would be lost without my phone!
  7. You come sit right next to me because I am the worst ever in the helping out in class department. It usually ends with me leaving an event going, "Never again... I don't have the patience, organization or personality for this." But then I do it again. Just to see my child's eyes light up.
  8. Oh Gigi! I would have died...but you pulled it together, pulled off the party, and the kids? I'm sure they had a blast...
  9. Hey, if you got a new iPhone out of the deal then it was all worth it and you were a genius to "forget" it started at 12:00 ;)
  10. It's a testament that you were so ready that you pulled it together with 30 minutes less planning time than you expected. Not a fail at all :) (Plus you got a phone, whoo hoo!)
  11. Glad the party turned out OK. That's something that would have totally happened to me as I pranced into the classroom feeling good and organized!
  12. JUST yesterday... I went in to help with the Halloween party. I thought they weren't allowed to have costumes. Turns out they should have brought costumes AND their was a parade. FAIL!!
  13. Oh, Gigi. We've all been there. I can totally relate. At least you got the phone out of it.
  14. The Room Mom pressure - oh, i remember it well. Sounds like you still did it all with panache ... so like you ;)
  15. Several times a day my whole body flinches as I panic about something I'm sure I've forgotten. So this whole story was horrifying (but not because it's so awful but because it's my worst nightmare). And really? You already had me scared at Walmart...


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