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Today, I’m so excited to welcome Deb from San Diego Momma! Deb is mom to two little girls (she calls them Toots and Booger…I’m pretty sure those aren’t their real names!), she’s a blogger, a writer, and she’s funny. You’ll see when you read her Mommy Moment!

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!


The day started quietly enough, which is always a tip-off. With two kids around, silence in my house is something to be feared and loathed.

I’d spent the morning preparing eggs, bacon, pancakes and other breakfast foods designed to assuage my guilt at leaving my family so I could work on a Saturday. After eating, with bellies full and moods bright, my kids hunkered down to a little TV, while I heaved my laptop case over my shoulder, made to leave, and called out to my husband, “Don’t screw anything up!”

He likes when I elevate myself to a higher parenting standard.

I took one last look at Toots and Booger, ages four and six, snuggly on the couch, and thanked God we were all healthy, happy, and relatively unscathed by the vagaries of life.

Smugly, I left for work. Like I said, all was quiet.

And this is where God laughs.

I received the phone call about an hour later. So you know, at least I had sixty stress-free minutes. Sixty minutes of believing all was right in the world and that my kids wouldn’t be too emotionally scarred by my tendency to OCD vacuum every room in the house 86 times a day.

I answered the phone after my husband left two messages. Because here’s a tip: When your husband, the one who you told to “not screw things up” is home with the kids and calls twice, you pick up. So it was on the third attempt to reach me, that I figured it must be important.

“Hello?” I said, not a little irritably.

He spoke in a rush. “People! Sex! On TV! Neighbors! Babysitter!”

Couldn’t this wait?

“What?” I shouted. “The neighbors are having sex with the babysitter?”

I think this was the part where my husband wished he married someone from Mensa.

“No!” he blubberled. “Booger was watching a porno! In the house! On the TV! On the house TV! In this house! OUR house!”

Well this couldn’t be good.

But also…

“How did she get a porno on TV?” I understandably questioned. I knew he’d screw things up!

“I think she was trying to get Little Bear On Demand, and things went downhill from there!”

“Hee hee!” I chuckled. “Little Bare. Bare, B-A-R-E, get it?”

And that was probably the part when my husband wished he’d married someone with virtue.

Through more back and forth and yelling and inappropriate joking, it came to light that Booger, my innocent four-year-old, happened upon a lively episode of “Suburban Cougars” as she scrolled through the recorded Little Bear episodes on our television. Somehow, she managed to locate, select, and purchase the porno and proceeded to blithely watch as my husband washed the breakfast dishes in the next room. Even better, she’d chosen the “Play on all TVs” option, so the porno blared from every television that happened to be on in the house, which sadly, is usually every single one of them.

Oh and then! And then, the scheduled babysitter strolled up to our home, knocked on the door, and stood there until my husband finally heard the doorbell (read: washing dishes) and answered said door only to realize his little baby girl was watching eight naked people go at it in a car wash (those crazy suburbs!). Aptly, the babysitter left, never to return, because now we’re the weirdo swinger house on the block.

There’s more! It was a hot day and all the windows were open to let in air. Just the day before, new neighbors moved in next door and given the robust, um, rabble rousing on the TV, surely heard some untoward sounds emanating from our home.

This was decidedly not a quiet day.

After I heard all the horrible details, I hightailed it back home to vacuum my daughter’s brain 86 times and explain to the neighbors and babysitter that we weren’t a porno house. But first, I tried to talk to Booger, who surely was traumatized and destined to be a stripper or hooker due to early onset porn exposure.

“Booger?” I scanned her face for signs of distress.

“Hi mama,” she answered.

So far so good.

“How are you?”

“Fine, but I couldn’t find Little Bear on TV.”

“That’s OK. So…” I paused. I was real good at this damage control business.

“Can I go outside now?” She skipped up from her sitting position.

“Sure honey,” I watched her sweet little baby back as she left.

My husband followed my gaze and asked, “So right. We’re just going to ignore it and pretend it never happened?”

I nodded, “Good plan. And…”

His eyes told me he was preparing for a lecture. “Yes?”

I took a deep breath. “When I say ‘don’t screw things…'”

And that was probably the part when my husband wished he’d married someone who told less obvious jokes.

P.S. The above is all true, except for the part where we ignored it (forever). After much back and forth, my husband and I decided to broach the subject with Booger again, who appeared to be no worse for the wear. Of course, we won’t know for sure until she’s 16 and not a stripper.


Thanks for sharing, Deb! I told you guys she’s funny! I can relate (Hey Mom, skip this paragraph)…my lovely children didn’t find it on TV, they found it in my dresser drawer. In the form of a toy. And that’s all I will say since I’m sure my mom is still reading.

There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other.

Now head over to San Diego Momma and say hello to Deb. If you are a Twitter addict, you can find @sandiegomomma there too, and on facebook as well. And if you are a new follower, make sure to tell her that I sent you!

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  1. That damn On Demand. Same exact thing happened with my daughter. I don't think she was scarred and Comcast took the charge off my bill. And also taught me how to lock On Demand. Our parents only had to hide their Playboy's. Trish recently posted..Mellow YellowMy Profile
  2. I am giggling like a fool over here because OMG. Hysterical. :-) My husband would sadly be just as clueless about what was on the TV (it's just background noise for him)... oh and could you come over and vacuum my house for me? I hate vacuuming. Ashley @ It's Fitting recently posted..Don’t Drive AngryMy Profile
  3. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! I love that the babysitter came at just the right time. Natalie, you bad girl, you! I will die the day my boys find (uh hum) toys in my room. I know it is bound to happen and I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet! Great story, Deb! Tayarra recently posted..My lifeMy Profile
    • I think that I've come up with a sort of solution for this! I turned my night table around, so the drawer faces the bed, and the kids don't even know there's a drawer in it. If they don't know there's a drawer, they'll never open it. Right? I really hope so! Andrea @ The Penny-Roach's recently posted..Blogging ConferencesMy Profile
  4. Too funny. Glad you can joke about it now. (LoL) Cindi recently posted..Stories of Love: Acts of LoveMy Profile
  5. I'm so relived to know it's not just us that traumatize our kids! Only a few months ago, our 2 yo was playing with the remote. Now, as the good mom that I was trying so hard to be, I had put parental controls on our TV. My husband heard some strange noises coming from the living room, and turned around to look at the TV, and it was P.O.R.N!!! He of course flew to the TV and turned it off, and the little guy had no idea what he was watching. But a reminder to other parents: Parental controls DO NOT include PPV! Andrea @ The Penny-Roach's recently posted..Blogging ConferencesMy Profile
  6. So funny. Luckily none of my children have found their way to the porn. At least not that I know of. Now I am wondering.... Making It Work Mom recently posted..I am going to kill himMy Profile
  7. Thanks Natalie for having me over today! Love your blog. XO San Diego Momma recently posted..From the Parenting Fail File…My Profile
  8. Bwahahaha... and someonewhere on Facebook that babysitter posted about that morning. Mrs. Wonder recently posted..How’s my plan going?My Profile
  9. I'm busting up over here. Seriously.....I love where it was on EVERY TV with the babysitter showing up. Visions of 'Mr. Mom' and the chili incident. Wow, funny stuff!
  10. Deb, you are ALLCAPS AWESOME. I'm only surprised that this hasn't happened to me first. And thanks for the laughs! I knew I liked you!
  11. Oh Deb, too funny (and fabulously told!)! Galit Breen recently posted..Inch by InchMy Profile
  12. I'd like to say that "And then God laughed" totally got me. HA! You know, being a stripper at 16 could prove very lucrative, but she would need your consent - so I'd say you're safe. Til she's 18. MommaKiss recently posted..Things I learned in Louisiana.My Profile
  13. Ok...seriously that is HILARIOUS!!! My fav part being the "Wait...there's more". Because...there always is. When something goes really goes wrong! Thanks for the funny...and for letting me know I'm not alone! HA! I'm sure my kids will need therapy.
  14. OMG hilarious! What a nightmare LOL Cass recently posted..Blogging MojoMy Profile
  15. Awesome story. I want to know how the babysitter fared! Poor thing. That would be a *hard* thing to explain. I'm not in Mensa either :) Poppy recently posted..Worse than Toddlers and Tiaras: Gymnastics MomMy Profile
  16. I love this mommy moment SO much that I wish it was mine. Except for the scarring of innocent baby brains with dirty car washing porn that is. lol ;) Desiree Eaglin recently posted..“Confessions Friday” – Jamie Gall from Minnesota Girl transplanted into LAMy Profile
  17. So, so funny!! Love this. heidi recently posted..when I grow upMy Profile


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