Mommy Moment – Cameron Style

Welcome to another Mommy Moment! If you’re not sure what it is, head over and read all about how Mommy Moments at the Monster came to be. Today, I’m so excited to welcome Cameron from Cameron D. Garriepy!

To say that Cameron can write would be a huge understatement. Some people have an amazing way with words – they can make you feel what they are writing about instead of just reading it – and Cameron definitely does that. She’s also a mom, and a lovely friend.

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!


So Passed A Day

When Natalie initially invited me to share a Mothering Moment, I thought of several big, crucial moments and some upcoming events that I might want to talk about after they’d come and gone.

Somehow, they all felt contrived.

The truth of my mothering is in the seemingly meaningless moments. Like the ones happening while I type.

I am sitting across from my son while we eat lunch. He’s having American cheese on whole wheat, carrot sticks, and chocolate milk. He eats this same lunch 5 days out of 7. He pronounced my leftover gnocchi in vodka cream sauce with shrimp and asparagus, “gross.” He’s only just starting to use that particular word instead of “yucky,” and I am less than thrilled. He desperately needs a haircut, and despite the fact that it’s 55 degrees and cloudy, he insists I let him go out to play before his nap.

He’s 4 and a half, and he still naps.

After a quick step away from my computer to get his coat down for him, he puts his Curious George rain boots down on the floor. “Right way, Mama?” he asks.

I’m not even surprised anymore that they are the right way.

Feet in boots, coat flipped over his head—like they teach you in preschool—and he’s on his way out with the plastic boomarang he got in a party favor bag.

He has a fearsome imagination, no patience, an alarmingly young grasp of sarcasm, and a bossy streak. He gives me kisses and runs into my arms when I pick him up from school.

Sometime later, upstairs getting ready for bed, he wavers between wanting me to brush his teeth for him and demanding that he be left alone to do it himself. “I’m all done!” he says.

“Let me check.”


“Because it’s my job to make sure those little teeth are healthy.”

I pronounce his mouth clean, and he gleefully blows a raspberry, spraying water on the mirror. I playfully swat his little bottom and he zooms off giggling towards his bed.

So passed a day full of small mothering moments, all breezing by while the laptop stayed open on the kitchen table.


See how lovely her words are? This really got to me because Ethan is the same age and I could “see” him and I going through the same motions. She’s so write – motherhood really is about all those small moments…the ones we rarely remember but are etched into us forever.

There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other. Now head over to Cameron D. Garriepy and say hello to Cameron. If you are a Twitter addict, you can find @CameronGarriepy there, and on facebook, too! And if you are a new follower, make sure to tell her that I sent you!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me over here, Natalie. Writing this for you was a great reminder to appreciate the little nutball for who he is... right at this exact moment. Cameron recently posted..DecisionsMy Profile
  2. What a beautiful window into a day at the Garriepy house :) I'm not surprised at all that he's independent and witty, and I love the moments that shift between stubbornness and sweetness. Perfectly done. angela recently posted..Remembering His FlagMy Profile
  3. Beautiful writing from Cameron, of course and I love that she shared the small things of a day. The most important. Jessica recently posted..Earning Your StripesMy Profile
  4. I expected nothing less... love the glimpse into your world, Cameron! And so glad that Natalie invited you to her happy blog...b/c her readers should know the wonderful person that you are! MWAH to the Garriepy and Hoage families!
  5. Oh, Cam - i truly love this . . . and I really, really hold out hope to have kids who nap at 4 & a half. Don't mind the gross leftovers . . . I'd see that as "more for me." :-) John recently posted..Where I sit back and let the crazy flyMy Profile
  6. having a son like yours are great...Thanks for sharing these to us.. nicole recently posted..flat rate moversMy Profile
  7. I love love love that you didn't go with an expected story; that you instead wove a true tale from the threads of your day... Not a word was contrived. Instead we see the honesty of a mother. And the love. Lucky Felix. julie gardner recently posted..Today call me wonderingMy Profile