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That’s right! It’s time for another Mommy Moment at the Monster!

Let’s welcome Natalie from Life on the Mama Track! Natalie is a mama of a toddler with Baby #2 due later this year, was a Harvard lawyer who gave it all up to stay home with her son, loves writing and does it really well, and tweets with me all the time. She also visits here way more than I visit her blog, and still she likes me anyways!

So once again welcome Natalie! If you’re not sure what a Mommy Moment at the Monster is, head over and read all about how Mommy Moments at the Monster came to be.

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!

The Hormone Monster

Being pregnant is a wonderful gift.

But, sometimes, the hormones can make you crazy.

Cause you to lose your temper in an, ahem, inappropriate way.


Earlier this summer, I had one of those moments.

My husband and I were discussing what to get our toddler for his second birthday. Actually, maybe debating is a more accurate term—we’re both lawyers.

I was advocating for a train set, one with a table and twenty feet of track and a little town.

And trains, of course. Several trains.

All little boys love trains, and my son is no exception.

So, as part of my research, I consulted the great modern-day parenting sources—Twitter and Facebook—about what kind of trains to buy.

I asked what, exactly, a little boy needs in a train set.

I was trying to figure out how much we should spend.

The husband, on the other hand, was a bit dismissive of my plan, of the whole idea of a “train set.”

He’s the frugal type.

He thought one little track, running across our floor, was sufficient—after all, it was “good enough” for him when he was a boy.  He didn’t understand why the toddler “needed” a train table and all the accoutrements.

And he forgot that I didn’t want to jeopardize the toddler’s college fund with this purchase either. That, even though some of my sources had suggested an expensive route, I wasn’t necessarily leaning in that direction. That I just wanted an affordable little train set that we could add to through the years.

Rather than calmly reiterate these things to my husband, though, I lost my temper while we were talking on the phone.

And, unfortunately, the toddler was listening.

My memory is foggy, but, as I was defending my Facebook query, I might have shrieked something along the lines of, “It’s called doing research, jackass!”

And then I might have slammed the phone down.

At which point, like any self-respecting pregnant woman, I might have plopped down on the kitchen floor and burst into tears.


The toddler, poor little guy, came to investigate why his mom, who is normally pretty even-tempered, was sitting on the floor, crying.

And then he sprang into action, comforting me.

He offered me a hug and some “kiss medicine.”

He gently wiped my eyes with his lovey.

And finally, he brought me his sippy cup of water.

As he tried to hold the cup to my mouth, he reminded me that water makes you feel better.

The hormone monster, of course, beat a hasty retreat.

And I was left, sitting on the floor, completely horrified and chagrined.

I mean, it’s generally frowned upon to call a man a “jackass,” especially when his child is listening.

Even if, in my defense—well, never mind.

And I try to avoid emotional breakdowns in front of my toddler, hoping to at least project the image that his mom is a relatively stable force in his life.

I never want my son to have to take care of me, emotionally.

I quickly pulled myself together and hugged the little boy.

I explained that sometimes even moms have emotions that make them cry.

Then I called back my husband and apologized profusely.

Groveled, really.

And now?

Neither dad nor boy seems permanently scarred by the incident.

It’s been almost 2 months, and the toddler hasn’t called anyone a “jackass.”


And, for the record, he absolutely adores playing with his new train table and set.

As does his father.

It really was the perfect second birthday present.


Thank you for sharing this moment…one all of us can absolutely relate to! You know my son has a potty mouth, and it’s something that I am still working on for myself because I have one too. I love the reaction of your son; mine always gets scared when I cry. By you sharing your Mommy Moment with us, you are reminding us all that our children’s love is incredible, and that they “get it” way more than we give them credit for. Thanks Natalie, for sharing your story with us.

There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other.

Now head over to Natalie’s place Life on the Mama Track and if you are new there, make sure to tell her that I sent you!

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  1. Oh Natalie! First of all, how sweet is he? Also, jackass is an easy one to "cover" if he ever uses it. You just say, "Do you mean JACKET honey?"
  2. Natalie, your little boy is so sweet!! He obviously learnt that from his parents *cough* mom *cough*. As for bad words, jackass is tame compared to the stuff that comes out of my mouth when I'm not thinking. I'm lucky my son hasn't caught on yet!
  3. I think it's safe to say that we've all been there (in one way or another). Being pregnant AND a mommy of a two year old gives you an automatic "get out of jail free" card (or 5). Definitely tame in comparison to what I did in your shoes!
  4. Mama Track you are so lucky the boy hasn't started calling people jackass. My toddler would be running around the house screaming it. She's fun like that.
  5. Such a sweet post! I love your son's reaction. Hormones have gotten the better of me too, luckily my son wasn't around!
  6. Oooh I'm so glad he loves his trains and that your son is so empathetic that he takes care of u when u cry or are upset. That made me tear up! I use less than stellar language in front of the boys more than I should....and thank goodness they do use it back to us....yet. I think u were well within your rights to call ur hubby a! ;) What a great post!
  7. Thanks for having me! I'm super excited to be here. And if you find that manual, can you send me a copy please?
  8. Totally have had one of those moments! I would have told you to get the big train and tons of trains in the first place...boys are just obsessed with them! We are now going on 2 years of this obsession!
  9. Boy oh boy have I called my husband a lot worse (LoL) but thanks for sharing your moment. Glad your son likes his train. :)
  10. How cute is he? Your son I mean. ;) Love that he took care of you when you were upset, that's adorable. Glad he likes the trains too!! My son is all of 8 months and already loves watching US play with HIS train table, since he can't exactly play with it himself yet. :)
  11. Your boy is so sweet with how he comforted you! I've had moments where I have said a word (or 2) I shouldn't. Unfortunately my kids picked up on them and they were a tad worse than jackass. Hopefully your boy forgot about it and won't call someone names.
  12. I've so been there, it was at its worst with the twins. I think we yelled over a bedspread or something ridiculous like that! No permanent damage though! Thanks for sharing Natalie.
  13. Girl! We all wish we never ever lost our cool. It happens. Fact that your kiddo wanted to fix your boo boo though? well that's a tear jerker right there. He still loves ya, guarantee.
  14. What a sweet little guy! It's ok for mom's to be human:) I'm glad he got the train set, looks like all of your research paid off!
  15. Oh, Natalie. You have a "no blood, no foul" rule? Okay, I love you even more! And your boy sounds so sweet. Aren't you glad that this 'hormonal thing' is temporary? It is temporary, right?
  16. Ah...those blasted pregnancy hormones. I can count the number of times they reared their ugly heads and I turned into a complete lunatic in front of my toddler. You are not alone. Kids are resilient. What a sweet little guy you have. I'm so glad he's enjoying the train table and set. And that Daddy is too. :-))
  17. Most of JDaniel's friends have train tables and love them. We don't have space for one. We just weave the track around furniture.
  18. I LOVE that you still got the train table lol. I have totally been there! Thanks for sharing. :) Can't wait to visit you blog.
  19. Oh, I love this totally-normal mommy moment that even such an adorable mommy has! Makes me feel quite normal. Whew! And those little boys always love trains, don't they? Good choice.
    • I have to say I wasn't feeling very adorable then--just pretty crazy. And of course the little boy was such a rock, which made it better--and worse. So glad we got the train set--it's been a huge hit. With both of the boys in my house!
  20. Adorable! I read the line, "wiped my tears with his lovey" about a half dozen times. That's what it's all about. And you know, the sooner that he learns that men can be jackasses, the sooner he can learn NOT to be one ;)
    • Thanks, Amanda! I love that silver lining. I was teaching him not to be a jackass. Brilliant. And yes, the whole lovey thing got me too. It's one of those blue Angel Dear ones. He loves that little thing.
  21. That is too sweet...and relatable! Love how he cheered you up. Ya know, the Hormone Monster may have been on a tear, but that could have also swayed the jury...considering the outcome. :> Good to hear from Natalie over here, Natalie! :>
  22. Loved this. Hilarious. I had similar moments leading up to a birthday celebration this year and I don't have any pregnancy hormones to blame them on!!! Prepping for birthdays is just tough. Oh, and I remember a friend telling me about a verbal slip-up with a very parrot-y toddler - that night she was telling her husband, really, honey, he's just saying FORK!
  23. Natalie, this is such a great topic. I struggle a lot with the boundaries. How much should we let our kids see that we are real people with hard emotions for short periods of time, and how much should we be the rock? I think, as a small percentage of the time he is with you, it teaches a great lesson for him to deal with your sadness in such a nurturing way. I don't think it scars kids, I think it builds character. This is very different than a family where the child is put in the role of parent. Thank you for sharing a moment that I can relate too oh so easily. I am pretty sure the pregnancy hormones are so bad so that the whole family will want the baby to just come out already!
    • I think you raise a great point--we want our kids to have empathy. And it's good if they can practice that at home. I just wish we could limit it to times when he accidentally kicks my head and gets me an ice bag, rather than times I lost my temper. But yes, I think seeing the human side of our parents is important. Thanks for your comment!
  24. Yay for having Natalie here! Our train table is up in the attic b/c Tyler insisted on sitting on it to play trains.


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