Mommy Moment at the Monster – Laura Style

A couple of weeks back I told you I was changing the name of Monster Mommy Moments to Mommy Moments at the Monster. I decided to change the name after people kept asking if they had to write about a horrible parenting moment…and that is not the point of MMM at all! All stories can be shared…monster moments, happy moments, funny moments, and on and on.

Let’s welcome Laura, otherwise known as @TenaciousLauraD on Twitter! She used to have a blog (you might remember her as @PurseBlogger), but gave that up so she could spend all of her time on Twitter. Laura is one of my favorite tweeps and she plays on Twitter all the time, so I know she’s always around to chat with. She’s funny, takes part on an inside joke about #Wang that would make no sense to anybody else, and we’ve become friends in 140 characters or less.

So once again welcome Laura! If you’re not sure what a Mommy Moment at the Monster is, head over and read all about how Mommy Moments at the Monster came to be.

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!
I am so excited that Natalie asked me to guest post for her Mommy Monster Moment. I just love Natalie and think she’s the absolute coolest girl around.

I have had many Mommy moments. We all have. A few that come to mind are the time when my then 2 year old daughter tied the string of a balloon around her neck. After I had cut it off and calmed down enough to know she was okay, I asked her why she did that. She told me that she’d wanted to fly.

Another time is when this same daughter was carrying her 18 month old brother on our gravely driveway and accidentally dropped him, splitting his head open. She’d been told to never do that so when asked why she did, she simply said he was taking too long so she was trying to help him get in the house faster.

Being called at my book club by the babysitter saying my 3 yr old daughter had accidentally tripped and fallen against the corner of the wall and needed to go to the hospital.

Dropping each of my babies off to their first day of kindergarten and feeling those bittersweet feelings.


Everyday is filled with Mommy Moments, no matter how old your children are.

There is always the constant fighting and bickering between siblings, the tattling, the tantrums, the tears. There are days I truly wonder if my children will ever love one another and get along.


There are also the days of pure bliss and knowing that being a mother is everything I ever wanted and more. From the beginning of delivering your sweet baby to now, when your babies are no longer babies, there is nothing more I’d rather be doing.

My oldest will be 13 in September. I am now going to be entering the teenage years of being a mother. Of course I am asking where did the time go and how did that happen so fast? I am also excited to see what this next chapter will bring and to see how much she grows and matures.

So overall, being a mother has definitely been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but honestly, it has also been the most rewarding. I cannot imagine my life without my three babies and all they’ve brought to it. I love them more than anything.


Now you see why I love Laura! Thank you for sharing your Mommy Moment with us…and for reminding us that the days are long but the years are short. They grow up so fast, and as parents we are also learning as they grow. There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other.

Now if you are already on Twitter, go follow @TenaciousLauraD and make sure to tell her that I sent you! If you aren’t on Twitter yet, go sign up and then follow her!

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  1. Oh wow...I totally would have freaked out about the balloon around the neck or the splitting my other child's head open! The things kids will do! Thanks for sharing :)
  2. Kids are a handful, especially when you know (at least in their minds) that they had a perfectly good reason for what they did. Mini-Me was much the same! Great post, sweetie! I'm already a fan, so see ya on Twitter!
  3. Yay for Laura! I love her too!
  4. Laura is awesome! Raising kids definitely has it's challenges, but I can't imagine my life without my 2. I was talking with a friend last night. Our daughters are both tweens and we were talking about books for them about changes they will go through. We agreed that there needs to be more books for parents.
  5. I've been following Laura on Twitter for a while and I didn't know she had a blog! How out of it am I? She should blog again. This was a great post.
  6. I love all the mommy moments - the good and the bad. Maybe not in the moment, but afterward they are great and wonderful bloggy material!
  7. Love posts like this, where I am all giggling in horror at split heads and nodding sagely about the rationalization that a balloon on the neck would lead to flying and then in tears that it will all speed by to the teenage years. Sigh.
  8. She said it so perfectly. There are so many moments when you feel almost insane as a mom. Life can be so frantic and kids can act so crazy. But the amazing, incredible momemnts make all the endless chaos more than worth it. I'm heading over to follow @TenaciousLauraD right now!