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Today, I’m so excited to welcome Amanda from It’s Blogworthy! Amanda is mommy to a little baby boy,  and she is one of the the sweetest bloggers out there. She’s super funny and wicked smart…when it comes to social media she knows her stuff! If you don’t already know her, go check out her blog; I promise she’ll make you laugh!

Go grab a cup of coffee and a donut, ahem, I mean a low-fat muffin, or depending on the time of the day maybe some wine and chocolate, and sit back and enjoy the story!

We can all agree that being a mom is hard work, whether you work from home, work outside the home or are a stay at home mom.

Holding a full time job with a young baby adds a new layer of guilt and anxiety to new motherhood. My first few months back to work, I was constantly worrying about him. Was he happy and healthy? Was his daycare provider taking good care of him? Did he miss me? What milestones am I missing out on while I’m away from him 40 hours a week?

We had a rough start with our daycare provider, a neighbor who had recently started an in-home daycare in part to take care of her granddaughter. She questioned everything we did, from our nap schedule to the amount of milk I was providing my son. Every day, my husband would pick him up and she’d tell him our son had a “rough day”. She looked like she just plain didn’t enjoy what she was doing.

And that’s where my son was three days a week.

My husband is a teacher and only taught three days, so luckily I knew the baby was in good hands at least a few days. When summer came, he left daycare until August, when my husband went back to work.

During the summer, we searched for a new daycare and found one we thought was perfect. We signed the papers, and then two weeks before it was time for him to star, the new sitter emailed me and said she was bumping him for a full time child. We were devastated because on paper she seemed perfect, but also panicked — how could we find someone great, affordable and who takes part-time children in two weeks?

We found a friend’s daughter to watch him for a few weeks to buy us some time. Meanwhile, I got the name of an in-home daycare from a friend. Mayra, the provider, came with excellent references, so we set up a time to meet.

Mayra’s home was clean and basic, filled with toys. We talked to her about schedules, routines, how she entertains her kids during the day, kids she has in her care. We felt comfortable with her instantly, but what sealed the deal was when she picked up Luke, held him in her arms, and talked about how fast children grow up, with tear in her eye.

He started the new daycare right after Labor Day. I was nervous, of course, but he eagerly checked out the room and other children and seemed ready to hop right out of my arms. Mayra kept him on a strict schedule, with two naps every day, playtime, quiet time and meals the same time each day. In her care, he seemed to blossom. He explored more, babbled more and was always well rested. He got on the best schedule EVER. Every day she told me what a great baby he is and how fantastic his day was.

I was so proud of him for adapting so well. It was his first little step into toddler-hood, becoming more independent and more like a little boy than a baby.

The holidays came and she started doing crafts with her kids. I got my first piece of artwork from my son.

It made my heart grow about 15 sizes.

One day I opened the door to drop him off and he practically jumped out of my arms into hers. She laughed, kissed him on the forehead and said, “I love you sweet boy!”

That’s like music to a working mama’s ears.

With all the things to worry about as a mother, the care of your child shouldn’t be one. I’m so thankful we found the right one — just when we needed her most.


Thanks for sharing, Amanda! It’s so hard to be home with the kids all day, but I can’t imagine how hard it must be to find somebody that you trust, that truly cares for your child, to leave them with several days a week. My hat goes off to you working moms.

There’s no manual out there for what we do, so sharing stories like this helps us all learn from each other.

Now head over to It’s Blogworthy and say hello to Amanda. If you are a Twitter addict, you can find @amandaaustin there too, and on facebook as well. And if you are a new follower, make sure to tell her that I sent you!

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  1. It's stories like that, which makes me proud to be a nanny!! Cori recently posted..TV Withdrawl FadingMy Profile
  2. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't second guess working or wish things were different financially do I could be with him more, but having someone care for him who I know loves him makes it so much better. I'm blessed. Thank you for hosting my story here!! Amanda Austin recently posted..My Proud Mommy MomentMy Profile
  3. That is so amazing - I know that my nephew has the same thing with his daycare provider and my Bro & SIL can't be more pleased about it. So glad you were able to find her at just the right time! Julie @DutchBeingMe recently posted..#PinterestChallenge: Week 21…My Profile
  4. Oh, I love what you wrote here, Amanda! that trust, that push and pull - I so get all of that! Greta seeing the two of you together here! Galit Breen recently posted..Valentine’s Day Ideas {& $100 Minted Giveaway!}My Profile
  5. This is such a sweet post. I can totally relate to the challenge of finding enough time for everything. Having good support is key, so glad you found the right one ;) Diana recently posted..Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Stages CribMy Profile
  6. I've been so terrified at the thought of leaving my little wonder with someone else. Not to mention the trouble with focusing properly on my work. But I was also fortunate enough to find someone that I can really trust and so far everythin's good. Susane Susane recently posted..Phlebotomy CertificationMy Profile
  7. Ladies, I work from home, but to be honest I couldn't replace my wife, lol However, with someone helping us and me at home, we were reassured that everything would go well. Best, Michael Michael recently posted..Black Mold RemovalMy Profile
  8. Finding a good daycare can be so hard. I'm so glad you found someone you trust and is so loving. I also understand how hard it is to leave our babies even after we found someone we love to take care of them. Evonne recently posted..Sickeningly sweetMy Profile
    • It's terribly hard, even on the days when he's with my husband! Like today, I could barely get out of the door with that little guy standing and waving at me. I just wanted to go back in and snuggle with him! Amanda Austin recently posted..My Proud Mommy MomentMy Profile
  9. I'm so glad you found someone you were happy with! Sounds like the perfect match! Natalie recently posted..Brushin' Brushin'My Profile
  10. Out of all the 'art' in my home, those treasures, the ones my kids made are (were) the greatest! (Unfortunately, lost all during a flood.) Glad you found someone who makes day care easier. Cindi recently posted..Seeking H.E.L.PMy Profile
  11. Handprint art is and always will be an exponential heartswell!
  12. It is SO important to find a person who fits who YOU are. We had the kids with our sitter for 7 years (obviously not all at the same time) she became like a member of the family and we loved her. Leaving her was one of the hardest parenting decisions I've ever made. Ali recently posted..Random Ali Facts - Round 2My Profile
  13. Yep. Even after 14 years I get emotional thinking about the struggles we went through to find "My Nina" Nina was the fourth person with whom we'd entrusted son...before her, no one else felt right. I don't have to explain that feeling. A mother just knows. Nina took care of first Jack and then Karly; but more importantly, she loved them both. Loved. I hate to admit that we've lost touch now in recent years. Probably because she is still (at the base of it all) a reminder that I wasn't home with my babies myself. And she's busy with her own children. And life gets in the way. But. When they were in her arms, they were in good hands. (So to speak.) I trusted her with my LIFE (because that's what our kids are, after all.) And even if I never see Nina again, I will be forever grateful to her. Truly. I think she knows that. I hope she knows. julie gardner recently posted..Today call me tamedMy Profile
  14. What a sweet post - glad it all worked out! Gina recently posted..Winter BluesMy Profile
  15. "With all the things to worry about as a mother, the care of your child shouldn’t be one." Oh, Amanda, truer words have never been spoken! I struggle every say with being a working mom, in part because I've never been very career-oriented and often feel insecure in my professional role. My daughter's daycare is the one thing that keeps me going - that alleviates the guilt. She has positively THRIVED there, and I know she's well-loved and well cared for. I'm so happy for you that after a few bumpy starts, you found a similar environment for Baby Blogworthy. It really does make all the difference. Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..The State of My Union With TwitterMy Profile
  16. So, so true! We are struggling with what to do with our kiddos right now. My parents have watched them while I've been cut to part-time, but I'll be going back to full-time soon (hopefully!), and our previous in-home provider who we liked has filled their spots, so we're back to square one. :( So glad you found a good fit! NotJustAnotherJennifer recently posted..SecretsMy Profile
  17. I'm so glad you found the right one for Luke! It's hard enough to be a working mom sometimes without the additional stress of not being 100% okay with your kid's daycare provider. My girls were both daycare kids, and there were definitely some times when I didn't feel like it was best for them, but didn't have other great choices. It's so much easier for me with my third because he stays home with my husband - but there are other issues with that arrangement too :) Katie E recently posted..Magazine Day: Golden Globes Fashion EditionMy Profile
  18. Aww, this makes MY heart so happy! I remember you saying you were having troubles...and we went through the same thing. If you're not comfortable with a person, it's not going to work. So glad you found "the one!" She sounds wonderful. Mrs. Weber recently posted..Not Raising A PrincessMy Profile
  19. It makes me so happy that you found a perfect fit for your family. I worked when I had just Abbey, and I know it alleviated some of the guilt to know she was with my mom. Not because it was a grandma (because with my MIL I would have been a nervous wreck!) but because I knew my mom was a perfect fit as a caregiver.
  20. I know exactly what you mean. Fortuneately we found our angel the 1st shot. Thank goodness. I wouldn't have made it long if we had upsets. I love our Lisa. She puts the worry out of my mind. I'm so glad you have found that too. Tayarra recently posted..WW: Memories CapturedMy Profile