Mommy Guilt

“Mommy you’re always on the computer”

“Mommy you said you would play a game with me”

“Mom you said 5 minutes 10 minutes ago”

“Mommy don’t look at your phone”

“Mommy all you want to do is read your computer”

“Mommy don’t put that picture on Facebook”

“Why are you always on Facebook?”


Every day I’m faced with it…mommy guilt. It’s hard to explain that I’m “always on the computer” because that’s my job. I work from home…I am blessed that I can work from home and still be there for the kids in the morning and when they come home from school. I’m trying to juggle two jobs and keep my blog alive (Total Side Note: The kids recently asked me what their nicknames were when they were babies, and I found the names on my blog. We all laughed and spent a half hour or so going through old blog posts and telling them stories. THAT is why I continue to blog. I want to be able to go back and remember all the day-to-day stuff we’d otherwise forget). I tell myself all of these things – and I know them to be true – and yet the mommy guilt is still there.

I know that there’s no such thing as work/life balance, but I also know that I could be balancing much better. Even before I had kids, I had the kind of job that came home with me. I would have to answer phone calls and finish up reports and that sort of thing. This job is no different, except that because I work from home and the girls only go to school for four hours a day, I have to work when they are home. I try to limit it, but it’s hard.

So I need to ask you all for tips on balancing it all. Whether you work in an office or work at home, we are all facing the same battles and issues. How do you schedule your day? What are your work boundaries? How do you “be present” even when there’s work that still needs to be done? How do you deal with the mommy guilt (or the daddy guilt!) HELP!

Dealing with mommy guilt is hard. This blogger reached out to other parents to see how they deal with the guilt, and try to find that work/life balance.


  1. I can't say I have "the answer", but I wanted to let you know that I hear you! I worked part-time from home from January-August last year (before the girls started kindergarten and I went back to work full time at the office). I often felt incredibly conflicted. I did my best to set my work hours, and outline those expectations with the girls. (My work time [while they were awake] was 8-9 and 12:30-2:00, during which times they were supposed to play / have quiet time.) It was hard on both fronts, but I tried my best to stick to those hours. If I had something I had to attend to outside those hours, I did my best to be upfront with the girls and let them know..."Mommy needs to make a phone call at 3:00, and it will last about 30 minutes. At 3:30 we'll do XYZ together." That wasn't always feasible, but when I could manage things that way, it made things more manageable. :) Good luck and hang in there!!! MandyE recently posted..Bunny Cake MemoriesMy Profile