Mohawk SmartStrand Made Me A Believer In Stain Resistant Carpet!


Remember when I told you that we went to the LA  Lobsterfest this past weekend? While we were there, we checked out lots of food (thanks to Noramae Munster from Port O’Call) and plenty of kids activities, and we also checked out lots of the vendors and booths. One of the coolest booths there was Mohawk Flooring – the SmartStrand carpet made me want to recarpet the whole house!

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Though I had never heard of them, Mohawk is the world’s largest flooring manufacturer. You can purchase their flooring products through retail partners all over the place. So what’s the big deal? In one word, Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet is A-MAZ-ING!

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

What makes this carpeting so unique is that it is stain resistant carpet. Yep, music to parents around the world’s ears…stain resistant carpet. Mohawk’s SmartStrand has permanent stain and soil resistance that will never wear off during the life of the carpet. What I learned from talking with the Mohawk crew was that most carpets have treatments that are applied to the top of the fibers and that they wear off over time because of wear and tear and foot traffic. Since SmartStrand has stain resistant materials built into the actual fibers, you’ll never have to worry about the stain protection wearing down. And did I mention that this carpeting is rated #1 in consumer satisfaction?

You might think that the carpet would be stiff or not feel the same as other carpet. But it does. It’s actually very soft carpet, which also surprised me.

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Sounds too good to be true, right? Mohawk Flooring knows it, so what better way to prove it than to let people make huge messes with red wine and paint to prove it? While there, the kids were Licensed to Spill and got to prove to me how well this SmartStrand carpet really worked by spraying messes all over a white piece of carpet. Making messes is fun, and they loved every minute of it.

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After they got the carpet good and dirty, clean water was poured directly onto the carpet and the wine.came.right.out. No scrubbing, no blotting, no praying that the red wine would come out of white carpet. It was totally gone. My mouth dropped open and I immediately turned to Jason and said “we need this carpet!”

So no more carpet cleaners! SmartStrand is extremely easy and fast to clean. You don’t have to use any harsh chemicals to remove stains from SmartStrand carpet. You literally need only a rag, some warm water, and maybe some mild detergent, like dish soap. Any stain you can think of, even the tough ones like ketchup, red Kool-Aid, and red wine will clean easily out of SmartStrand carpet. It was truly amazing to see!

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And Mohawk said that our girls were the cutest SmartStrand models ever. I agree of course, but then again I’m biased!

I was also looking forward to meeting the BetterTV crew and JD Roberto from The Better Show, but it was not to be. They weren’t there while we were. Maybe on one of the future Licensed to Spill events, you’ll be able to meet them!

Now I know that you want SmartStrand throughout your entire house now, right? I can’t make that happen but I can tell you that you can visit Mohawk Flooring and enter to win your own 6’ X 9’ SmartStrand Silk bound carpet rug! Trust me, you want to do this.


  1. My carpet is so trashed, I wish I had this. I am not, however, buying new carpet until the birdies fly the nest. Poppy recently posted..Megan and Liz Perform LIVE at Macy’sMy Profile
  2. Great post, Natalie! Thanks so much for stopping by & your daughters are so adorable. <3 Heidi Rew (I help out with Mohawk's social media)
  3. I would love this carpet in my home! My carpet is looking rough. I love that you can clean it with just water and not have to worry about all the chemicals sticking in your carpet! #client Mallery recently posted..Smartphone for BeginnersMy Profile
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Your girls are definitely the cutest <3