Medieval Times: An Exciting Dinner Adventure!

We received tickets to Medieval Times Dinner Adventure in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 


The kids were so excited to take a picture in front of the gold doors.

Ever since Ethan read Mary Pope Osbourne’s The Knight at Dawn, he has been asking us to take him to Medieval Times so that he could see the knights in action. He was also very curious about what knights used to eat. This past Monday evening, we took the kids to Medieval Times in Buena Park hoping to give them an experience they won’t soon forget. And we can’t wait to go back! 

We arrived at Medieval Times about an hour before the show started. We were told when we got our tickets that there is a lot to do and see before the show starts. There’s lots of picture opportunities with the princess, knights, and even the King himself.


There is a lot of history about the era, including weaponry (which Ethan loved), armor that the knights used to wear, you can see the horses that appear in the show, and there are characters walking around that you can talk to.


There was lots of Medieval Times souvenirs to buy, like a battle ax that Ethan wanted and princess crowns for the girls. And there’s a bar for mom and dad.

Dinner was served as soon as we were seated – a four course meal fit for kings and queens! The food was good; even our picky kids were happy with everything that we ate, including tomato bisque soup, chicken (a whole half!), a spare rib, garlic bread, roasted potato, and an apple custard pastry for dessert. The kids also really enjoyed eating with their hands. The serving portions were HUGE – nobody will leave Medieval Times hungry, that’s for sure! We actually took home enough chicken to have chicken tortilla soup for dinner the next night.


Photo Source: Medieval Times

The show was incredible – it  includes a jousting tournament, knights battling it out on horses, even a live falcon flies around the arena. All of the castle’s visitors are divided into colored sections. We sat in the green section, so we cheered on the Green Knight. There was so much going on and the kids had a blast shouting for our Green Knight to win, waving their flag, and watching the competition. When Ethan grows up, he wants to be a knight. The girls would like to be a princess.


Photo Source: Medieval Times

The knights also interact with the audience. We felt like we were part of the show. Mia received a flower from the Green Knight, and Lila was the Queen of the Tournament!



And even though our Green Knight didn’t win the tournament, our experience at Medieval Times was exciting and we all are looking forward to going again.

The food was great, the show was exciting, and it’s a show that is fun for all ages. While we look forward to going again, I must say that it’s not something we will be able to do regularly. The ticket price for adults (at the Buena Park location…prices may vary) is $57.95 (plus tax and processing fee) and for kids it is $35.95 (plus tax and processing fee). It’s pricey, so this will be a special occasion treat for us.

I also highly recommend the Royalty packages that range from $10 – $20 per person in addition to the regular ticket price. You get front row seating and some additional perks. It would be absolutely worth it – especially if you are sitting with young kids.

You can check out the Medieval Times Dinner Adventure for yourself by watching this clip. It was so much fun! To see if there’s a Medieval Times near you, visit the Medieval Times website to check for locations near you. It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss!

Disclaimer: We received tickets to Medieval Times Dinner Adventure in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. We will totally be going back, and all of us recommend everybody to check out a show! 


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