Mama Needs A New Pair of Shoes

Well, I don’t really need a new pair of shoes, I need new jeans. And shirts. And bras. But the saying doesn’t go “Mama needs a new bra” now, does it?

The reason why I need these new things is because of the twins. My body didn’t bounce right back the way it did after my first pregnancy. The boobs are gone, but the tummy’s not. Neither is the butt or cottage cheese thighs that I was lucky enough to be given during the miracle of pregnancy. The extra pounds didn’t go away, either.

Did you notice I blamed it on the twins? It’s not really their fault. It’s my fault – my complete and total lack of willpower’s fault to be exact. I mean, I got zero willpower. Thank the Lord I don’t weigh 500 pounds because I don’t think I’d be able to do anything about it. I KNOW that the extra weight isn’t just going to fall off as I sit on the couch, drink wine, and eat chocolate. That is unfortunate. And really, it’s not an extraordinary amount of weight we’re talking. I’d like to lose about 15 pounds (I’d weigh what I weighed when hubby and I met 10 years ago…ha ha ha…I just visited Fantasy Island!). 10 is probably more realistic. 5 is definitely more attainable. But with no willpower, 5 sounds like A LOT!

And don’t get me wrong. I have everything I need to get going on solving the problem. I bought the ‘colon cleanse’ I want to do before I actually start using the Alli starter package I purchased to help me stop eating the junk food I live on. I have protein powder to put in my morning fruit smoothies I’m going to start drinking using the fresh fruit I bought that is slowly rotting on the counter. I have the Weight Watchers snacks. I have several workout videos; some that have not even been taken out of the plastic wrap they came in. See? I’m making the effort, I have what I need. Everything that is, except the willpower.

Which brings me back to the new clothes thing. See, I was thinking it might just be easier to buy new clothes than to try to keep shoving my fat butt into jeans that are so small that they create a muffin top of belly flat that flows over the top. But then I think, wouldn’t it just be smarter to lose the weight and keep the clothes I already have that I don’t fit in? I don’t know…I’m not the best decision maker in the world. Maybe I’ll just have another glass of wine, watch America’s Next Top Model, and think it over some more.

Don’t want the perm…wouldn’t mind having muscles like that in my legs
And so it goes…


  1. My friend just lost 45lbs of her baby weight on Alli. I am also trying to lose the weight as well and like you I only need to lose about 15lbs not much but when you dont have time how are you supposed to work out, right?? Check out my Fat Friday
  2. I have a whole stack of Shape magazines with ice cream stains and cookie crumbs in the creases if you would like :) You'll have to let us know on the err, side effects of the Alli
  3. Paul and Kerry says:
    you can do 5 pounds, or even the 15! Once you start, it will get easier. It's the starting. I know. thanks for the follow!
  4. Yes, the post twin body is not quite the same. I don't really have the weight problem, but I do have the sad boob, extra skin in the tummy area problem. I wish I had some great advice for you.
    On a side note, I love America's Next Top Model. It is a strange show sometimes, but I am hooked.
  5. Stephanie says:
    I found a great resource through SparkPeople. Very inspiring, even if you just go check out the motivation articles/photos without signing up. They're very similar to Weight Watchers Online, but completely free and the community support is far better. I'm not there anymore because my diet has gone "Paleo" (plus dairy) and it doesn't quite fit in with the SP style, but I would still recommend SP to anyone who is interested in a "balanced" diet.

    And if you're interested in paleo style nutrition at all, check out Dr. Harris' blog, PaNu at .

    And by the way...Alli was fantastic for helping alleviate my chronic constipation (was that TMI? LOL).
  6. Cuz I'm the mamma! says:
    This post made me laugh - on a day I NEEDED to laugh. Thank you!! The post-twin body is no fun. Saggy, saggy, saggy! I say that as I sit here eating chocolate coverd raisins and sippin' on diet coke. Oh well. There is ALWAYS tomorrow! :-)
  7. Hey...he does have nice legs, doesn't he. I wouldn't mind em' either!!
  8. Anonymous says:
    Ahhh Natalie, my beautiful insightful sister. I hear you loud and clear. Might I add, I have the new Reebock Easytones (hopefully running up and down the stairs counts as exercise?)...I too, have the dvd's, protein powder, and too many cleanses to name. What I am missing perhaps, is the hour of quite time it takes to actually exercise alone? Unless, of course, working out to the sound of a 5 month old sounds appealing? With that, I have to say... working out is just another damn chore that is no fun. How do we overcome this vicious cycle. On a positive note: I choose to buy new clothes. Screw it. lol.
  9. Oh, goodness. Were you and my brain talking recently? I feel like I say everyday, I do not fit into my clothes, I have to lose weight. But, how many days of me saying that is it going to take before I actually lose weight?!

    Even more silly, I bought a few new the same size as my old pieces. I guess it was in favor of continuity.


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