Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Every year since Tater was born, we have sent out a Christmas card with our family portrait on it. That way, family and friends can see how our family has grown and changed over the past year. It’s always a reason for me to force my husband to have our pictures taken us to have our pictures taken as a family. I’m sure when the kids get older they’ll treasure those photos; I know that I wish that I had more of my parents with me and siblings while we were all growing up.

This year, instead of paying outrageous prices to have our photos taken and have the photographer make the cards I can have made at Target for pennies on the dollar pay for overpriced photo cards, I decided to check out on the recommendation of several friends.

Shutterfly has a billion (that might be a slight exaggeration) choices and something to fit every taste and style. We’re super casual, as are the pictures that I want to use, and I’ve got lots of choices to choose from. Here are a few of my faves:

I think this is the one that I’m going to go with. An awesome Christmas card that shows off six of our photos, as well as our monogrammed initial. It’s simple, yet classy. People can cut it up and have individual pictures of the kids to put on the fridge.

I adore this flat stationary card that says “Naughty or Nice?”! I just need to find the perfect photo of all three of my monsters.
I also think it would be super cute (not to mention super easy) to have these personalized gift tags on hand. It would save lots of time handwriting out “Merry Christmas from Jason, Natalie, Tater, Ms. L, and Ms. M”. Because I’m lazy like that.

Reasonably priced (actually inexpensive if you’ve ever purchased photo cards from a photographer) and printed on paper that is sustainably forested, seems to be the perfect solution to keeping things simple, affordable, and green.

I can’t wait to get our 2010 cards designed! It will be fun! And of course, I’ll make sure to show you all the finished product.
And so it goes…

Shutterfly is offering 50 free holiday cards to promote their fantastic designs. Even without this offer that’s really too good to pass up, I’d still be using them. So go check out Shutterfly and then write a post of your own to get yourself some free holiday cards!


  1. I love personalized cards, especially the ones my bff from years back sends out of her kids - I save them and they're a nice way of keeping track of how the kids are growing! Plus I know it takes her forever and a day to get a good shot of two rowdy boys so they mean that much more! haha
  2. Cuz I'm the mama! says:
    I've used shutterfly for years for various occasions (even pre-babes) and I love it. It's easy, cost-effective and FAST! They arrive at your door in just days!
  3. I have to write mine. Love how you posted it a minute before your other post :p
  4. I will be ordering Shutterfly cards this year... they have really upped their game.

    Now, to just get the perfect photo.
  5. I love Shutterfly!