How To Make Candy Cane Vodka

I can’t imagine Christmas without candy canes. It’s the only time of the year that I eat them, and I love putting them with hot chocolate and making cookies with them. Long ago, I shared a recipe for making Jolly Rancher Infused Vodka…now I’m sharing a recipe that will have you making your own Candy Cane Vodka.

Instructions on how to make your own Candy Cane vodka, and links to drinks you can make with it!

This candy cane vodka recipe is super easy. The only way you could even screw it up is by not giving the candy canes enough time to dissolve into the vodka. Make sure you give yourself at least 24 hours for the candy cane vodka to become candy cane vodka.

Candy Cane Vodka

Candy Cane Vodka
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  • Candy Canes: You will need about 8 small candy canes for a pint size jar. For a full bottle (750 ml), you will need about 16 small candy canes
  • Your favorite Vodka


  1. Put the candy canes in a mason jar (pint sized or full sized jar.) Fill the jar with vodka and put the lid on it.
  2. Now wait for the candy canes to dissolve! This process can take about 24 hours. You can shake the jar a couple of times a day if you'd like. When the candy canes are gone, you'll be left with a light pink vodka that's ready to go!

You can add a shot of candy cane vodka to your after dinner coffee for a minty treat. You could also use this vodka to make Chocolate Pudding Shots (so good!) Or what about a Chocolate Mint Martini or a White Chocolate Candy Martini (you’ll have One Martini at a Time to thank for those recipes!)?

If you are a fan of candy canes and peppermint like I am, don’t miss my recipe for Peppermint Oreo Truffles. It only takes 3 ingredients to make them and they are fantastic! There’s lots of links to other holiday sweets and treats there too, so don’t miss out on checking it out.

Have you made candy infused vodka before? What is your favorite kind to make?


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