Make A Phone Call To Santa (It’s How I Get My Kids To Listen To Me)

I told you yesterday that our Elf on the Shelf Fred already issued his first Behavior Warning to the kids. It didn’t go well (lots of whining and denial) but that’s good because it does the job of getting them to be nice instead of naughty. But sometimes they need more than a warning. Sometimes they need to hear the Big Guy himself tell them to stop being naughty. That’s when I make a phone call to Santa.

When the kids are really bad, I make a phone call to Santa. Find out who I'm calling and what I say so that they know they're really talking to the Big Guy!

How To Make A Phone Call To Santa

Yes, it’s sneaky but it really works. My brother Scott has been “Santa” for the last 5 years or so. If one (or all!) of the kids have been really bad, I tell them I’m going to call Santa, and I call my brother Scott.

If he answers, I say “Santa! Do you see what the kids are doing right now? Can you believe they are doing (I say whatever they are doing so that he knows)? Can you please talk to (name) and tell him to stop right now or he’ll lose his gift from you?”

If he doesn’t answer, I leave a voicemail telling Santa what they did and to check in with Fred the Elf to confirm I’m telling the truth.

Or when they’re being really bad, I text Santa and tell him what’s going on and have him call me! That really shocks the kids!

Sometimes Santa just isn’t available. In those cases, we have a backup: Mrs. Claus. I’ll do the same thing to one of my sisters and they tell the kids that Santa’s busy right now, and asked her to call instead.

My brother plays the part well! They have no idea that it’s him and they are always surprised by the personal things that he throws in like “Ethan! I’m very disappointed and I’m going to tell your mom that you can’t play Minecraft for the rest of the day.” or “I bet you haven’t fed your fish today have you?” (because the kid never feeds his fish). Or “Lila! I can’t wait to see you soon and see your missing front teeth!”

So now you know how to make a phone call to Santa that the kids will really pay attention to! Just pick a male friend/family member/neighbor who is willing to play along.

Who will your Santa or Mrs. Claus be?


  1. One year my brother called as Santa and really wowed the kids. The magic is real! Andrea recently posted..The Last Walk-ThroughMy Profile